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3 Apple

Friday 1st July 2016


"On Monday it was science day and we conducted different experiments with our teachers." (Brooke)


"Today we have been learning about puberty. We have identified how boys and girls are similar and different." (Aryansh) 


"This week we have been making our towns using a variety of resources. We couldn't decide which one was the best because they were all soooooooo good!" (Katie)


"Yesterday in maths we were using the formal method to solve multiplication problems." (Ben)

Friday 24th June 2016


"Yesterday in art, we were finishing off our teeny tiny towns!" (Wyatt)


"Today we have been writing our Olympic speeches in our independent writing books." (Sophie)


"This week we have been monitoring our plants that we've been growing. So far only a few have germinated." (Javari)


"This week in maths we have been measuring our arms and legs to investigate whether they're the same length." (Lola)  

Friday 17th June 2016


"This week in maths we have learnt to design our own subtraction board games." (Brooke)


"Throughout the week we have been designing and planning a persuasive text about our Victoria Park project." (Farid)


"Yesterday we watched England vs Wales in the school hall. Surprisingly England won!" (Megan)


"In art we have been creating teeny, tiny towns. We used water colour pencils." (Paige)

Friday 10th June 2016


"Today in literacy we wrote persuasive texts about our inventions!" (Ben)


"This week in art we have been using ink and brushes to draw our own houses." (Josie)


"Yesterday we drew our own flowers and discussed what plants need to grow." (Jalaya)


"This week in PE we have been playing rounders in the park." (Joe)

Thursday 19th May 2016


"Today, in science, we've been learning about food chains by playing a card game." (Eda)


"This week we had an opportunity to practice our maths skills by using the laptops." (Stan)


"Tomorrow we're going on a school trip to the Wild Place Project." (Maryam)


"This week in literacy we've been learning to write in the present perfect and past tense." (Ashton)

Friday 13th May 2016 


"This week in science we've been learning about habitats and camouflage." (Brooke)


"In maths we have been learning about equivalent fractions." (Ethan)


"On Friday, we went outside to explore where different animals live. We tried to identify their habitats." (Jemima)


"This week we've started to practice our Spring Show dance." (Aryansh)

Friday 6th May 2016


"This week we've been learning about Roman Numerals to tell the time on an analogue clock." (Javari)


"We've been learning about James and the Giant Peach." (Ikhlaas)


"On Tuesday, Freshwater Theatre came into our school to help us learn about Roald Dahl." (Wyatt)


"This week in art, we've been learning to make spider sculputres using newspaper." (Erda)

Friday 22nd April 2016


"This week we've been learning how to measure perimeters of 2D shapes". (Mohamed)


"In topic we've been investigating mini beasts and creating our own fantasy bug." (Katie)


"In PE we held sprint races to see who would represent 3 Apple during Sports Day." (Zac)


"In literacy we've been listening and taking notes about James and the Giant Peach." (Sophie)

Friday 11th March 2016


"This week we've learnt about using suffixes when spelling long words." (Yasin)


"This week some of us were lucky to represent Year 3 and 4 in a Bristol tag rugby tournament. We did very well!" (Martha)


"This week, in maths, we've learnt how to collect data and represent it using a bar chart or pictogram." (Dawid)


"During ICT, we learnt about the games that children played in the past." (Eda)

Friday 4th March 2016


"This week we got the chance to dress up as our favourite book characters for World Book Day!" (Millie)


"This week we have been writing our information texts about Brazil." (Ayman)


"In science, we used magnets to plan our very own investigations. We had to ask a question, predict and record our results." (Lola)


"This morning we have been writing a poem for a competition. We worked with Sean who taught us how to write a 'Louder than, quieter than' poem." (Hussien)


"During maths, we have spent a lot of time learning different methods to solve division problems." (Joe)

Friday 26th February 2016


"This week we have started to use a maths website called Sum Dog. We got to use our very own usernames to log on." (Brooke)


"In maths we've started to learn about division. So far we've identified what it means to divide items or numbers." (Jalaya)


"For independent writing, we have written an information text about St Mary Redcliffe Primary." (Ethan)


"This week in PE we practised our passes in football." (Erda)

Diamond and Sapphire Power!

Diamond and Sapphire Power! 1
Diamond and Sapphire Power! 2

Friday 19th February 2016


"This week we have started to learn how to greet each other in Spanish." (Javari)


"This week we have been learning about the powers of our brain. So far we've focussed on emerald power which means taking greater risks." (Wyatt)


"Today we've used the laptops to either publish a written story using Word or play a maths game." (Sophie)


"Yesterday we worked in teams to find information about Machu Picchu." (Ben)





Brain Power - Emerald (Risk Taking)

Brain Power - Emerald (Risk Taking) 1

Thursday 4th February 2016


"Last week we went to Bristol Zoo and we had a workshop about the Amazon Rainforest. We got to hold a cockroach, stroked a snake and a tenrec." (Ashton)


"Today we have been learning how to use the column subtraction method." (Megan)


"In science, we have been learning about magnets. Last week we conducted an experiment to investigate which materials are magnetic." (Stan)


"In literacy, we have been writing our very own fable stories." (Lola)

Friday 22nd January 2016


"In science we have been learning about different types of forces." (Hussien)


"In maths we have been using the column method to solve addition." (Martha)


"During art we have been learning to draw Fauves landscapes." (Zac)


"Next week we're going to learn some Brazilian Carnival dancing........we can't wait!" (Maryam)


"Get ready for Bristol Zoo next Friday as well!!! Yay!" (Mr Fry) 

Friday 15th January 2016


"This week in literacy we have been writing our own arguments about whether Brazil should host the Olympic Games." (Jemima)


"In maths we've been testing our knowledge of number by solving a range of tough problems." (Aryansh)


"During the past two weeks we've learnt the complete story of 'How the Anteater Got His Nose'." (Ikhlaas)


"In PE we have been learning to improve our football skills with Coach Alex." (Mohamed)


"In science we've been investigating different types of force." (Joe)


"This week we've been doing freeze frames to help us learn our Anteater fable." (Millie) 

Friday 8th January 2016


"This week we've been learning about fables. They're stories with animals that can talk and it usually has a moral message end." (Javari)


"We've started to learn our new story - How Anteater Got His Noes." (Josie)


"In RE we learned about different types of belief." (Ayman)


"During maths we've been learning about adding 10 onto a 3 digit number. We discovered that when the tens number is a 9 we add a hundred and take the tens away." (Katie)

Solving problems using resources

Solving problems using resources 1
Solving problems using resources 2
Solving problems using resources 3
Solving problems using resources 4

Using a map to find a place of interest

Using a map to find a place of interest 1
Using a map to find a place of interest 2

Monday 30th November 2015


"Last week we learnt about different types of fossils, we even researched about them using the netbooks!" (Joe)


"We have started to learn our Christmas play. It has robots, aliens and astronauts in it!" (Paige)


"Today in maths we've started to measure mass." (Ethan)


"Through the course of last week we planned our very own warning story. Today we wrote them as best as we could." (Wyatt)





Learning About the Egyptians

Friday 20th November 2015


"This week we've been learning about different civilisations and how they built their homes". (Maryam)


"Yesterday we performed an exciting Indian folk dance." (Aryansh)


"In art we made pyramids and painted them using gold paint." (Jemima)


"During science we grouped and compared different rocks. (Ben)

Friday 13th November 2015


"We've learnt our new story called 'Don't Open That Tomb!" (Eda)


"This week we've learnt how to create a sprite and background using Scratch." (Ashton)


"In music we've been learning a song about Tutankhamun." (Sophie)


"Finally, we've learnt about the famous explorer Howard Carter." (Ayman)

Friday 6th November 2015


Wow what an excellent start to term 2!!! 


"We've started to learn about the Ancient Egyptians." (Iklhaas)


"In literacy we've started to learn our new story - DON'T OPEN THAT TOMB!" (Dawid)


"In maths we've investigated fractions." (Erda)


"On Monday we met the fabulous Peter Sprinkles who took us on adventure to Egypt where we learnt who broke into his pyramid." (Mohamed)

Friday 9th October 2015


"This week we enjoyed learning about insulators and conductors because we got to play with circuits." (Martha)


"I really enjoyed our trip to @Bristol because I learnt how much a baby weighs when it's inside the mother's stomach." (Yasin)


"On Monday we found the Iron Man hiding in a cupboard in our school!" (Josie)


"In maths we enjoyed completing our tables clubs! It's getting quite tricky now!" (Ben)

The day that the Iron Man came to SMR!

Friday 2nd October 2015


"This week we have been learning to make electrical circuits. We have been experimenting with cells and lamps." (Lola)


"In maths we've started to learn about time. For this we've made our own analogue clocks." (Dawid)


"We have been doing so much learning that we completed our marble jar for the very first time! Today we're using the parachute as a reward! Don't worry we're going onto the playground, not jumping out of aeroplanes! Yipeeeeeee!" (Megan)


"In maths we have been doing tables clubs and learning to solve multiplication problems using arrays." (Stan) 



Wow what an incredible start to life in year 3! In only a few weeks we have already achieved so much! 


This week we have been learning..............


"........about how electricity works in science." (Jalaya)


".........about the True Story of the 3 Little Pigs. We have also planned and written our own endings." (Yasin)


"We have been going swimming where we've learnt to travel around the pool and catch items that float." (Millie)


" maths we have been learning about the 4 times tables." (Aryansh)  ".....and the formal method for multiplication." (Zac)


".........for homework we had to solve a maths problem that Mr Fry got wrong! He thought he was right but we had to convince him." (Katie)

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