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September Attendance Newsletter

Attendance Update - September 2018


Hello and welcome back to another exciting year at St Mary Redcliffe Primary School. Last year, we made progress in attendance as we achieved 95.5% compared to the previous year of 94.9%. This year we want to continue our progress and reach our aspirational but achievable target of 97%. We can easily achieve this if the children to school every day and on time.


The school gates open at 8:45am for the children to come into class and start their early morning work. This provides the children an excellent opportunity to settle in to the routine of the day. The school gates close and class register is taken at 9am. Any child entering school after 9am will be classed as late. This will have an impact on attendance. 


Family holidays should be taken during school holidays. To make a request of absence a holiday form needs to be completed with the reason and evidence to support. The Headteacher has the right to refuse permission.


Your children are in school for 190 days out of 365 each year. This leaves 175 days during which time you can spend time with family, arrange medical appointments including opticians, dentist, go shopping or complete household jobs.




The impact of children arriving in school on time

The impact of children arriving in school on time 1

School attendance: Is your child missing out?



In a week means missing …….


Over a year means missing ……….


Over the seven years of primary school means missing………


100% attendance

No days

No weeks

No learning at all!


90% attendance

½ a day

Almost 4 weeks

Over 4 terms


80% attendance

1 day

Over 7 weeks

1 school year and 2 terms


70% attendance

1 ½ days

11 weeks

More than 2 years


60% attendance

2 days

Over 15 weeks

2 years and 4 terms


50% attendance

2 ½ days

Almost 20 weeks

3 ½ years


Gates open at 8.45am. School starts at 9am though teachers are in class from 8.45am and there are learning activities from then.


Attendance Policy