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20 March 2015

Dear Parents / Carers


The children thoroughly enjoyed watching the solar eclipse this morning with their special eclipse glasses.  There were lots of ‘wows!’ when the children looked at the sun for the first time.  Thank you to all the parents who came into school to watch the eclipse from the playground with their children and to the PTFA for their financial contribution for the special glasses.


Learning this week Nursery children have been reading the story about ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and have been making gingerbread biscuits.  Reception children have been learning how sunflowers grow.  Children in year 1 have been investigating the missing ‘Van Gogh’ painting! They have also been learning to ‘double up’ in numeracy.  Year 2 children have been creating their own Bong Tree Islands!  Year 3 children have given poetry performances and have also been learning ‘division with repeat subtraction’.  Year 4 children travelled to Avonmouth on a train.  They have also been using ‘inverse operation’ to check answers in numeracy.  Year 5 children visited Weston-Super-Mare where they explored the pier.  Year 6 children have been using Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s poem of ‘The Lady of Shalott’ to produce art work. And of course, all the children experienced and learnt about the solar eclipse!


Super Learner Certificates have been awarded to:-            


Reception Elm –Asta                      Reception Lime – Molly                  1 Juniper – Jakin

1 Willow – Annie-Mae                     2 Apple – Ikhlaas                             2 Cherry – Lyla

3 Hazel – Ben                                   3 Larch – Yahye                               4 Poplar – Jesiah

4 Sycamore – Samiya                     5 Ash – Tom                                     5 Hawthorn – Najma

6 Silver Birch – Kholoud                6 White Beam – Isaac


Value Champion Certificates have been awarded to:-


Reception Elm – Sarah                  Reception Lime – Enzo                  1 Juniper – Annabelle

1 Willow – Africa                              2 Apple – Maryam                           

2 Cherry – The whole class           3 Hazel – Edward                            3 Larch – Fatima

4 Poplar – Thomas                          4 Sycamore – Mzamil                     5 Ash – Dylan

5 Hawthorn – Rhienna                   6 Silver Birch – Ben                        6 White Beam – Alfie


Attendance:  Look out for the latest attendance figures on our website:-  Please note that our website now has a ‘translator’ button on the ‘Home’ page which allows text to be translated from English.


Girls’ Football Well done to the girls (Abi S, Saffron, Kia, Najma, Abi B, Megan Rosa) who participated in the girls’ football tournament last week.  They played 4 games.  Rosa scored 2 goals and Kia scored 1 goal.  It was a great team effort and we look forward to the next game.


Red Nose Day The donations collected last week during Red Nose Day amounted to £192.71.  Thank you for your contributions to this worthy cause.


PTFA News:

  • Thank you to everyone who attended our AGM on Wednesday.  It was great to have so many people there.  We would like to welcome our three new committee members: Lisa Kirkland and Hannah Barron (Joint Vice Chair) and Egle Oviawe (Treasurer).  A big thank you to Alex and Sarah for all their work over the last four years.
  • We will be holding a social get together this Wednesday (25th) at the Windmill Pub.  Please join us from 7.30pm onwards for a drink and a chat.  All welcome.  This is a totally informal get-together, not a meeting!
  • There will be an Easter Egg Hunt this Thursday (26th) at 3.30pm in the top playground.  £1 per child to enter and everyone will win a prize.  Non dairy prizes will be available.  All children must be accompanied by an adult, as this event is not supervised by school staff.
  • We are repairing the polytunnel, to house seedlings for the plant sale.  Can anyone help with any of the following jobs: replacing the polythene sides, mending the door, building shelving for seed trays (or donating small tables), digging out the earth around the polytunnel?  We will be meeting in the playground at 9am on Monday to make a start on this, so please come along then, or email if you can help later in the week. Many thanks, Jo, Katy, Lisa, Hannah & Egle (PTFA Committee).

Love Food Festival Sunday 29 March 10.30am – 4.00pm Free entry at The Paintworks, Bath Road.  Celebrate the coming of Spring and welcome the lighter days.  More details from

Easter Egg Hunt Saturday 28 March 11.00am – 3.00pm at Manor Woods Valley.  Cycle, scoot or walk the route.  For more details contact

Green Open Day @ Zion Saturday 28 March 10.00am – 6.00pm at Zion Community Art Space, Bishopsworth Road.  A fantastic funfilled day including build and light your own solar LEGO home.  For more details contact 0117 9231212.


School Photographs – Please make sure the school office receives your order, with payment in the envelope provided, BEFORE Wednesday 25 March.

Access to the Office – Please remember that access to the school office in the morning – around 9.00am - is from the front of the school only.  There is no access from the playground via the ‘back door’ near the year 2 toilets which is locked at this time of day.  Thank you.

Dates for your Diary:

Wed 25 Mar               7.30pm onwards – PTFA Social get-together - Windmill Pub

Thur 26 Mar              3.30pm Easter Egg Hunt in the playground

Fri 27 Mar                  End of Term 4

Mon 13 Apr               Start of Term 5

Fri 1 May                    3.30pm Plant Sale in the playground                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Sat 20 June              2.00pm – 5.00pm Summer Fair


We hope you have a lovely weekend and we will see your children before 8.55am on

Monday 23 March 2015.  Gates open at 8.45am.


Emma Payne, Headteacher

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