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5 Poplar

'In our International Week show we were all gladiators. We had to kill each other - Fred and I didn't we were Roman Emperor and Empress.' Rowan


'We cooked pizza in a real pizza oven at the City Farm. We were using the vegetables that we grew at the farm' Mason


'Amazingly at the farm we were trying different foods, like edible plants.'  Brandon



'Excitingly, we performed our speeches and I came second in KS2. Billy in year 6 came first,'  Megan


'Sadly it was our last ukulele session yesterday, but we made a thank you card for James,'  Vedant


'This week, amazingly, we made marble mazes in partners. Fred and I had 3 layers: the first layer was cardboard, the second layer was made of straws, and the third layer Lego. It was really fun smiley'   Evie


'In 5 Poplar we are going into year 6 and our classes are being mixed together,'  Mason  smiley


'...we have been mixed with 5 Sycamore. Luckily I got put with a lot of my friends. We are going to be called 6 Dogwood, the other class is called 6 Blackthorn.'  Ellie

'This week in 5 Poplar we performed our speeches on the Olympics. I got through for the girls in our class, and Leon did for the boys.'  Megan


'Amazingly in P.E. we learnt how to serve in tennis.'  Vedant


'This week was great until the dreaded Thursday. We found out that when we move into year 6 our classes will be mixed.'  cool   Ellie


'We had Science Day this week. I especially enjoyed Mr Germain's and Ms Stone's lessons!'  Thomas  laugh


'In Art we designed Ancient Greek vases. My design was of Icarus, the flying boy.'  Brandon


'Excitingly this week on Tuesday Megan, Alvaro and I went to a gifted & talented sports competition at Ashton Park School. We competed in lots of mixed sports with other schools.'  Evie

'Topic was really fun this week, we made posters of Hercules fighting in one of the twelve labours. I did the twelth one, which was a dog with three heads, with Evie'   Megan


'I am gutted about the fact that sports day was cancelled again, wink'   Alvaro


'It was really fun this week because we got to look at Ordnance Survey maps to find places special to us,'  Rowan & Holly Anne


'Epically, yesterday we watched the football match in the hall, England vs Wales. England won 2 - 1!' Vedant


'...what a comeback!'  Jesiah


'English was fantastic. We have been learning a Greek myth called Hercules'  Aisha


'When we had Miss Aubrey on Wednesday we made a one sentence story, where everybody says one sentence and passes the ball on.  In our story a man found a golden ticket and on the way to Toastland he bought a Ferrari and battled a crocodile.'   Leon



'Interestingly, in 5 Poplar we did a NSPCC workshop'  Megan


'When the NSPCC came we answered questions. It was about 'Speaking Out and Staying Safe'  Evie


'Amazingly in PE this week we played football, rounders and cricket in the park'  Vedant


'Yet again we have beaten 5 Sycamore with ease in Football, rounders and cricket surprise'  Leon


'What an exciting start to the term. In Literacy we wrote the phases of how a spider creates a web.'  Rowan


'Excitingly in Literacy we wrote quest stories. We had to create characters and a villain. My story was about a mutant rat who stole the most powerful sword, and the hero had to retrieve it.'  Brandon


'In English we have been writing brilliant stories about quests smiley'  Emilio


'In Topic we have made a poster of our life.'  Mason



Week 6   wb. 16.6.16


'In this amazing week we played rounders with Coach Alex'   Vedant


'...Emilio hit the ball into Coach Alex's bad leg! cool'   Mason


'Excitingly, in Art we finished our collages. They look amazing!'   Megan


'5 Poplar did an amazing thing this week. In Literacy we researched animals for a life cycle explanation text. Leon and I  researched blobfish!'   Ellie


'Did you know that the blobfish has been officially voted the world's ugliest animal!?'  Leon


'...we also wrote introductions about our animals.'  Brandon


'Flapping fantastically in maths, we were converting mixed numbers to fractions, and fractions to mixed numbers'   Evie




'On Thursday we started to learn our amazing fantastic Spring Show song, which is 'The Bare Necessities', it was very fun. Also on Thursday the girls' football team came third in a tournament involving 22 teams. We would have come second but to came down to penalties!'  Megan


'Excitedly, we played rounders and cricket in PE this week'  Mason


'Unfortunately this week, we have been sitting silently in class because Year 6 have been doing their dreaded SATs,'  Leon


'During this week in maths we have been working with fraction - I thought it was a bit easy.'  Fatima

'On Wednesday we had a fractions quiz - I whizzed through with no help!'  Brandon   laugh



'5 Poplar News Flash!  We have decided our Spring Show song, but have needed to be quiet because of the SATs!'  Benjamin



This week 5 Poplar visited Bristol Zoo Gardens. We saw lots of different animals, including an armadillo, a lemur and a baby gorilla (in a nappy!)


We also played cricket in the park for our PE lesson. We beat 5 Sycamore in all three of our games!



'This week in PE we played football, target throwing and cricket in the park,'  Vedant


' In Literacy we wrote our own versions of Tadpole's Promise, mine was about a aphid a ladybird larvae,'  Megan


'Today, in 5 Poplar, we were working with time, elapsed time and timetables in Maths.'   Evie


'My story is a tragic love story  about a narwhal and a polar bear. The narwhal cheats on the polar bear with a beluga whale!'  Ellie


'In ukuleles this week we learnt a new chord: B flat major'  Rowan


'Tomorrow we will see the Poetry Slam in action. It will be AMAZING!'   Benjamin



Term 5  Week 2


'This week we played rounders in the park against 5 Sycamore,'   Vedant


'...we beat them and I hope we do it again next week!'   Thomas


'This week the Space Seed experiment started. I was chosen to do the experiment to find out if in the future, when we might live on other planets, whether we can grow crops.  The experiment lasts 6 weeks.'   Miles


'Sara-Jane, a poet, came to school and we had to get into groups of four and write our own poems. WE had our own poetry slam and three winning groups are going to perform in St George's Hall next week against other schools. Year 5 are all going to watch'  Evie


'This week in Literacy we were learning how to use suffixes. We had to make sentences using them.'   Brandon



5 Poplar's trip to Windmill Hill City Farm

5 Poplar's trip to Windmill Hill City Farm 1
5 Poplar's trip to Windmill Hill City Farm 2
5 Poplar's trip to Windmill Hill City Farm 3
5 Poplar's trip to Windmill Hill City Farm 4
5 Poplar's trip to Windmill Hill City Farm 5
5 Poplar's trip to Windmill Hill City Farm 6
5 Poplar's trip to Windmill Hill City Farm 7
5 Poplar's trip to Windmill Hill City Farm 8
5 Poplar's trip to Windmill Hill City Farm 9
5 Poplar's trip to Windmill Hill City Farm 10
5 Poplar's trip to Windmill Hill City Farm 11
5 Poplar's trip to Windmill Hill City Farm 12
5 Poplar's trip to Windmill Hill City Farm 13
5 Poplar's trip to Windmill Hill City Farm 14

Term 5  week 1   w/b 11.4.16


'This week we had an amazing trip to the farm where we learnt about the animals'   Mason


' the farm one of the goats escaped. Ellie, Evie and I named it 'Crash'   Megan


' the farm we got to groom the goats'   Thomas


'One of the goats bucked the gate and nearly opened it. Its name was Buck'   Ava & Rowan


'In Literacy we have been learning The Tadpole's Promise and created a story of it'    Fatima


'At the farm we were allowed to feed the chickens and go into the pen. Rosie, who works there, tried to catch one of them and it went hyper!'   Brandon



Term 4  week 5   wb: 14.3.16


'This week in 5 Poplar we have been making some amazing fairground models'   Jesiah


'In Maths we have be learning reflection and symmetry'  Fatimah


'This week it was Miss Aubry's last day. So we had a party with a feast, pillow fight and music'   Thomas


'This   afternoon we are running a mile for Sport Relief'  Mason


'I am really happy that I have got onto the Other Other 22 times table club!  smiley'  Leon


'On Wednesday this week we had DT day, we started to make our fairground rides'  Brandon



11.12.15    Term 2  week 6  


'On Wednesday we went to Mshed. I loved getting inside of the bomb shelter and the actual bomb!'    Miles


'We spent the day at the Mshed - I spent most of the day in the old bus!'   Ellie


'This week in 5 Poplar I have learnt about old Bristol on a class trip to Mshed,'   Munira


'On our school trip I liked seeing Emilio in a skirt!'   Benjamin


'My favourite part was the bus. It had an upstairs and you got a good view of the Mshed,'  Brandon


'Yesterday we watched Early Years and Key Stage 1 perform their Christmas plays!'   Fatima


'Reception were amazing at saying their lines!'  Leon



Term 2  Week 5   w/b  30.11.15


'Today we learnt about cubed, squared and prime numbers,'   Fatima


'Today I am really happy because I completed my 22 Club times tables! smiley'   Brandon


'Today I am really really happy because I completed my Other 44 Club times tables! surprise'   Leon


'Today I am really really really happy because I completed my Other 77 Club times tables! frown'  Thomas


'I'm really happy because we've been learning our Christmas play. It is really fun!'   Aisha


'...I really like the Christmas play because I am a boy from the future and I get shouted at by a robot!  angry'   Miles


'In Art we put our fingers in paint (mud) and made finger paintings,'  Mason

Term 2  Week 4  wb. 23.11.15


'In 5 Poplar this week we have been learning about the Quran,'   Ayaan


'We have been writing our own endings to Moby Dick,'    Vedant


'In maths, we had to work out what fraction a shape was of a bigger shape,'   Miles


'This week in Literacy we have been learning to use semi-colons correctly,'   Fatima


'Some of us went to an athletics competition at Ashton Park; we came fourth!'   Alvaro


In PE this week we have been playing more hockey and had another match,'   Ellie


'Yesterday I had so much fun going to pick a Christmas tree for the school. We also learnt how they wrapped the trees, it was so much fun smiley!'   Brandon



Week 3  Term 2  w/b 16.11.15


'In Literacy this week we have been writing the story of Moby Dick. It took two lessons,'  Lara


'In 5 Poplar we have measured the usual classroom objects using a Newton meter. We were measuring the force needed to lift them,'   Miles


'We made our own Moby Dick movie posters. Some were inspired by the Jaws poster,'   Ellie


'Happy Diwali! Today, on Friday, we did some Bollywood dancing which was lots of fun but also tiring,'   Abira


'This week on Friday we learnt a special Bollywood dance, everyone was in to it!'  Alvaro

'...I can't believe how much fun I had!'  Brandon smiley


'In Literacy we have been making Moby Dick posters - it was scary!'  Mason



Week 2  Term 2  wb 9.11.15


'Today is Children In Need, we get to dress up as our hero or a super hero,'   Magnus


'On Friday the 13th, wink, we have dressed up for Children in Need smiley'    Ellie


'In PE we played hockey matches,'   Holly-Anne


'We have seen some old pirate artefact's brought in by Dylan's dad,'    Miles


'This week I really had fun making mosaics with Malith, Ayaan and Magnus,'    Brandon


'Excitingly,in Literacy, we have been writing relative clauses, which was very interesting, and been learning about Moby Dick,'    Evie




'On Wednesday we had Pirate Day. We met Captain Germain and he broke his sword!'   Rowan


'This Wednesday I walked in to class and Mr Germain jumped out at me. Although it wasn't Mr Germain, it was Captain Germain!'   Ellie


'This week we came into class and we suddenly became pirates.  Arrrrr!'    Alvaro


'This week we met a horrible man, Captain Germain, who persuaded us to join his crew. We captured a mighty beast and drank lots of rum!'   Leon


This week we learnt about Bristol harbourside. In the 1980's there were speed boat races and pedalo's'  Thomas


'In Hockey we learnt the basic skills of dribbling, shooting and the push pass'   Miles.


'This week I have enjoyed having the guinea pigs in 5 Poplar!'   Munira

wb 12.10.15


'This week in P.E. we were playing Hockey. It was really fun but it hurt my back a bit!'   Ellie


'In 5 Poplar this week we made tables for Ikea on our curriculum afternoon. It was very fun!'  Megan


'We have been learning how to write speech'  Aisha


'Jesiah and I went to football team training. We had a match...' Alvaro

'...My team won, 5-3!'  Jesiah  cheeky


'This week in tag rugby we won, drew & lost. Next week we will be playing Victoria Park. Hopefully we will win!'  Thomas


'We have been very lucky this week to look after the school guinea pigs, Stevie & Squeekers' Ellie

The Year 5 Ikea Challenge!

The Year 5 Ikea Challenge! 1
The Year 5 Ikea Challenge! 2
The Year 5 Ikea Challenge! 3
The Year 5 Ikea Challenge! 4
The Year 5 Ikea Challenge! 5
The Year 5 Ikea Challenge! 6
The Year 5 Ikea Challenge! 7
The Year 5 Ikea Challenge! 8
The Year 5 Ikea Challenge! 9
The Year 5 Ikea Challenge! 10
The Year 5 Ikea Challenge! 11
The Year 5 Ikea Challenge! 12
The Year 5 Ikea Challenge! 13
The Year 5 Ikea Challenge! 14

wb 5.10.15


'In 5 Poplar this week we have writing robot adverts. Ours were called Lobo and Mita'  Leon & Fred


Munira likes the sensory room because of the noises!


'In maths we have been multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. I think it was easy!'   Fatima


'In art this week we have been making jellyfish out of carrier bags, plastic and wire'  Ayaan


'In PE we have been playing football matches. It was very fun!'   Alvaro

'In gymnastics we have been balancing moves and connecting the moves'  Emilio



'This week in science we have been doing an experiment with ice lollies'  Vedant

'...we have been testing which wrapping material keeps the ice lolly coldest for longest. We wrote it down in a table'   Evie


'In ukuleles, we played a game where we had to be silent and then say a number one at a time.  We only managed to get to 7'  wink    Benjamin


'I loved it in Art when we made jellyfish out of plastic bags. Plastic bags are polluting the ocean, when turtles are looking for food they think that the plastic bags are jellyfish. They try to eat the plastic bags but then choke on them.'   Miles


'In Literacy this week we have been learning about the Portuguese Man O War jellyfish, from Stormbreaker.'  Ellie & Rowan


Conkers in the rain! Bonkers, in the rain!

Conkers in the rain!  Bonkers, in the rain! 1
Conkers in the rain!  Bonkers, in the rain! 2
Conkers in the rain!  Bonkers, in the rain! 3
Conkers in the rain!  Bonkers, in the rain! 4
Conkers in the rain!  Bonkers, in the rain! 5

5 Poplar's Cracking Day Out to At Bristol

5 Poplar's Cracking Day Out to At Bristol 1
5 Poplar's Cracking Day Out to At Bristol 2
5 Poplar's Cracking Day Out to At Bristol 3
5 Poplar's Cracking Day Out to At Bristol 4
5 Poplar's Cracking Day Out to At Bristol 5
5 Poplar's Cracking Day Out to At Bristol 6
5 Poplar's Cracking Day Out to At Bristol 7
5 Poplar's Cracking Day Out to At Bristol 8
5 Poplar's Cracking Day Out to At Bristol 9
5 Poplar's Cracking Day Out to At Bristol 10
5 Poplar's Cracking Day Out to At Bristol 11
5 Poplar's Cracking Day Out to At Bristol 12
5 Poplar's Cracking Day Out to At Bristol 13
5 Poplar's Cracking Day Out to At Bristol 14

'We have been learning a new note and chord in our ukulele lessons: a semi breve and F major' - Miles


'This week we went to At Bristol, the science museum, we looked at a lot of interesting things' - Ellie


'Mr Germain and I had our picture taken by a thermal camera'  - Emilio


'...we learnt about solids, liquids and gases' - Ramani


'...there was a workshop where we made cheese. ' - Thomas

'... it looked like baby sick!'  - Brandon


'We placed a vitamin tablet into a small container of water. It reacted to the water and it blew up like a rocket and hit the ceiling!!'  - Mason



'In maths this week we've been subtracting using number lines and column method' - Holly-Anne



Picture 1 Mr Germain & Emilio through the thermal camera

'This week some of us students have been selected to take part in Bikeability. This is where we learn to safe on our bikes' - Lara


'In ICT we have been designing our own games. It was awesome!' - Magnus


'This week we had our second ukulele practice' - Ellie

'We learnt a new chord, A minor'  - Brandon

'We learnt to play our ukuleles along to We Will Rock You!' - Miles


'In Maths we have been subtracting using column method'  - Benjamin


'In PE we have been learning bridges in gymnastics'  - Mason



5 Poplar 'Rocking the uke's!'

5 Poplar 'Rocking the uke's!' 1
5 Poplar 'Rocking the uke's!' 2

Week 3  w/b 14.9.15


'This week in maths we made addition harder by putting it into word problems' - Jesiah


'On Thursday we had our first ukulele lesson, which was great fun!'  - Rowan


'...during our first ukulele lesson we were annoyingly interrupted by a fire drill!'  - Miles


'In English we have been writing poems about scrapyards' - Emilio


'This week we had the best art lesson ever!'  - Alvaro

' art we have learned to design our own name labels in colour inspired by graphic design' - Lara


'In PE we have been shooting, dribbling and passing to each other, improving our football techniques'  - Mason


'In Science we have been experimenting on materials'  - Brandon



'This week in maths we have been rounding to the nearest ten and hundred' - Ellie


'In Art this week we have been drawing portraits of our self, using pens and pencils' - Magnus


'In Literacy this week, we have been reading Stormbreaker and writing our own adventure stories' - Ava


'This week in PE we have been focussing on football and gymnastics, developing our skills in them' - Leon


'This week for our topic, we have been learning about the properties of materials' - Vedant

'Also in topic, we have been designing bags for a company called CCB. So far Year 5 has been great!' - Rowan


'It has been an exciting week going back to school and being called 'Year 5'! ' - Abira


'I am really excited for the school trips in Year 5 to come!' - Brandon