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Term 3 - Justice


Our Value this term is ‘Justice’. Reverend Kat came in to discuss Lent with us.

She shared this quote with us from the Bible:

Isaiah 58.6 “Is not this the fast that I choose: to lose the bonds of injustice, to undo the thongs of the yoke, to let the oppressed go free, and to break every yoke?”

We looked at the symbol of scales to represent Justice. We thought about fairness and wrote on our ‘Scales of Justice’ things that we feel are fair.

Our End of Year Celebration Service was planned by the Collective Worship Team.  We wanted all the classes to think about a different Value and what it meant to them.  

Have a look at our Service Sheet to see what we considered.  


Thank you all the staff and children for a brilliant job of creating and presenting your ideas - we had a poem, a banner, a children-composed song, a chant, a story with actions, a song and a banner!  It was really beautiful.  

End of Year Service Photos

End of Year Service Photos 1
End of Year Service Photos 2
End of Year Service Photos 3
End of Year Service Photos 4
End of Year Service Photos 5
End of Year Service Photos 6
End of Year Service Photos 7
End of Year Service Photos 8
End of Year Service Photos 9
End of Year Service Photos 10
End of Year Service Photos 11
End of Year Service Photos 12
End of Year Service Photos 13
End of Year Service Photos 14
End of Year Service Photos 15

Worship Window Display

Worship Window Display 1
Worship Window Display 2

Our Prayer Tree

Our Prayer Tree 1

Important Figures and Symbols

Important Figures and Symbols 1
Important Figures and Symbols 2
Important Figures and Symbols 3
Important Figures and Symbols 4
Important Figures and Symbols 5

Collective Worship at our School broadly follows the Anglican tradition of worship.  The school believes that in our Collective Worship Time there should be:


  1. participation, reflection, response
  2. shared sense of community
  3. opportunity to explore and find or give guidance on Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural issues and values and to explore big life questions / events
  4. opportunity to explore aspects of different faith stories / traditions
  5. opportunity to make links with the local community and the wider world
  6. worship which broadly reflects Christian beliefs - although we are a rich and diverse community which values people of all faiths and none, and gives space for everyone to explore beliefs and responses
  7. a time to sing, pray or be still
  8. a time to experience awe and wonder
  9. a time to recognise worth and worthiness
  10. a time to consider reverence of veneration paid to a Divine Being or power
  11. a time to give special attention to the status and teachings of Jesus.   


We come together to be still, think quietly, pray, praise God, contribute our thoughts and feelings and sing or celebrate and be joyful - but not all at the same time!  We consider important issues that we may have heard about in the news, we think about right choices and decisions and how they affect other people.    We learn about different celebrations in our school community life.  We reflect on our Core Values and how they influence our lives. 


Call to Worship

Peace be with you .... and also with you .... Asalam alaikum ... wa alaikum salam.


Call to Prayer

Let's get ready to pray.  This is a time for prayer, for talking to God or thinking; a time for stillness and respect.


End of Worship

Our worship in this place has ended .... our service in the world has begun. 


We visit St Mary Redcliffe Church for our Christmas Carol Service and Reverend Kat visits us for other special school services.  


Have a look at the School Teams page and find out what our dynamic Collective Worship Team thinks about and suggests.  They write a prayer for each term and help the Collective Worship Leader plan displays and suggest ideas for collective worship times.  They are really proud of their class Reflection Areas and look after them well.


The School:


  • wants all children to have a well-developed interpretation of spirituality
  • respects other religions or faith traditions
  • allows children to choose their own participation when we say, sing or pray things the School believes
  • values and affirms the positive aspects of all our children's cultural heritages
  • promotes mutual respect between diverse groups and encourages community cohesion



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