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9th January 2015

9 January 2015


Dear Parents / Carers


Happy New Year!  Welcome back to the new term and a great week of learning.


Learning this week Nursery children have been learning about cold places and in particular that penguins don’t only live in the Antarctic but also in fridges!  Reception children have been learning about what dinosaurs ate and how they lived.  Year 1 children have been reading the story about ‘Anansi the Spider’ and have also been counting in 10’s.  Year 2 children had an exciting trip yesterday to Haynes Motor Museum to introduce their new topic this term of ‘Mrs Armitage’s Vehicle’.  Children in year 3 have been learning about all the different types of rock that make up the Earth’s crust.  Chocolate is the topic for year 4 this term and the children have been reading about ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’.  Year 5 children have been learning about ‘Funfairs’ and have been debating whether there should be one in Victoria Park!  In year 6 the children have been writing letters to their future selves.  They have also been learning how to dribble in hockey.


Super Learner Certificates have been awarded to:-


Reception Elm – Joe           Reception Lime – Isabella             1 Juniper – Dilan

1 Willow – Taiyo                   2 Apple – Ayman                             2 Cherry – Jama

3 Hazel – Daniel                  3 Larch – Azarel and Jake             4 Poplar – Ellie

4 Sycamore – Azhar            5 Ash – Logan                                  5 Hawthorn – Bethany

6 Silver Birch – Bella           6 White Beam – Zayn        


Value Champion Certificates have been awarded to:-


Reception Elm – Abdi         Reception Lime – Ridwan             1 Juniper – Badriya

1 Willow – Harvey                2 Apple – Lola                                  2 Cherry – The whole class

3 Hazel – McKenzie                        3 Larch – Daniel                              4 Poplar – Solomon

4 Sycamore – Enzo             5 Ash – Billy                                      5 Hawthorn – Lily-May

6 Silver Birch – Nicole        6 White Beam – Saffron


Attendance:  Look out for the latest attendance figures on our website:-  Please note that our website now has a ‘translator’ button on the ‘Home’ page which allows text to be translated from English.







Applying for a place at a primary school: If you have a child who was born between

1st September 2010 and 31st August 2011 you must apply for a reception place before

15th January 2015.  Bristol City Council prefers that you apply online at  Please remember that even if your child attends our Nursery you must still complete an application.  Our Family Link Worker, Mr Williams will be happy to help you.


ESOL Classes:  Do you want to improve your English? Do you want to improve your grammar and increase your vocabulary?  We will be running free ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) conversation classes for parents in school this term.  Classes start 4th February 1 pm - 3pm in the School House.  There will be a free creche available for pre-school children. If you are interested please sign up at the school office.


Single Parent/Co-Parenting Group: Every Monday, 9.15–10.15 am.  This will start again on Monday 12th January 2015.  This group has been set up to run every Monday in the School House (next to the KS1 playground).  Please come along for a chat – tea and coffee provided! 


Lost Property We have a great deal of lost property which will be disposed of next Friday,

16 January.  If you have lost something please come or send your child to Mr Williams’ office to look for it.


Medicines If you wish us to administer prescribed medicines to your child, an adult should bring the medicine to the school office where a pink permission form will need to be filled out.  If the medicine needs to go home at the end of the day an adult should collect it from the school office. We cannot give medicines to the children to take home.


PTFA News:  Happy New Year everyone!  We will be announcing meeting dates in next week’s newsletter.  Meadow Flower Bank – We need to clear the dead leaves off the Meadow Flower Slope at the front of the school so that we can re-seed it.  If anyone would like to help with this please come to the front of the school on Fri 16 Jan and Fri 23 Jan at any time between 1.30pm and 3.20pm.   Please bring gardening gloves and a rake if you have them.  Thank you.


Admission Arrangements Consultation for Bristol Cathedral School If you wish to comment on the proposed draft arrangements (which can be found on for the academic year 2016/17 please send an email to


Absence The government decided holidays are not permitted during term time and you are liable to receive a Penalty Notice.  Please remember that if you intend to take your child out of school for any reason in term time you must complete a form from the school office. If your child is absent from school for any other reason please phone the office (0117 3534760) by 8.45am.


Dates for your Diary:

Thurs 15 Jan                        Deadline for Reception Sep 2015 Admissions to Bristol City Council

Thurs 5 Feb              6.30 – 7.30pm Parents Evening - Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Fri 13 Feb                  End of Term 3

Mon 23 Feb               Start of Term 4


We will see your children before 8.55am on Monday 12 January 2015.  Gates open at 8.45am.


Emma Payne, Headteacher

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