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Friday 19th September

19 September 2014


Dear Parents / Carers


Learning this week Nursery children have been learning to manage their lunchtimes and to explore the school further.  Reception children have started to recognise numbers in numeracy and have been playing listening games in literacy.  Year 1 children have been learning how to use adjectives and have been continuing with the story of ‘Titch’.  Year 2 children have been making litter posters and continuing their learning of Bristol.  The ‘Three Little Pigs’ story has been one of the topics for year 3 children.  They have also been studying a drama about a dragon in a cottage.  Year 4 children have been remembering their summer holidays and why ‘odd and even’ equals odd!  Year 5 children have been writing innovative stories about ‘Talking Skull’ and enhancing their learning of ‘place value’.  Year 6 children have been solving problems involving triangles and using numbers to solve word problems!


Super Learner Certificates have been awarded to:-


1 Juniper – Sheikidris                     1 Willow – Owen                  2 Apple - Wyatt

2 Cherry – Jennifer                         3 Hazel – Joey                      3 Larch – Manveen

4 Poplar – Lara                                 4 Sycamore – Rufus           5 Ash – Joe

5 Hawthorn –            Kia                              6 Silver Birch – Xander       6 White Beam – Owain


Value Champion Certificates have been awarded to:-


1 Juniper – Ggiven                          1 Willow – Malak                  2 Apple – Mohamed

2 Cherry – Eve                                 3 Hazel – Lottie                    3 Larch – Tom

4 Poplar – Ayaan                             4 Sycamore – Chloe           5 Ash – Josh

5 Hawthorn –            Najma                                    6 Silver Birch – Fred            6 White Beam – Mia


Free School Meals.  If you think your child may be entitled to receive free schools meals please either come to the school office or go to to apply.  It is very important that anyone who is entitled applies for free school meals as the school receives extra funding towards the children’s education.  All information that you provide is, of course, confidential.  Please remember that even if you apply for free school meals your child does not have to have school dinners – you can continue to provide them with a packed lunch if you wish. This includes Reception, year 1 and year 2 children (even though they get a free lunch!)


Attendance:  Look out for the latest attendance figures on our website:- 





Applying for a place at a secondary school If your child is in year 6 you must apply for a secondary school place before 31 October 2014.  Bristol City Council prefer that you apply online at  If you need help please contact Mr Williams, our Family Link Worker.


Applying for a place at a primary school  If you have a child who was born between 1 September 2010 and 31 August 2011 you must apply for a reception place before 15 January 2015.  Bristol City Council prefer that you apply online at  Please remember that even if your child attends our Nursery you must still complete an application.  Again, Mr Williams will be happy to help you.


Art Exhibition and Workshops On Saturday 4 October, the school is taking part in Art on the Hill arts trail from 10.30-4.00. Please come through the park entrance to see an exhibition of work that your children did last term based on Mattisse’s Cut-Outs and take part in art workshops. You may even fancy a cream tea from our vintage cafe especially as all the proceeds are going to the PTFA. 

This term we aren’t having a cake sale so can we ask you to bake some of your delicious scones, cake or savouries for the cafe. We also need 8 camping/patio folding tables, vintage style cake-stands, china plates, cups and saucers but no valuables. Please deliver these to school on Friday 3rd October. Or maybe you could spare an hour of your time during the day to help out. Please get in touch if you can: text DB on 0773 1484723 or email

PTFA News:- You should all receive this term’s PTFA newsletter today, in bookbags, with details of our up and coming events.  Many thanks, Jo, Alex, Sarah & Katy (PTFA Committee)

  • PTFA dates for your diary:
  • Mon 29th Sept 9am onwards - Social get-together-Mrs. Browns Cafe.  All welcome.
  • Sat 4 Oct 10.30 – 4.00pm Art Exhibition, workshops and tea room- school playground
  • Wed 22nd Oct 9am-10am – Winter Fair Meeting - School 
  • Fri 7th Nov 9am onwards  - Social get-together – Windmill Hill City Farm cafe
  • Sat 29 Nov 2.00 – 5pm Winter Fair – School Hall

Reminder Please remember that for the safety of all our children, we do not allow children to scoot or cycle on the playground at the beginning and end of the day. 

Dates for your Diary:

Wed 24 Sep 2.15pm – 3.00pm Key Stage 1 Reading Meeting for parents

Thur 25 Sep 2.45pm – 3.20pm Child of Hope Meeting for parents

Thur 25 Sep 6.00pm – 7.00pm Key Stage 1 Reading Meeting for parents

Thur 2 Oct 6.30pm – 7.30pm Parent’s Meeting: Assessment/New Curriculum (Yr 1-6)

Thur 23 Oct 2.30pm- 3.20pm Curriculum Afternoon for parents


I hope you all have a lovely weekend and we will see your children before 8.55am on Monday 22 September 2014.  Gates open at 8.45am.



Emma Payne,


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