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Term 5 Update


Hello and welcome back everybody! 


Overall, our school attendance is 96.3%. This means we are above good but we are some way away from our target of 97%. Today I was able to give out certificates to all the children that have had at least 98% attendance during terms 3 and 4. It took me a very long time to get to all the classes because there were so many children! 


Please remember that being late to school impacts attendance. The mornings are crucial to allow the children to come into class and settle in their routines. If your child is ill then please contact the school to inform us. Currently, we are still monitoring unauthorised absence carefully. If you need to take your children out of school during term time then you will need to complete an absence request form explaining your reasons. The reasons given may be unauthorised which could result in a penalty notice being submitted to the Bristol City Council.


For more information, please don't hesitate to contact the school and ask to speak to Mr Fry. 





Reviewed Attendance Policy - 15th October 2018

Term 4 Attendance Data

Term 4 Attendance Data 1

March Attendance Newsletter


Together, we are pushing towards our target of 97%. Currently, our whole school attendance is at 96.5% which much better compared to this time last year (95.6%). This is because the majority of children are coming into school on time and there have been fewer examples of persistent absence. Furthermore, we have seen a decrease in families taking holiday during term time. This has had an enormous impact. Below is a break down of the attendance for each class in term 4. Apple, Lime, Elder, Willow and Whitebeam have all made superb starts to the term. I wonder who will be the champion this term?


Attendance Superstars     

Number of children who have 100% attendance since September : 85

Year group with the most amount of 100% children: Year 6

Number of children who have 100% attendance in terms 3 and 4: 171

Year group with the most amount of 100% children in terms 3 and 4: Year 4

Number of children who have at least 97% (above good) attendance since September: 248



February Attendance Newsletter

January Attendance Newsletter

December Attendance Newsletter

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September Attendance Newsletter

The impact of children arriving in school on time

The impact of children arriving in school on time 1

School attendance: Is your child missing out?



In a week means missing …….


Over a year means missing ……….


Over the seven years of primary school means missing………


100% attendance

No days

No weeks

No learning at all!


90% attendance

½ a day

Almost 4 weeks

Over 4 terms


80% attendance

1 day

Over 7 weeks

1 school year and 2 terms


70% attendance

1 ½ days

11 weeks

More than 2 years


60% attendance

2 days

Over 15 weeks

2 years and 4 terms


50% attendance

2 ½ days

Almost 20 weeks

3 ½ years


Gates open at 8.45am. School starts at 9am though teachers are in class from 8.45am and there are learning activities from then.