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Welcome to 6SF!


We are very excited to be able to share our last learning experiences with you during our final few weeks at Primary School!!

We apologise for not updating our blog last week as we have been extremely busy rehearsing for our year 6 production. We have been making props, and practising songs for our play and leaver's assembly. 

During the week we recorded our memories of SMRP ready to read out at today's church service and our leaver's assembly. At the end of the year there will be lots of teachers leaving and to say goodbye some children made brilliant cards for them wishing them Good Luck. Each child also wrote a memory of each of their classmates and everyone will have a book with their messages in. We picked names out the pot for who would design the covers of our cards and there are some wonderful designs!

We were also picking names for our end-of-year-6 Secret Santa. The maximum to spend is £3 and the minimum £2. Everyone is looking forward 
to it but nobody can tell anyone who they have or they will not be able to recieve their gifts!

We have a lot morwe events to look forward to. Our Year 6 leaver's picnic in the park the disco  the leaver's assembly, and our party! We have already performed our play to the school and parents and it went brilliantly! Our Year 5 teacher Mr Town came to see it, along with Otis who helped us with our dance, which was great and everyone did great acting.

Last week on Friday we went on a train to Weston super-mare (using the money from our mini enterprise project!) where we sunbathed, played with frisbees, dug holes, buried each other and ate a lot of sweets candyfloss and chips!!! We also had a ride on the Weston Eye which was as not scary as it looked and a ride on a traditional carousel!


It's been a very hot and tiring week but we are still having loads of fun in the time leading up to our last day! This will be our last blog, as our last day is on Wednesday when we can all sign each other's t-shirts. We have all loved our time and have many happy memories of St Mary Redcliffe and we are sad to say goodbye. 

Picture 1 Whilst others amazed us all.
Picture 2 Some didn't
Picture 3 Some just dropped to the floor.
Picture 4 But we tried again and they worked.
Picture 5 Some were big but hard to fly.
Picture 6 Once our designs were ready it was time to test.
Picture 7 We loved the challenge.
Picture 8 This challenge tested us all.
Picture 9 The egg was not allowed to break.
Picture 10 Our paracutes had to land with an egg.
Picture 11 Then we created a paracute.
Picture 12 We made a prediction based on our designs.
Picture 13 There were many materials to choose from.
Picture 14 First of all we choose our materials.
Picture 15 Science Day
Picture 16 we even worked out the perimeters of our bodies.
Picture 17 Some of us designed a range of shapes.
Picture 18 Here we are working out perimeters.
Picture 19 We choose the shapes we want to work on.
Picture 20 We were great at looking at different shapes.
Picture 21 We were great at it.
Picture 22 Everyone got stuck in.
Picture 23 Everyone in the group thought hard.
Picture 24
Picture 25 It is not as easy as we thought.
Picture 26 This is us holding a debate.
Picture 27
Picture 28
Picture 29
Picture 30 Science research.
Picture 31 We work great in groups of our own choice.
Picture 32 Just a moment to think.
Picture 33 Every group is hard at work.
Picture 34 Learning is in the air.
Picture 35
Picture 36 Everyone is putting in 100%.
Picture 37 We worked extremely hard.
Picture 38 We love working near the new school mural.
Picture 39 None of us wanted to go to the benches.
Picture 40 We choose to lay on the ground and work.
Picture 41 We went outside for a little sunshine.
Picture 42 Sometimes we needed to reinforce weak joins.
Picture 43 Time to test our prediction.
Picture 44 Some of us were a little worried.
Picture 45 We recorded data through diagrams and writing.
Picture 46 We are recording our results as we go along.
Picture 47 Some of us made a number of different stuctures.
Picture 48 We loved this experiment.
Picture 1 Hands on deck as we all work together.
Picture 2 New term, we are making a scale drawing of a city.
Picture 3 Enjoying the day.
Picture 4 Parents came to visit us.
Picture 5 All products are ready for sale.
Picture 6 How amazing is our product.
Picture 7 Amazing friendships.
Picture 8 Just about ready to open.
Picture 9 Another shop ready to go.
Picture 10 This shop is getting ready to open.
Picture 11 Full selling mode.
Picture 12 Cake decorating with a smile.
Picture 13 We are amazing cooks.
Picture 14 No time to spare.
Picture 15 Junior master chef in the making.
Picture 16 Mr Ironside looking at his wedding gifts.
Picture 17 Being a business women means I am very busy
Picture 18 Parents were very busy shopping.
Picture 19 We love parents visits.
Picture 20 Our products are great.
Picture 21 You can buy anything at the right price.
Picture 22 Business is good.
Picture 23 Waiting for customers.
Picture 24 We are ready.
Picture 25 Finiahing touches.
Picture 26 Final check before we open
Picture 27 Getting ready
Picture 28 Come and see what on sale.
Picture 29 Open for business.
Picture 30 Practising selling tips.
Picture 31 Hard at work. This is tricky.
Picture 32 All hands on deck.
Picture 33 Advertising takes time too.
Picture 34 Everyone took part.
Picture 35 Our creations are amazing.
Picture 36 Hard at work
Picture 37 Our well done cake.
Picture 38 We love having our business meetings.
Picture 39 A business meeting in full swing.
Picture 40 Just about to hold a business meeting.
Picture 41 The production line takes time.
Picture 42 We have many skills.
Picture 43 Busy sorting some important business.
Picture 44 Getting things ready to sell is a hard job.
Picture 45 Loving learning.
Picture 46 We love working together.
Picture 47 Practising our spring dance.
Picture 48 Looking at the products we bought.
Picture 1 Working together.
Picture 2 We had a lot to consider when our products arrived
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5 We are refreshing our knowledge.
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11 Manger 4 holding a meeting.
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15 Many hands make light work.
Picture 16
Picture 17 We quickly got to work.
Picture 18 We all pulled together.
Picture 19 In DT we made our companies prototype.
Picture 20 Thinking about the task at hand.
Picture 21 Creative Art's afternoon in year 6.
Picture 22 We like role play lessons.
Picture 23 They took alot of thoght.
Picture 24 This is us in character.
Picture 25 This is us trying a new game on the wall.
Picture 26 We liked the game but found it a little tricky.
Picture 27 We are good at all types of races.
Picture 28 Our dripping skills are espically brillant.
Picture 29 We couldn't wait to try out the new climbing wall.
Picture 30 Athletics - A race to the finish line.
Picture 31 And there off......
Picture 32 Racing for the top spot.
Picture 33 Demonstrating how use the wall to Sunshine class.
Picture 34 Team building.
Picture 35 Company Number 3 - T.O.F.O.U
Picture 36 Company Number 2 - Made for Trade
Picture 37 Company number 1 - The Treasure Chest
Picture 38 Company number 4 - Tea & Co
Picture 39 We were happy to get to hold them.
Picture 40 They seemed as happy as us.
Picture 41 Everyone in our class got to hold them.
Picture 42 Mr Ironside's brought his chick's into our class.
Picture 43 And he's off...
Picture 44 Ready and waiting for sports day.
Picture 45 We waited happily for the other classes to arrive.
Picture 1 Every working hour counts.
Picture 2 This manger was not taking any messing.
Picture 3 The Bus Stop Method
Picture 4 Practising division methods.
Picture 5 Your mine.
Picture 6 Super Mario attended school
Picture 7 Can you guess what book character I am?
Picture 8 I turned into a beautiful butterfly.
Picture 9 World book day
Picture 10 Edison art afternoon.
Picture 11 Creating pastel pictures.
Picture 12 Making Illuminating arts pictures.
Picture 13 Making Magazines.
Picture 14 Attendance Ted made it to our class.
Picture 15 Attendance Ted came to join in with our learning.
Picture 16 Zipwire.
Picture 17 We all enjoyed the ride.
Picture 18
Picture 19 Some of us loved it.
Picture 20 Balance Beam.
Picture 21 Team talk and words of encourgement.
Picture 22 Here goes nothing.
Picture 23 This is the 3G swing.
Picture 24
Picture 25
Picture 26 We shared ideas on how to complete the challenge.
Picture 27 Team Building.
Picture 28 We were in it together.
Picture 29
Picture 30 Playing whilst waiting for our turn.
Picture 31 We were a quality audience.
Picture 32 Here we are making music.
Picture 33 Circus Skills.
Picture 34 After a few tried I mastered it.
Picture 35 We encouraged each other.
Picture 36 I was great at this.
Picture 37 I even showed the teachers how to do it.
Picture 38 We were great at this.
Picture 39 I managed it after a few tries.
Picture 40 Nightline.
Picture 41 Some were not so sure.
Picture 42 We screamed and laughed.
Picture 43 Where are you taking me?
Picture 44 We practised our hairdressing skills.
Picture 45 Parachute Games.
Picture 46 We had to score through our legs using our hands.
Picture 47 Ball games.
Picture 48 Down time.
Picture 1 Cat and Mouse.
Picture 2 Team tactics huddle.
Picture 3 Murder Mystery Characters.
Picture 4 Aeroball.
Picture 5 We played against each other.
Picture 6 Think.
Picture 7 How are we going to do this.
Picture 8 Working together.
Picture 9 Problem Solving.
Picture 10 The climbing wall
Picture 11 Abseiling.
Picture 12 We loved it
Picture 13 We mastered it straight away.
Picture 14 Fencing.
Picture 15 Look at us go.
Picture 16 Were great at this.
Picture 17 Even the teachers tried.
Picture 18 Easy does it.
Picture 19 Try this.
Picture 20 Another Challenge.
Picture 21 We all took part.
Picture 22 encouragement was there when we needed it.
Picture 23 We worked together.
Picture 24 We discussed our next challenge.
Picture 25 Team work.
Picture 26 We sat together and enjoyed each others company.
Picture 27 We watched from different heights.
Picture 28 We played.
Picture 29 We supported each other.
Picture 30 We had to work as a team.
Picture 31 We got stuck in.
Picture 32 Waiting for an activity.
Picture 33 Going through the nightline.
Picture 34 We crossed to the other side.
Picture 35 The Balance beam was high.
Picture 36 I made it to the top.
Picture 37 Just reach.
Picture 38 Watch me fly.
Picture 39 Watching the break dancing.
Picture 40 We got the style.
Picture 41 We know how to party.
Picture 42 Taking a short break.
Picture 43 We love dancing.
Picture 44 The heart of the party.
Picture 45 Disco watchers.
Picture 46 Disco time.
Picture 47 More group games.
Picture 48 Group Games.
Picture 1 Balance beam.
Picture 2 We can do it.
Picture 3 Loving every part of camp.
Picture 4 We built this from scratch.
Picture 5 Enjoying the journey.
Picture 6 All hands were needed.
Picture 7 Den building.
Picture 8 Laser quest.
Picture 9 Watch out were about.
Picture 10 Check me out.
Picture 11 We did it.
Picture 12 Heating dough balls on the camp fire.
Picture 13 It's warm by the fire.
Picture 14 Den Building
Picture 15 The Ferry.
Picture 16 Walking to the dorms
Picture 17 The start of the snow
Picture 18 On our way to the dorms the snow greeted us
Picture 19
Picture 20 Our Journey with Cousin Ned
Picture 21 The Journey to Camp
Picture 22 The fun begins.
Picture 23
Picture 24
Picture 25