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Welcome to 5JY!


Thank you for coming to look at our AWESOME class! Learning is how we rock and we love learning from lovely teacher, Miss Yeap!

So far this year we have enjoyed finding out about Mysterious Materials and The Tudors. We have been on educational visits to @bristol, the Acta Centre for drama and had a Tudor Day where we got to dress up as a Tudor! In addition to this, a Tudor lady came to visit us to tell us about life during Tudor times and we got to create our own weaving and hold real artefacts! We have even designed and built our own model Tudor Houses. Check out our photographs!

Our next topic was Fairgrounds! We had a trip to the London Eye, which not only relates to this topic but also the class book called "The London Eye Mystery". Furthermore, we built 3D fairground rides out of KNex; a rollercoaster, ferris wheel, octopus ride and a swing ride and designed our own!

Last term, our topic was called Our Place, where we will be finding out more about our local environment and studying the life cycles of plants and animals.

This term our final topc in Year 5 is called European Rivers. So far, we have been on two educational visits to our local river that is called The Avon New Cut. We have been on the hunt for different lists of things to find to demonstrate our observation skills and have felt very sad at some of the fly tipping that goes on in our local area, polluting our rivers. 

This week is Refugee Week and we had to tell a teacher what we already knew about the lives of refugees. 

In relation to our topic, have also been reading The Wind in the Willows as a whole class text, thinking about descriptive techniques and learning any vocabulary that we didn't understand. In our independent writing, we have created balanced arguments to discuss whether Toad from the book deserved to be sentenced to twenty years in prison for dangerous driving and being cheeky towards a policeman! 


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