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2 Whitebeam

Curriculum Overview

Christmas play  'Straw and Order'


I think we can all agree the children put on an amazing Christmas show!

Thank you to all the children who learnt all their lines for the play and sang the songs beautifully. The costumes looked amazing and both performances were high quality with everyone going home feeling really 'Chrismassy'!



Christmas Play 'Straw and Order'

Christmas Play 'Straw and Order' 1
Christmas Play 'Straw and Order' 2
Christmas Play 'Straw and Order' 3
Christmas Play 'Straw and Order' 4
Christmas Play 'Straw and Order' 5
Christmas Play 'Straw and Order' 6
Christmas Play 'Straw and Order' 7
Christmas Play 'Straw and Order' 8
Christmas Play 'Straw and Order' 9
Christmas Play 'Straw and Order' 10

Fire fighters visit


2 Whitebeam would like to tell you this information about our special visit. We wrote this together.


A team of fire fighters visited our school to talk to us about keeping safe. They showed us smoke alarms and how they can be fitted into our houses. The alarms were super loud! We all did STOP, DROP and ROLL which is a technique you use to put the flames of a fire out. Everyone watched the fire fighters do it and then it was our turn. We had to remember to stay calm.

Next we looked at the equipment a fire fighter wears like the helmet, boots and fire proof clothing. Later we watched a video showing us how it is dangerous to play with matches and lighters because they can cause fires.

In class we pretended to make 999 calls with one of us calling the emergency services and our talk partner being the operator. Then we swapped over.







Fire fighters visit

Fire fighters visit 1
Fire fighters visit 2
Fire fighters visit 3
Fire fighters visit 4
Fire fighters visit 5
Fire fighters visit 6
Fire fighters visit 7
Fire fighters visit 8

Travelling Light Theatre

Travelling Light Theatre 1
Travelling Light Theatre 2
Travelling Light Theatre 3
Travelling Light Theatre 4
Travelling Light Theatre 5

Wow! What an amazing play. The children absolutely loved the costumes and performers. Everyone joined in the singing too.


Welcome back to term 2. We hope you had a relaxing holiday.


Yr 2 Homework ideas

Art on the hill

Art on the hill 1
Art on the hill 2
Art on the hill 3




Soup Kitchen

Soup Kitchen 1
Soup Kitchen 2
Soup Kitchen 3
Soup Kitchen 4