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Welcome to 2RJ!


2RJ is jam packed with amazing children!!! We are all really interested and enthusiastic about everything we do in class. We really are SUPER LEARNERS!!! Which is fantastic, because we are a very busy bunch! We love asking loads of interesting questions and are always bursting with fascinating ideas!! All the new  learning we have been doing in Year 2 has been really exciting. Why don't you take a look for yourselves....

Picture 1 All Tangled Up
Picture 2 All Tangled Up
Picture 3 All Tangled Up
Picture 4 All Tangled Up
Picture 5 Term 6 PE
Picture 6 Term 6 PE
Picture 7 Term 6 PE
Picture 8 Term 6 PE
Picture 9 Term 6 PE
Picture 10 Term 6 PE
Picture 11 Exploring shade and tone
Picture 12 Exploring shade and tone
Picture 13 Bristol Zoo
Picture 14 Bristol Zoo
Picture 15 Bristol Zoo
Picture 16 Bristol Zoo
Picture 17 Bristol Zoo
Picture 18 Bristol Zoo
Picture 19 Bristol Zoo
Picture 20 Bristol Zoo
Picture 21 World Book Day 2013
Picture 22 World Book Day 2013
Picture 23 World Book Day 2013
Picture 24 World Book Day 2013
Picture 25 Haynes Motor Museum
Picture 26 Haynes Motor Museum
Picture 27 Haynes Motor Museum
Picture 28 Haynes Motor Museum
Picture 29 Haynes Motor Museum
Picture 30 Science
Picture 31 Science
Picture 32 Maths Day
Picture 33 Maths Day
Picture 34 Maths Day
Picture 35 Making Vehicle Models
Picture 36 Making Model Vehicles
Picture 37 Making Model Vehicles
Picture 38 Making Model Vehicles
Picture 39 Completed Vehicle Models
Picture 40 Completed Vehicle Models
Picture 41 Completed Vehicle Models
Picture 42 Completed Vehicle Models
Picture 43 Completed Vehicle Models
Picture 44 Completed Vehicle Models