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3 Cherry

Friday 15th July 2016


Dear readers,


Get ready for an almighty two week update! Apologies that the page wasn't updated last week, we couldn't access the internet.


Here's a list of all the exciting things we have been up to in 3 Cherry:


  • We went to Windmill City Farm to make dumplings and Chinese salad which was delicious.
  • We petted some goats.
  • We met our new teacher for Year 4: the amazing Miss Yeap!
  • We performed a Chinese dragon dance and lantern parade in the playground.
  • We made traditional Chinese money packets and learnt about our Zodiac animal.
  • We played dodge ball with Coach Alex.
  • We filmed our adverts in the park.
  • We celebrated Eid.
  • Lots of us biked and scooted to school for Free wheeling week.
  • We learnt classroom instructions in Spanish.


What a busy couple of weeks!


We are looking forward to our final week together next week.


Lots of love,


3 Cherry.

Friday 1st July 2016


Dear readers,


On Monday it was science day and we were focusing on colour. With Miss Price we made colour wheels which when you spin them they looked white! With Miss Granger we made clouds and rainbows in a jar. With Mr Fry we made a lava lamp and with Mrs Miller we made a colour explosion in milk!


In maths we have been learning the formal method of multiplication and playing a multiplication game with a partner.


In English we have been finishing our scripts and making props for our adverts which we are going to film next week!


In science we used the food colouring left from science day to dye white roses. We were also collecting measurements from our tomato seed experiment.


In PE we played rounders with 3 Apple and 3 Apple won!


In PSHE we learnt about puberty and how babies are born.


Thanks for reading!




3 Cherry.





Friday 24th June 2016


Dear readers,


In art we have been making tiny towns out of clay. When they are dry we are going to paint them!


In maths we have been talking about capacity and money. We were helping Hermione make a potion by working out the costs of different ingredients.


In PE we were practising the warrior position for tennis and practised throwing the ball in that position in the air.


We also learnt about the EU referendum and tested our knowledge with a quiz.


In PSHE we have brought in our baby photos for this term's topic: changing me.


In big write we have been writing our speeches for the Speaking and Listening competition.


In English we have been learning about play scripts and we have started writing a script for our adverts.


In science we have been observing our tomato plants to see what conditions are the best for growth. Some people's have germinated!


Thanks for reading.


Have a lovely weekend,


3 Cherry.



Friday 17th June 2016


Dear readers,


This week we have been focusing on our persuasive adverts in English.


In science we have been given a tomato seed and everyone got to plant their own. We are also conducting an experiment, where we have 6 different conditions for growing our seeds:


1. control light + over water

2. control light + no water

3. control water + dark

4. over water + dark

5. control light + control water

6. no water + dark


In topic we have been designing our own towns.


In maths this week we have been subtracting using money to find change and playing maths games. Also we have been rolling a dice and taking away numbers systematically from 50. We have also been creating our own versions of snakes and ladders.


In art we have been planning our mini towns which we will make out of clay.


In PE we were playing musical warriors and when the music stopped you had to make a warrior shape. Also in the warrior position we had to throw the ball up with our left hand and catch it. We also played dodge ball on Tuesday.


On Thursday we went in the hall to watch Wales vs England football and.... ENGLAND WON in injury time!!


In RE we've been thinking about the community we belong to.


Thanks for reading!


3 Cherry.



Friday 10th June 2016


Hello Readers!


In art this week we have been using ink on some sketches that we have done of houses.  We also experimented with the ink using different size paint brushes and saw what effects they made.  


In English we have been looking at what improvements we could make to a piece of land in Victoria Park.  We thought about what the area needs and came up with our own designs to put in the space.  Next, we wrote persuasive letters to Bristol City Council explaining why they needed to invest in our projects.  


We practised our sport's day skills in PE with activities such as dribbling, sprinting and throwing.  We also had a game of sticky rounders which was very competitive!


We have been looking at money in maths and had a go at working out how much it would cost us to buy several items.  


As we're sure some of you will know, the Euros are starting today, so we have done a class sweepstake and each member of 3 Cherry has a different country to follow.  Miss Cameron is counting on us to report back the scores of the countries that we pulled out of the hat.


Our topic this term is 'How can we make living here better for everyone?' so in topic this week we read a book called Window.  We then had to draw 2 pictures - one of the view from a window before urbanisation and one of the view after.  


Plants was the subject of our science lesson this week and we had a go at labelling the parts of the plant and discussed what a plant needs to grow.  


We've had an exhausting yet exciting first week of term 6.


Thanks for reading!


Love 3 Cherry.

Friday 27th May 2016


Dear readers,


This week we have performed the Spring Show and 6 Ash won with Star Wars the Opera. We had a brilliant time performing Will Smith - Men in Black and Miss Cameron and Miss Pearson think we should have won.


We also did a 25 minute sponsored dance to raise money for Child of Hope. If you haven't sponsored us yet, please do!


We played more of Mr Fry's maths games and it was a real challenge! We had a competition and both team Dynamite and team Menu performed well, but Menu won!


We created a painting of our animals to go with our riddles.


In Spanish we have been learning how to say numbers all the way to 20! We then found these numbers in a Spanish word search.


In PE we have been playing sticky rounders. We have also really practised and mastered catching.


In science this week we have continued to look in greater detail at minibeasts and we went in the playground to hunt for any animals we could find. Some people found loads!


Have a wonderful half term!


Lots of love,


3 Cherry.



Friday 20th May 2016


Dear reader,


Another fantastic week!


Today we went to Wild Place. We have been to the bare foot walk and some people got very muddy feet! There was also a mud cafe and a secret door. We had a minibeast workshop where we hunted for minibeasts in two different habitats: woodland and meadow. A variety of beasts were found including a millipedes and a centipedes! We also held hissing cockroaches! In the meadow some people found a moth, grasshopper, weavel and green bug.


In PE we played rounders.


Yesterday lots of people bought plants at the plant sale, where 3 Cherry sold their spider plants.


In art we finished off our spider sculptures and took them home.


In maths we learnt about dividing and practised the 8 times table by playing 'ruler remover' and 'upside down'.


In English we published our amazing riddles, giving clues about one animal.


In science we learnt about food chains and linked them to food webs.


Thanks for reading!


3 Cherry.



Leaf classification key

Leaf classification key 1

Friday 13th May 2016


Dear readers,


This morning we were creating a classification key for a variety of leaves (see the picture below). We also went into the park to look at different animals in their habitats, focusing on animals that showed camouflage. We then designed our own camouflage patterns for different habitats.


In art we have been finishing off our spider sculptures. 


In P.E. we played rounders with a racket.


In maths we have been dividing by ten, finding tenths of different numbers and learning about equivalent fractions.


In swimming we had a fun session and some people got to jump off the diving board in the deep end.


In English we have been learning about different types of poems. We researched facts about an animal using the laptops and have been planning our own riddles.


In R.E. we have been thinking about who was the most important person in the Christian story of Adam and Eve.


Have a wonderful weekend!




3 Cherry.



Friday 6th May 2016


Dear readers,


This week we have been learning about the animals that we will see in Wild Place. We created an animal fact file about one animal that we will see on our visit!


In maths we have been learning to tell the time and we have been learning about Roman numerals.


In art this week we have been making model spiders and we used a black sticky tape to cover our spider sculptures with.


In P.E. we've been doing a mini sports day since we were unable to do sports day this week. Also Coach Alex let us train with the year 6's and it was really hot.


In English we have written an independent story about James and the Giant Peach. We had to create our own plot and character to add to the original story. We designed what we thought the inside of the peach would look like.


In topic this week we have been learning Spanish colours and picked 5 objects in the different colours.


In history we created a timeline of all the events in history that we find interesting.


In geography we explored the atlas.


In drama a visitor came in and we took part in the Roald Dahl experience! We had to pass the test to become story seekers and we had to test the book worm who thought he was always right because he ate lots of books. We also had to act out different parts from Roald Dahl's stories.


In swimming some people jumped off the diving board, others practised the breast stoke and some went on the noodles/woggles.


Have a lovely weekend,




3 Cherry.



Friday 29th April 2016


Dear Readers


Some of us had the privilege of going to support year 5 in their annual poetry slam today.  Unfortunately they didn't win this year but their poems were fabulous.


This week in art we started making our spider sculptures using newspaper and masking tape.  In PE we carried on practising under arm bowling.


In maths we started looking at 2D shapes and their perimeter.  We had a go at measuring the perimeter of lots of different shapes.


We had a look at conjunctions and adverbs in English this week, and we started putting them in to sentences to make them even more spectacular.  Miss Cameron also introduced us to some new spelling activities which include headline spellings, writing a story including the spellings, spelling flowers, making the spellings out of playdoh and drawing the spelling in the air for a partner.  


Thank you for reading, we will check back in next week.




3 Cherry





Friday 22nd April 2016


Hello to our lovely readers!!


This week in maths we have been looking at the properties of 3D shapes.  We used playdoh and straws to experiment with making our own 3D shapes.


In English we have been looking at James and the Giant Peach.  We wrote an independent piece of work about what happened next once the man had given James the bag of little green things.  Today, we listened to chapters of the story and practised taking notes to help us with our writing next week.  We made predictions about what we thought might happen next in the story.  We also heard extracts of the story and had a go at acting them out in small groups.  It was a lot of fun and Miss Cameron and Miss Pearson said we were very good!


We drew portraits of spiders in art this week - we were sketching designs for our spider sculptures.


Coach Alex started teaching us about cricket in PE this week.  We learned how to hold a cricket ball (but we used tennis balls) and practised how to bowl under arm.  


In ICT we did some research to give us questions to ask about history.  


We have started thinking about the Spring Show too this week.  We couldn't possibly tell you what our song is though - it's a secret!!


We hope you have a lovely weekend - thanks for reading.


From 3 Cherry


Windmill Hill City Farm

Windmill Hill City Farm 1
Windmill Hill City Farm 2
Windmill Hill City Farm 3
Windmill Hill City Farm 4
Windmill Hill City Farm 5

Friday 15th April 2016


Dear readers,


Welcome back to a new term and we are very excited about our new topic: 'Are bugs important?'


We went to Windmill Hill City Farm where we learnt about different foods that you grow. We also explored the animals that lived on the farm. We saw crystals that were in one of the walls! We went into a hot house where we got to taste different lettuces and kale. We all were challenged to plant as many plants as we could in a new flower bed; some teams planted as many as 9 plants!


This week we have been learning about 'James and the Giant Peach'. We have been writing our own adventure stories in independent write, based on 'James and the Giant Peach'. We wrote from where James was given the bag of crocodile tongues!


In P.E. we played tennis, where we walked around bouncing a ball on our racket. If that was too hard we were allowed to bounce our balls on the floor with our racket. In preparation for sports day we carried out our sprint heats.


In science we have been hunting for animals in different habitats.


In maths we have been trying to convince thinking Tom that he is wrong, by investigating different statements about money. We have had a great time using the plastic coins which appear all over the classroom during the day!


In art we have been making colour wheels about minibeasts.


Have a lovely weekend!


3 Cherry.







Friday 18th March 2016


In maths this week we have been looking at 2D shapes.  Today we started to look at angles, particularly right angles.  We also used shape to create our own board games.  We spent an entire day creating them and then had the pleasure of showing them to our parents for curriculum afternoon.  The questions in our board games came from our learning this year.


Our talk for writing this week was Mary and Frank.  It is a rags to riches story which tells the tale of Mary and her teddy, Frank.


In art we drew pictures of children playing games.  There were some from the present day and some from the past.


For our PE lesson this week we played a football match!  It was 5 a side and very competitive!!


This afternoon we ran a mile around the playground for Sport Relief.  A mile, as it turns out, is 6 laps of the top KS2 playground and KS1 playground.  We are hot, sweaty and exhausted now!


Thanks for reading 


3 Cherry



Friday 11th March 2016


Once upon a school week, the amazing 3 Cherry class learnt loads and loads of new things. It was a cold, damp day and the wind was howling. However all the children were warm and dry, whilst quietly noting down what they had learnt in the week. 


Miss Cameron was silently sitting down in her comfy, bouncy, magic chair. 


"What have you learnt this week?" Miss Cameron exclaimed happily.


One child thought back to what she had learnt in English during the week... She recounted beginning to learn the 'rags to riches' story about Mary and Frank (the grimy, faded, one-armed bear). Another child thought about creating their own symbols for the story map. A third child pondered about the bar chart she had created in maths. A fourth child thought about his P.E. lesson, where the class played 'cheese and chalk' and a few children thought about their tag rugby match that they went to with Mr Fry.


"In science we worked in a carousel creating a poster about forces and magnetism!" shouted a child enthusiastically.


"Don't forget our emotinal line graphs for Mary and Frank in English!" screamed another child as loud as a lion roaring.


"In art we have been sketching children playing" whispered a child thoughtfully.


"What a week we have had!" bellowed Miss Cameron, "Have a wonderful weekend."

Friday 4th March 2016


The wonderful week


Exciting entertaining English


In English we have been publishing our information texts about Brazil.


Action-packed Art


In Art we have been (an example of present perfect!) drawing our own Brazilian animals. We drew a line (diagonal/vertical/horizontal) and one side we did black and white shading and the other side we used brightly coloured oil pastels, chalk and crayons.


Fantastic funky P.E.


In P.E. we have been in a circle passing to our team mates and avoiding a defender.


Marvellous Maths


This week in maths we have been dividing by one-digit and two-digit numbers. We were challenged by estimating what we thought would be the biggest answer, the smallest answer and the answer that couldn't be divided equally.




In R.E. we had a symbol that was special to Christians and we wrote down why we thought it was special. We then found out the real answer and compared our ideas.


Magical Music


In music we have been making up our own song and we were performing to each other in groups. 



Thanks for reading our information text!


3 Cherry.

Friday 26th February 2016


(3 Cherry's persuasive information text about our wonderful week!)


Do you dare read to the bottom?


Amazing exciting entertaining English


In English we have been finishing off our persuasive leaflets about Machu Picchu. We have been using alliteration to create catchy subheadings.


Perfect P.E.


We have been doing football and learning to dribble the ball and pass to each other. We have also worked in a group circle where a defender in the middle of the circle tried to get the ball! 


Fantastic magnificent marvellous maths


We have begun to look at dividing numbers and we have been learning our 8 times tables (1 x 8 = 8, 2 x 8 = 16...). We have also been practising using the formal method of multiplication. Some of us have been using arrays to work out multiplication number sentences. We were deepening our learning of when you multiply by 10, every digit moves up a place value and you get a zero on the end of the number! (For example: 2 x 3 = 6 so 20 x 3 = 60).


Action packed art!


This week in art we have been making art work for windows for winter wonderland, inspired by the artist Sonia Delaunay. We have also been colouring one of Sonia Delaunay's pieces of art.


Terrific topic


We are now researching information for our Brazilian leaflet.


Peaceful PSHE


In PSHE we have been learning about the importance of exercise, thinking about how we exercise everyday and also how we could exercise in a funny, unusual way (cartwheeling to school!).

Friday 19th February 2016


Dear readers,


We have been learning about all the different brain powers, for example you get diamond power when you are responsible.


We went swimming and had races in the water.


In English we had a treasure hunt to find information about Machu Picchu. We've been focusing on leaflets, finding out what makes a good leaflet and planning our own persuasive leaflets to encourage people to visit. We have also been creating a spider diagram to plan ideas for our leaflet. We also tested our brains learning about present perfect tense compared to simple past tense.


In Maths we have been focusing on multiplication, investigating number statements (If 7 x 3 = 21 then 7 x 30 = 210).


Happy weekend!



3 Cherry.



Friday 5th February 2016.


Hello Lovely Readers!


This week in Literacy we have been focussing on writing our own fables and then publishing them.  We wrote them up in our very best handwriting and designed front covers for them.  They look amazing!


In Spanish we have been answering the register using Spanish greetings and learning to say how we feel.  We also created freeze frames to show how we were feeling.


We were given a sheet in maths this week and we had to use the formal method of column addition to work out the answer.  We also played a game which involved being given a number line and creating a number sentence to cross off numbers on the number line.  The person who created the last number sentence (ask us about it, we can show you how to play!).  We also had a go at using estimation to work out the answer to tricky number sentences.


We used inks and oil pastels in art to draw flowers and birds.  We also drew a place from our imagination and added ink to it.


Coach Alex has helped us to improve our football skills even more this week by showing us some great games to play.


Magnetism and magnetic forces have been our focus in Science - we explored our classroom and saw what materials in the classroom were attracted to or repelled by magnets.  We also tested the strength of different magnets by seeing how far away they were from a magnet before they started to attract it.


We have had an amazing term full of learning and are looking forward to a well earned rest.


Much love


3 Cherry





Tenrec 1

Friday 29th January 2016


Dear readers,


This week we went to the zoo! We went to a rainforest workshop where we held a hissing cockroach and stroked a snake and a tenrec which was adorable. The snake had a pattern that looked like eyes, so any predators would think there were lots of them. Before the workshop we wandered around the zoo and saw some amazing animals! We also had a go at running like cheetahs where we measured our speed. We saw some lively lions playing follow the leader.


In P.E. we have been passing a football and playing jellyfish (there are two jellyfish in partners and you have to dribble the ball past the jellyfish without being stung and turned into seaweed!)


In Art we have been sketching where we'd like to go and some people finished their Fauve portraits.


In English we have been gathering ideas for writing our own fable. We also have been looking at the determiners: a/an (If the noun has a consonant sound you use 'a', but if it has a vowel sound you use 'an').


In Maths we have been subtracting 3-digit numbers using a number line and the inverse operation.


Thank you for reading.


Lots of love,


3 Cherry.





Friday 22nd January 2016


Dear Readers,


In English we have been innovating the ending to our fable, working particularly on our speech punctuation.


We have been saying 'good morning' in Spanish whilst taking the register.


In maths we've been subtracting a 1-digit number from a teens number and noticing a pattern. We've also been adding and subtracting using both formal methods and mental methods, using 3-digit numbers.


In P.E. we've been learning how to pass the ball in football and also we've been moving into different spaces, working carefully with our partner. We were taught by Coach Josh as a treat!


We have been drawing imaginary places that we would like to go in art. 


In guided reading we have been using dictionaries to find words we like.


In science we brought in our toys and explained how they work, using our forces words.


Thank you for reading!



3 Cherry.


Friday 15th January 2016


Dear readers,


In maths we have been learning the formal columnar method of addition! 


In topic we've been thinking about the rich and poor divide in Brazil. In independent write we wrote an argument giving our opinion on whether Brazil should hold the Olympics this year. Ask us what we think!


In P.E. we have been learning how to pass and in art we have been creating 'les Fauves' oil pastel pictures.


In literacy we have been writing our fable. Today we boxed up our story.


We hope you have had a good week!



3 Cherry.



Happy New Year!!


This week in 3 Cherry we have been looking at fractions, in particular, tenths.  We also made our own place value board games with word problems to solve.  Today, we investigated a thinking Tom question - "if I add 10 to a 3 digit number then the hundreds and the units digit will always stay the same".


We made fossils in science using plaster of Paris, air drying clay and Lego people.


In literacy we started to learn our new talk for writing story "How anteater got his nose" and started to write our own fables.  We had a look at a piece of writing with lots of mistakes and we had a go at correcting it using our polishing pens.  We then added our own illustrations.


In topic we discovered that our new topic is Brazil and we started to have a think about what we would like to find out about Brazil.


In P.E. we started to learn about football!!  We did some passing and control exercises with a partner.  It was extremely cold and windy!


In art we have been using graphite to draw 3D shapes and add shading to existing shapes.


We have been looking at what beliefs are in R.E. and writing our ideas on post-it notes.  Our new big question is "how do people express their beliefs, identity and experiences".


We've had a lovely first week back and have been very busy!


From 3 Cherry

Swimming letter Term 2

Friday 18th December 2015


Merry Christmas readers and happy holidays!


This week we have watched Sleeping Beauty at the Old Vic theatre. It was very interesting and it was different from the original story because in this version sleeping beauty was a man! It was full of surprises!


We had a class party with food and dancing and we watched a festive film. We also went to the St Mary Redcliffe church to sing our carol medley - it was magical.


We did two performances of our play to the adults - they went really well.


Have a wonderful holiday.



3 Cherry.



Friday 11th December


Hello readers!


This week we started the week with a fantastic trip to Bristol Museum and did a workshop on Egyptian artefacts - 3 Cherry enjoyed exploring the pieces to identify what they were used for.


We had a brilliant final swim for the term and everyone's confidence has improved greatly!


The classroom has been transformed into the 'prop shop' for our play and our dress rehearsal went brilliantly! We can't wait for you to see it.


In Maths we discussed the weight of different objects and in Literacy we Finished creating our sarcophaguses.


Thanks for reading!


3 Cherry.

Friday 4th December 2015


Dear wonderful readers,


What a bust week we have had!


In topic and literacy we have continued learning about Egyptians by writing questions about how the Egyptians lived. Also we have been making our own mummies!


In maths we have been weighing different objects using scales and noticing how mass varies. We have looked at a HUGE crane in Battersea Power Station and works out that it weighs the same as 113 elephants! 


In P.E. we were playing tag rugby.


In art we were drawing a really old fashioned train which pulled up outside St Mary Redcliffe Primary School. It was there because it was being filled with water - one carriage at a time. It was there all night and half of the next day.


We have been practising our play and it's all coming together... you are in for a treat!


Thanks for reading!


Lots of love,


3 Cherry.







Dear readers,


What a fantastic week we have had!


In literacy we have been planning our own warning stories, following the warning story 'Don't open that tomb!' as a template.


In maths we have been using partitioning to help us add and subtract even numbers from 2 or 3 digit numbers. We have been noticing patterns and investigating statements about those patterns.


In P.E. we have been scoring tries in rugby and have practised passing the ball in a square.


In art we continued to decorate our pyramids using op art.


In R.E. we were learning about different religions.


Excitingly, we have started to rehearse our play this week... I can't say anything else, but it's going to be a night to remember!


Thank you for reading!



3 Cherry.



Hello lovely readers!


This week has been anti bullying week and we have been making our own anti bullying super heroes and posters.


We had such a treat this week - to celebrate Diwali we had a wonderful Indian folk dancing lesson.  It was marvellous!


In literacy we have been making our own ending to tell our readers how Howard Carter got out of the tomb.  We thought of lots of different ways that he could have escaped from the tomb.


In numeracy we have been adding multiples of units, tens and hundreds to a number.  Then on Friday we had to convince our teacher that Thinking Tom was wrong in his statement 'If you count in multiples of 8 the number 56 will always be in your sequence.' 



In science we looked at different types of rocks and we had a go at creating our own Venn diagrams by choosing our own categories.  The types of rocks were igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary.  We then used the netbooks to research facts about fossils. 


We had a great time creating our own new games in PE and in art we were painting our own 3D pyramids. Once we had finished this we could create our own picture of a pharaoh.


We've had a lovely week, and have managed to squeeze an awful lot in!!


Thanks for reading!


3 Cherry


This week in English, Cherry class have been writing their own character descriptions about the famous explorer Howard Carter. We have also been planning our own exciting warning stories about Egypt.


This week in P.E we have been practising our rugby skills. We learnt how to hold the ball correctly and how to pass it to each other.


During our Art lessons we have been creating our own  3D Op Art pictures. The pictures tricked us into thinking the images were moving but they weren't. Some of us enjoyed helping to create a new school sign using mosaics.



3 Cherry



What a wonderful first week back!!


On the first day of this term we met Mrs Pringle.  She told us that she had bought a pyramid so we went to Egypt to discover someone had broken in to her pyramid!!!  We made warning signs because Mrs Pringle's warning sign was missing some letters! 


We saw a mummy when we went inside the tomb and it was surrounded by a heart, a brain and eyeballs (they were really tinned tomatoes, a broccoli and mushrooms!)  Then we explored it further and we had a go at mummifying each other!  We then made up our own endings to our exploration.  We also wrote messages to each other in hieroglyphics.  Finally, we started to learn our new talk for writing story, 'Don't Open That Tomb!'.


In numeracy this week we have been investigating and comparing fractions.  


In R.E. we learnt the Lord's Prayer and our big question is 'What can we learn from the life and teaching of Jesus?'.


In music we learnt a song about Tutankamun - it has a lot of words and is very quick!


We are starting to learn rugby in P.E.  It was a lot of fun.


That's all for this week, it has been a very busy week!




3 Cherry

When mummies came to 3 Cherry!

When mummies came to 3 Cherry! 1

Friday 16th October 2015


Dear Reader,


We have been learning about measurement this week and some people were learning about metres (for example 27cm = 0.27m).  We have been using 2D shapes to draw the Iron Man and work out what the perimeter of his body is.  We have also been measuring things around the classroom and writing their lengths in centimetres or metres.  We then compared two of these lengths using the terms less than, greater than and equal to.  We used tape measures to work out how big or chalk drawings of the Iron Man were in the playground.


We had curriculum afternoon this Wednesday.  Lots of our parents came in to share our learning - we showed them how to build a house from lego, how to build a circuit with a lamp and a cell, how to design a house and what materials make good conductors or insulators.  We tested which materials make good conductors and insulators by trying them in circuits.


In literacy this week we have been writing sentences about the Iron Man using adjectives, nouns, adverbs, conjunctions and verbs.  We also have tried our hands at writing a diary entry from the perspective of the Iron Man.  We have also been perfecting our handwriting and the size difference between lower case and upper case letters.  


In art we have been painting rainbows in the style of pointilism.


In PE we have been making routines which include a sequence of stretches. 


With Lots of Love


3 Cherry



Friday 9th October


Another brilliant week in 3 Cherry!


We started the week by discovering the Iron Man in the science cupboard to kick start our new topic in Literacy!


We have been extending our understanding of time by comparing analogue and digital clocks in Maths.


With swimming on Tuesday, we were learning about breathing whilst in the water, floating with or without aid and using our legs to propel through the water.


On Wednesday we went to @Bristol and had a fantastic time! We explored the building getting hands on with giant bubbles, creating our own photographs and using our senses to name a few. Following this we had a great workshop all about electrical circuits and learnt the difference between a conductor and an insulator. Well done to the whole of year 3, showing amazing learning behaviour throughout the day. Thank you to those parents who volunteered their time to help us, we couldn't have done it without you!



Friday 2nd October


What a fantastic start to Year 3 in Cherry class!


This week in Maths we have started to learn all about time! We got creative and made our very own analogue clocks and have been learning to tell the time including: 'o'clock' and 'half past'.


In Literacy we have been inventing our own fairy tales using 'The True Story of the Three Little Pigs' as inspiration - what an imaginative group of children!


Everybody has loved swimming and just after two weeks there has been an increase in confidence - well done everyone!


We can't wait for our trip to @Bristol next week! We are all looking forward to our workshops related to our topic on electricity.

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