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5 Sycamore

Outdoor Cooking at the Farm

Last Wednesday we went to the farm and made some Brazilian food. The first group, chopped and prepared bean stew. The second group made flat breads and salad. We tasted some different flowers and we visited the goats and their 7 kids.devilcheekydevil


International Week.

Our country was Brazil, we have been learning a Brazilian martial art dance called Capoeria. Many parents and carers came to see our performance and afterwards we celebrated our Eid Party.cryingmail


5 Sycamore wishes everyone a happy summer holiday!indecision

See you in Year 6! indecision



On Thursday we had a chance to meet our new teachers in Year 6 and it was fun! We have made two new classes with 2 different names. 6 Dogwood and 6 Blackthorn. Our new teachers are Mr.Law and Miss. Price. surprisedevil


We learnt the story of Theseus and the Minotaur and this inspired us to make marble mazes. There were different types including vertical and horizontal mazes and some special features were bridges, ramps, tubes, flaps, holes, levels and obstacles. You could also use more than 1 marble.angryindecisionheart


We also made Greek vases using black and orange sugar paper and card linked to the story of Hercules.crying


This week we received our school reports and read them with our parents.enlightened







In Maths we have been interpreting line graphs and answering questions. We have been learning about cryptarithms which are addition puzzles. It is a bit like algebra because each letter represents a number.cryingdevil


In Literacy we have been writing alternative endings for our Hercules story.indecision


In Topic we used the Netbooks to locate places in North America on a map. Some of us used atlases. Some of us used Google Maps!angry


We also have been rehearsing our 1 minute speeches about the Olympics ready for our class competition next week.laugh



On Thursday, most of the school went to the hall to watch England play Wales for Euro 2016. The final score was 2-1 to England. Everybody in the hall was cheering and getting excited during the game. frownindecision


In Literacy we acted out the story of Hercules. We also drew a story map to help us learn the story and then we wrote it in our Literacy books. devilheartsurprise


In Numeracy we have been solving word problems using division. We have also been dividing and multiplying by 100 or 1000. devilangry


In Topic we drew mind maps to show what is great about living in


In Science we have been learning how humans grow and develop.laugh






River Picture

In Topic we have been drawing our own river Avon that the whole class took part in. We drew features and objects that we thought we would find on and in the river.angrydevil


We have been writing an explanation text about an Orb Spider.indecision 



We have been working hard to solve word problems involving measure and using all 4 operations.laugh





Wild Life Photographer Iain Green


On Monday we visited the school garden and Victoria Park with Iain Green. He gave us a camera and we explored our local surroundings and nature. We took photos of flowers, bees, spiders, woodlice, flies, wasps, ants, seeds, leaves, snails, worms, centipede, trees, logs, dandelions, bark, blossom, ladybirds, butterflies, wood, shadows, birds, pine cones, buttercups, twigs, grass, acorns, daisies, caterpillars and spider webs. 


Next Iain is going to edit the photos and send the images to Miss Stone and Mr smileyGermain. 





In Numeracy we have been adding and subtracting fractions. We have been converting improper fractions to mixed numbers. devillaugh


In PE we played rounders and capture the flag. In rounders the second team to bat


In Art we are finishing off our collages inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. Also we created flowers, animals and patterns.indecisioncheeky


We have been busy all week rehearsing our Spring Show song and dance. It has been really hard work.surprise


In Literacy we have been writing explanation texts about life cycles of different plants and




My favourite lesson this week was Numeracy because we were calculating equivalent fractions. heart


Today in Art we were creating our collages from our designs in our sketch books. devil


In Science we have been working with a partner or a group to research and present information about different life cycles. indecision


During Literacy we wrote stories about animals and broken promises. laugh


In PE we played cricket/rounders with Coach Alex and Miss Ali! We hope Coach Alex's leg gets better soon. cheeky


We have been rehearsing our Spring Show song and so far it is going well. Our song is ....devil





On Tuesday we visited Bristol Zoo and saw many different animals. We attended a workshop with a girl called Rachel and it was called Smarty Plants! In the workshop we learnt about how plants can help the environment and how animals need them. We also got to hold and feel a Madagascan Hissing Cockroach, stick insect and a rat! We watched an Amazing Animal Show at the end of our trip we saw a lemur, an armadillo and a racoon all out performing on the stage. laughlaughangrydevilfrown


On Wednesday we went out to the park and there were 3 activities, cricket, obstacle course and football. We played our games with 5 Poplar.indecisionyes


This week we have decided on our song for the Spring Show. It is a great song but we do not want to spoil it for you!! We will tell you on the special day. devil


In Science we have been learning about different life cycles like a plant, butterfly and frog. heart



This week the teams who have been chosen to perform in the Poetry Slam have been rehearsing very hard. Tomorrow we will be going to the Poetry Slam and be competing against other schools. The team are The Merciful Percies, Chubby Cheeks 4, The Switchers and The Pencil Case. We wish them all the best and hope we can retain our title.devilfrownsurprise


Yesterday we were innovating the story of the Tadpole's Promise' and choosing our own


In PE we visited Victoria Park and played football, cricket, foam javelin and bean bag throw.laugh


In Numeracy we have been learning about time and the digital clocks.kiss



This week a poet called Sara-Jane visited Yr5 to help us write poems for our Poetry Slam! We organised ourselves into groups of four and we performed them to the whole of Yr5 and the teachers and Sara-Jane judged the poems out of 100.

Only 4 teams go through to the final which is next Friday at St. George's (Lauren, Samiya and Chloe). devilfrownindecision


Also an artist called Pete came into our school to help us design an archway for our Bike Shed. The design will be made out of metal and will be attractive. (Robert) Mzamil, Leo and Chloe looked at all the designs to try and choose a winner!! (Gracie)angrycool


In Literacy we have been learning a story called the 'Tadpole's Promise', and today we organised it into a boxing up plan. (Azhar) On Monday we will writing up our own version of the story. (Yasmin)laughcheeky


On Wednesday we visited Victoria Park to play rounders and we enjoyed it so much we will do it again soon. (Cameron)surprise





Windmill Hill City Farm


Last week, we visited the farm to feed the animals and groom the goats. We also did some digging and planted peas, beans and onions. We chopped up vegetables like carrots, parsnips, celery, red pepper, cabbage leaves, cucumber and lettuce. We also tasted some flowers and leaves. It was a fantastic trip!! frowncheekyheart


Windmill Hill City Farm

Windmill Hill City Farm 1
Windmill Hill City Farm 2
Windmill Hill City Farm 3
Windmill Hill City Farm 4
Windmill Hill City Farm 5
Windmill Hill City Farm 6
Windmill Hill City Farm 7
Windmill Hill City Farm 8
Windmill Hill City Farm 9
Windmill Hill City Farm 10
Windmill Hill City Farm 11
Windmill Hill City Farm 12
Windmill Hill City Farm 13
Windmill Hill City Farm 14
Windmill Hill City Farm 15
Windmill Hill City Farm 16
Windmill Hill City Farm 17
Windmill Hill City Farm 18


In Maths we have been learning how to reflect shapes in a line of symmetry that could be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. (Azhar and Ameena)laughbroken heart


My favourite lesson this week was DT because we were making and designing fairground rides and Year 3 visited our classroom to see if they liked or disliked our fairground rides and we really enjoyed it. (Colby)devil


Yesterday we went to Windmill Hill Community Centre and watched a play called 'Into the West' and it was amazing. (Gracie-Jayne)indecision


On the Friday 18th March we had Sports Relief and we completed 6 laps around the playground because that is a mile and we raised money for charity. (Verast)cool






World Book Day


Yesterday was world Book Day and we all dressed up as our favourite book characters. Sean Taylor who is an author came to visit us and show us some of his books and poems. He also read some of his favourite poems. We wrote poems about people who are special to us. We had a really fun day!! (Ameena, Azhar, Verast and Rosa) frownlaughcoolindecisiondevil

World Book Day

World Book Day 1
World Book Day 2
World Book Day 3
World Book Day 4
World Book Day 5
World Book Day 6
World Book Day 7
World Book Day 8
World Book Day 9
World Book Day 10
World Book Day 11
World Book Day 12
World Book Day 13
World Book Day 14
World Book Day 15
World Book Day 16
World Book Day 17
World Book Day 18
World Book Day 19
World Book Day 20
World Book Day 21
World Book Day 22
World Book Day 23



In Maths we have been learning about 3D shapes and vocabulary like edges, vertices and faces. (Azhar)laugh


In Literacy we have been sketching and creating pictures inspired the poem the 'Highwayman'. (Paris)indecision


In PE we played a game called jailbreak in rugby. You need 2 teams a pitch split in half diagonally. 1 team on one side and 1 team on side. You start the game with 2 safe zones and 2 jails. The aim of the game is to get all of your players/team in the safe zone. It is an invasion game and is good fun! (Brandon , Billy and Colby)smileycooldevil


This week we had our individual photo taken of us and our siblings. (Billy)devil


This week in RE we have been creating Islamic patterns. (Yasmin)frown


In Drama we have been acting out the Highwayman poem. Today we are going to perform it. (Ruby)crying







Today was my favourite lesson because we had PE and we started football with Coach Alex. (Jermaine) smileyenlightened


In Maths we have been learning our x9 times table and played a game of snap. (Azhar) laugh


On Wednesday we wrote a set of instructions about our Shaky Hand Testers! (Ned) cool


In Art we have been learning about a new artist called Sonia Delaunay. She has been using shapes to make abstract patterns. (Verast)broken heart


In PE we have been developing our passing skills in football. (Jabez)devil







On Monday it was Maths Day and Yr5 and 6 had a Star Wars and Japan Theme. We tried out Sudoku with Star Wars characters representing the numbers. (Chloe,Billy and Stacey). 


Curriculum Afternoon

On Tuesday it was curriculum afternoon and we connecting our Shaky hand Testers and showing them to our parents. After our parents gave us feedback and Miss Stone read the comments to us from parents and they were positive and lovely to hear. We liked how our parents gave us help with our Shaky hand Testers, it was really fun. (Rosa, Samiya and Cam)


On Thursday we will be visiting Weston Grand Pier we will be able to have 2 hours of unlimited rides! (Lauren)


In Literacy we are writing a set of instructions about how to make a Paper Fortune Teller. Please see anyone in 5 Sycamore if you want to know how to make one. (Colby)


In Numeracy we have been learning about negative numbers and we had problems to solve.(Gracie-Jayne)


devilindecisionlaughfrownsurprisebroken heartheartcheekymail









My favourite lesson was Science because we were making our Shaky Hand Testers. Billy really enjoyed painting the boxes for the Shaky hand testers.(Lauren and Billy)


My favourite lesson was Art because we began to stitch our letters in 3D. (Ameena)


The best lesson for me was PE because we got to play 'kick it cricket' with Coach Alex. 1 group runs in sprints, 1 group kicks the ball and the other group are fielders and need to catch the ball. Each group got to play each position. (Colby)


My favourite lesson was Literacy because we got to use imperative verbs in a sentence. (Samiya)


My favourite lesson was PSHE because listening to the chime. (Cameron)


My favourite lesson was Rugby because we got to play lots of fun games and work as a team. Gracie-Jayne enjoyed learning new passes and new games. (Robert)


My favourite lesson was UKULELE because we were learning the difference between chords and notes. (Stacey)














My favourite lesson was Science because we were making circuits and presented our ideas to the class. (Colby)


My favourite lesson was Literacy as I am busy writing my very own Wishing Tale. (Chloe and Ruby)


My favourite lesson was Numeracy because we were subtracting and adding numbers and we had to try hard to figure out the method and the answers. I also enjoyed our Maths investigation because Leon and Megan from 5 Poplar came to help us figure it out. (Verast)


My favourite lesson was PSHE because we discussed what jobs we wanted to do when we are older. (Leo)


My favourite lesson was PE because we got to play Crab football with Coach Alex and we had 4 benches and 7 people behind each bench. The aim of the game was to kick the ball onto the other person bench to score a point but we had to be in the crab position. (Dylan)


My favourite lesson was also PE because I like passing the rugby ball to another player and scoring tries! (Cameron)


My favourite lesson was Ukuleles because we tried out playing notes rather than chords and it was easy and fun. (Ameena)


My favourite lesson was Art with Mrs H because we were preparing to start sewing our letters next week!! (Stacey)











This week we have been using the bus stop method to solve division word problems. 



We have been making electrical circuits and investigating which materials are conductors or insulators. We made connections with paper clips to complete our circuits and make the bulbs light up. We also enjoyed a Science assembly by Fizz Pop!! 



We have been creating our own wishing stories based upon Madame Zimara. 


devilnobroken heartfrowncheekyangel




Bristol Rugby

Bristol Rugby 1

Bristol Rugby

Bristol Rugby  1
Bristol Rugby  2


Hello and happy New Year!!!


This week we started by meeting Brad and Jordan from Bristol Rugby. They are going to teach us Tag-Rugby. The first game we played was square ball. You will need 4 benches and a team on each bench. Brad and Jordan called out numbers 1-8 and we had to sprint into the square and hit the other teams bench with the ball.


In Maths we have been learning how to use the bus stop method to divide large numbers with remainders.'Thinking Tom' asked us a complicated question which we had to prove True or False. 


In Science we have building electrical circuits using light bulbs, motors propellers and buzzers. 


In Literacy we have been learning a new story called 'Madam Zimara'. It is a wishing tale. We have been using actions and drama to retell the story. 

smileybroken heartlaughindecisionsurprisefrowndevil



WOW!!! Another action packed week at SMR. This week we have visited the Bristol Old Vic to watch 'Sleeping Beauty' which was amazing. Sang beautifully at St. Mary Redcliffe Church with Reverend Kat, danced and played musical statues and bumps at our class party and received presents from Father Christmas. What a lovely way to end a 'Christmassy' week.


On behalf of all the children in 5 Sycamore Happy Christmas!

Looking forward to seeing you in the New Year!


5 Sycamore

M Shed Trip

On Wednesday we visited the M Shed and participated in a workshop called 'Port of Bristol'. We met a lady called Jo and she gave us a tour of the workshop. We played a game called 'Guess the mystery object' and it was really,really fun.


After that Jo came around and told us what the object was. Some of the artefacts were a rope making top. We went outside to look for evidence that Bristol was a working harbour and what it was used for today.


Towards the end of the day we had an opportunity to look around the M Shed and explore. We had a great day and may return with our friends and families.


We are looking forward to performing our Christmas play 'Mr. Humbug sees the light' to the school on Monday. laughdevilindecisionsurprisefrownangrybroken heart 

M Shed

M Shed 1
M Shed 2
M Shed 3
M Shed 4
M Shed 5
M Shed 6

M Shed Trip 9.12.15




If you visited our classroom on Friday you would have seen us investigating square and cubed numbers using multilink. Earlier in the week on Wednesday we were discovering what  prime numbers are showing them on a 100 square.


In Literacy we have been learning about adverbs and verbs and writing sentences and stories.


Of course we have been learning the Christmas play and Christmas songs.


In Art with Mrs H we have completed finger painting and put them in our Art books.


See you next week!yesdevilfrownlaughangry





In 5 Sycamore Chloe was chosen to go and help choose the school Christmas tree. We visited Frenchay Christmas tree farm with Mr.Parkes, Mrs.Barraclough and Mrs. Leonard. We had to measure the height of the tree to check it would fit in the school hall! It was wrapped in a net and transported to school in a van. Today we are hoping to decorate the tree. 



Today we have been making triangles and sketching them to solve problems and spot patterns. 



This week we have been re-writing the ending of Moby Dick. 


Christmas Play

On Thursday Year 5 and 6 had a rehearsal in the hall for the first time. It went really well especially Dylan Gray because he managed to not use his script. Everyone did fantastic.



In Science we investigated which ball would make the biggest crater. We were exploring the force of gravity.



Bollywood Dancing

Bollywood Dancing 1
Bollywood Dancing 2
Bollywood Dancing 3


Bollywood Dancing


On Thursday morning we created a Bollywood dance with Archna. We worked in 4 different groups. We began with a warm up using some basic Bollywood moves. She taught us how to move to the music and we rehearsed a few times before we showed an end performance. We cooled our bodies down by stretching and made our minds calm by meditating. Archna told us to put our feet together and close our eyes. We had to breathe in through our noses and out slowly through our mouths many times. We had a compitetion to see who was the best group and Miss Stone found it really difficult to decide so we were all winners!! It was really fun and we really enjoyed it!!


Pirate Experience with Dylan's Dad

Pirate Experience with Dylan's Dad 1
Pirate Experience with Dylan's Dad 2
Pirate Experience with Dylan's Dad 3
Pirate Experience with Dylan's Dad 4
Pirate Experience with Dylan's Dad 5
Pirate Experience with Dylan's Dad 6
Pirate Experience with Dylan's Dad 7
Pirate Experience with Dylan's Dad 8
Pirate Experience with Dylan's Dad 9
Pirate Experience with Dylan's Dad 10
Pirate Experience with Dylan's Dad 11
Pirate Experience with Dylan's Dad 12
Pirate Experience with Dylan's Dad 13
Pirate Experience with Dylan's Dad 14
Pirate Experience with Dylan's Dad 15
Pirate Experience with Dylan's Dad 16
Pirate Experience with Dylan's Dad 17


Today Dylan's dad, Julien, visited us today to talk to us about Pirates and Explorers. He showed us many different artefacts, one of them was a sharks jaw, a whales tooth, handcuffs, a musket, smoking pipes, a coffee grinder, a cannonball, an ostrich's egg, a piece of coral, a telescope and pieces of pottery. At the end of the lesson we had a chance to explore the exhibits and ask Julien questions.


Children In Need


For Children in need and we dressed up as our heroes. We also had a special assembly.


Our Learning this week



We have been drawing the story map of Moby Dick. (Ameena).

We have been trying to improve our writing with similies, metaphors and personification. (Chloe)


Also we have written defeating the monster stories and making a comic strip adding pictures, images and speech bubbles. (Dylan)



We have been multiplying larger numbers and learning the 7 times table. (Yasmin).

We have been learning about co-ordinates too! (Stacey)



As part of our topic 'Maritime Bristol' we have created a time line to show how the area has changed. (Lauren)



Hockey is a new sport for 5 Sycamore. We used our shooting, passing and dribbling. (Gracie Jayne)








Materials Challenge

5 Sycamore received a letter from Ikea and we had to make a coffee table using recyclable materials like newspaper and masking tape. We were not allowed to use any tools just our thinking skills and imaginations. Lots of parents came to try and help. Later today we are going to test our coffee tables with 5 Poplar to see who will win. 



Material Challenge

Material Challenge 1
Material Challenge 2
Material Challenge 3
14.10.15  Curriculum Afternoon
5 Sycamore have gone 'Bonkers for Conkers'

Friday 9th October 2015


This week we have been playing a game called 'Conkers'. The way you play is you have to hit an opponents conker and break and smash it to win!! When we were playing Conkers you have to aim and shoot and try and hit the other person conker. We chose our different partners and had fun. If you have 2 point you are a 'twoer' and if you have 4 points you are a 'fourer'. If you beat an opponent you take all of their points and add them to your score. 


Finally a big thank you to Mr. Hewitt for giving every child in the school a conker and we are all BONKERS FOR CONKERS!!!!!!!!!!

Bonkers for Conkers

Bonkers for Conkers 1
Bonkers for Conkers 2
Bonkers for Conkers 3
Bonkers for Conkers 4
Bonkers for Conkers 5
Bonkers for Conkers 6
Bonkers for Conkers 7
Bonkers for Conkers 8
Bonkers for Conkers 9
Bonkers for Conkers 10
Bonkers for Conkers 11
Bonkers for Conkers 12


@Bristol 1
@Bristol 2
@Bristol 3
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4


Trip to @Bristol!!


During our trip we visited 'In The Zone' which is a Sports programme. It measures your heart beat, how fast you can sprint, how fast you can ride a bike, your reaction times and how high you can jump, it was fun!! You had to compete with a partner too.


Some of us went inside the womb and experienced what it would like to be a baby.


We also visited the tasting machine. We tasted things that were sour, bitter, salty and sweet.


We made flour by grinding corn in grinder. You had to turn the handle and it was hard work. We were able to take our flour home.


We turned a water wheel by climbing inside and running around in a circle. This kept us fit!


Eddie led a workshop called 'changing materials' in which we carried out some experiments. We place a Vitamin C tablet in some water and shook it up in a container. The gases built and it exploded. Eddie told us to stand back for safety.


It was a fantastic trip and we were exhausted when we returned to school.


Trip to @Bristol

Trip to @Bristol 1
Trip to @Bristol 2
Trip to @Bristol 3
Trip to @Bristol 4
Trip to @Bristol 5
Trip to @Bristol 6
Trip to @Bristol 7



This week we have been looking at sculptures made out of rubbish and recyclable materials. We designed our own sculpture.



We have been investigating number problems applying our addition and subtraction skills.



We invented an assault course for Alex rider to complete. We included a detailed set of instructions for him to follow.





We have been writing poems using similies, metaphors and personification. We used images of a storm and a scrapyard to inspire our poems.


In PE Bristol Rugby came to coach us. Carl and Brad taught us a new game called 'bombardment'. We had 2 teams and we had to sit on the gym mats and throw and bounce the ball to try and get the ball past the other team.


This week we have been testing how things dissolve in water. We tried to dissolve sand, flour, salt and bi carbonate of soda and predicted what we thought might happen. We gave it a few minutes to see the results. We also had a bowl of sand, paperclips and pasta and we had to separate the ingredients as a team.


This afternoon we will be learning how to play a new instrument and learning what the instrument sounds like.



Friday 11th September


Hello and welcome to 5 Sycamore. 


This week we have been rounding numbers to the nearest 10,100 or 1000 in our Numeracy lessons. In Literacy we have been writing a diary from the perspective of Alex Rider. In Science we have been investigating different types of materials and which would be suitable to make a sustainable bag. With Mrs. H we have been drawing portraits of ourselves. In PE with Coach Alex we have been learning gymnastics and how to perform a bridge.


We will be back next week!!