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1st July 2016

1st July 2016


Dear Parents /Carers,


Reception classes this week have been learning about space and have made rockets.  Year 1 have been looking at missing numbers and Isambard Kingdom Brunel.  2 Juniper have been learning about contractions and making beach huts!  Year 3 have been learning about puberty and also working on scripts and looking at adverts.  Year 4 have woven baskets for Uganda and learned about the weather.  Year 5 have been talking about Europe and written letters back to their pen pals in Uganda.  Year 6 have been practising their Year 6 play and embroidering motivational phrases on fabric.


Super Learner Certificates have been awarded to:-


Reception White Beam: Younes, Reception Silver Birch: Pablo, 1 Elm: Vinnie, 1 Lime: Ridwan and Emma, 2 Juniper: Zakaria, 2 Willow: Skye, 3 Apple: Josie, 3 Cherry: Kaiser, 4 Hazel: Jeshna, 4 Larch: Zaeed,

5 Sycamore: Robert, 5 Poplar: Benjamin, 6 Ash: Anas, 6 Hawthorn: Beth


Value Champion Certificates have been awarded to:-


Reception White Beam: Kyran, Reception Silver Birch: Elena, 1 Elm: Nynke, 1 Lime: Rafa,

2 Juniper: Wilf, 2 Willow: Dulcie, 3 Apple: Dawid, 3 Cherry: Archie, 4 Hazel: Isaac, 4 Larch: Mia,

5 Sycamore: Emmanuella, 5 Poplar: Megan, 6 Josh: Tom, 6 Hawthorn: Audrey


Attendance:  Look out for the latest attendance figures on our website: 


Sports Days:  We need a dry couple of days for the playing fields to be safe for Sports Days – we will keep trying and let you know by text when we can go ahead with them.


Strike Action:  Due to strike action by NUT members on Tuesday 5 July the school will be closed to children, except Year 2 who are going to go on their trip to Weston Super Mare as planned.


Scooters:  Please can you remind your children to put their scooters and bikes in the bike racks provided when they come into school in the morning.  There are often scooters and bikes dropped on the floor and left which is a trip hazard.


Class Photos: Class photos were given out in your children’s book-bags this week.  If you would like to order a photo please complete the form and return it with your payment to the school office by Wednesday 6 July.


ParentMail: As you probably know we use the Parent Mail system to send you texts and emails.  We’d like to encourage all parents to download the app as there are a number of benefits both to you and the school:

•      You don’t need to login to pick up messages or attachments when you use the App.

•      The App stores all the messages we send you in one place.

•      Every message sent arrives as an instant alert on your mobile.

•      You help save us money!

You can download the App for free from either the Apple APP store or the Google Play Store.


Please note that the School Gateway, ParentMail and Parents Evening Bookings are all separate systems and are not currently linked, you will have to register separately for each system at present.  Payments can only be made through School Gateway.  Please come to the office if you have any problems or queries.


Please help us win £5000 for our library!  All you need to do is click here and nominate our school.


PTFA News: PTFA Social: Wednesday 6 July, 9am onwards, Mrs Brown’s Cafe or the City Farm if raining. This is a lovely opportunity to meet other parents/carers and enjoy a cuppa. Everyone is welcome.

Winter Fair Planning Meeting: Thursday 7 July, 8pm onwards, 63 Kensal Rd. We are holding an informal gathering to discuss the winter fair. We are just looking for some inspiration and ideas so no one will be roped into doing anything! We didn't manage to have a summer fair so let’s all get behind making sure the winter one happens. Absolutely everyone is welcome. If you haven't met us yet come along and say hi, we are a friendly bunch!

Free Wheeling Day: Saturday 16 July, 1pm - 4pm, School Playground. Please could you email if you can volunteer to help for a small amount of time on the bike-day. All these events need your help to function so please let us know if you can help. If you haven't volunteered before it's a great way to get more connected with the school and meet loads of other parents and carers, we have lots of fun!

Can all you bakers start getting your wooden spoons out for Eid on Thursday 14 and Freewheeling Day on Saturday 16 July. Cakes are a really important part of our events and we need help making them! If you aren't a confident baker, why not donate a shop brought cake?

New Parents Welcome: Tuesday 13 September, School Hall. If any parents/carers have any good quality small sized uniform they could donate we would welcome it for the new arrivals welcome event in September. Please hand donations into the school office.


Many Thanks, Wendy, Mary, Hannah, Lisa, Katy and Rose (PTFA Committee)


Parent/Carer Survey:  Thank you to all of you who have already returned your parent/carer survey.  Today is the last day to return it, so please hand it in to the office or complete it online on the school website under the 'parent/carer' heading.


Dates for your Diary:


Weds 6 July - PTFA Social - 9am onwards - Mrs Browns cafe or City Farm if raining

Thurs 7 July - Winter Fair Planning Meeting - 8pm onwards - 63 Kensal Rd

Mon 11 July - Sat 16 July – ‘Free Wheeling’ Week

Mon 11 July – Fri 15 July – International Week

Weds 13 July – Year 6 Leaver’s Disco – 6.00-7.30pm – School Hall (Year 6 only please no siblings)

Thurs 14 July – Eid Party – 3.30pm – in the playground

Sat 16 July - Bike Day - School Playground

Fri 22 July – End of Term

Thurs 1 Sept – INSET DAY – school closed to children

Fri 2 Sept – INSET DAY –school closed to children

Mon 5 Sept – Term 1 starts

Tues 13 Sept – New Parent’s Welcome – School Hall


We hope you have a lovely weekend.  We will see your children before 8.55am on

Monday 4 July.  Gates open at 8.45am.




Lucy Swift

Deputy Head Teacher

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