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Reviewed Attendance Policy - 15th October 2018

Term 4 Attendance Update

Term 4 Attendance Update 1

February Attendance Update


Currently, I’m pleased to announce that our overall attendance is currently 96.6%. This time last year our attendance was 95%. This shows how hard we are working as a community to bring our children into school regularly. Good attendance is linked heavily to making good progress in school. It also helps the children to form new friendships and embed a regular routine into their lives.


As teachers, it is incredibly noticeable when a child has missed a lot of school due to persistent absence. Where a child has missed a lot of school due to illness, the school can ask for medical evidence for our records. We also encourage dentist and doctors appointments to be booked after school hours or during school holidays.


During term 3, 3 Juniper reined supreme as they had the highest attendance for the term. Congratulations! Below are the attendance figures for term 3.


February Attendance Newsletter

January Attendance Newsletter

December Attendance Newsletter

November Attendance Newsletter

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The impact of children arriving in school on time

The impact of children arriving in school on time 1

School attendance: Is your child missing out?



In a week means missing …….


Over a year means missing ……….


Over the seven years of primary school means missing………


100% attendance

No days

No weeks

No learning at all!


90% attendance

½ a day

Almost 4 weeks

Over 4 terms


80% attendance

1 day

Over 7 weeks

1 school year and 2 terms


70% attendance

1 ½ days

11 weeks

More than 2 years


60% attendance

2 days

Over 15 weeks

2 years and 4 terms


50% attendance

2 ½ days

Almost 20 weeks

3 ½ years


Gates open at 8.45am. School starts at 9am though teachers are in class from 8.45am and there are learning activities from then.