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Curriculum afternoon

Town planners has been a fun topic because we built 3D towns! We used lots of cool resources like cardboard, yogurt pots, matchsticks, pom poms, hi visibility material, sticky foam, netting, plastic, polystyrene, bandages, paper, cardboard tubes, bubble wrap, art straws, pipe cleaners, bottle lids and blu tak.  We looked carefully at the shape and size of each object and decided what it could be in our town. It was lovely and exciting to see so many parents and carers helping to construct our towns. Stan's dad made a very amazing cinema, Dylan Jones's mum made a brilliant church, Verity's mum made a well designed slide, Jonah's dad made a cool house and traffic light, Billy's dad made his house look awesome! To make these spectacular towns we had to work as a team and help eachother.