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Friday 28th April

28th April 2017


Dear Parents /Carers


We are sadly saying ‘goodbye’ to our amazing Site Manager, Mr Parkes today as he leaves to start his retirement. A massive ‘thank you’ is due to him for all the care he has taken of the school and the children in his years at St. Mary Redcliffe Primary, we wish him a happy retirement.


Learning this week: Reception have been learning about rainforests, trees and animals and enjoyed a trip to Bristol Zoo. Year 1 have been learning about fish and how to count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. Year 2 have been reading ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ by Roald Dahl and adding and taking away numbers. Year 3 have been reading ‘James and the Giant Peach’ by Roald Dahl and looking for bugs in the park. Year 4 have been converting time and reading a new text, ‘How the Heart Works’. Year 5 have been practising for their Poetry Slam competition and solving word problems in maths with dividing and multiplying. Year 6 have been looking at molecules in water and doing lots of preparation for their SATS.


Super Learner Certificates have been awarded to: Reception Hawthorn: Pearl,

Reception Ash: Mohamed, 1 Silverbirch: Sajid, 2 Elm: Leah, 2 Elm: Javier, 2 Lime: Scarlett,

3 Willow: Taiyo, 4 Apple: Lola, 4 Cherry: Hamza, 5 Larch: Sagal, 5 Hazel: Rahma,

All of Year 6 non-campers for being so helpful in school


Value Champion Certificates have been awarded to: Reception Ash: Megan,

Reception Hawthorn: Isabelle, 1 Silverbirch: Udith, 2 Elm: Lexie, 2 Lime: Lola, 3 Juniper: Isobel,

3 Willow: Izzy, 4 Apple: Farid, 4 Cherry: Jennifer, 4 Apple: Joe, 5 Larch: Thomas, 5 Hazel: Ben,

All of Year 6 for their exemplary behaviour on Camp


Teachers and children will be updating their class pages on the website regularly. Do look at what they are all learning at




After School Clubs: Clubs start next week, except Art for Years 1, 2 and 3 which will start on Monday 8 May due to the bank holiday. If you still have not paid for your child’s place in the club of their choice please can you do so? There are always children on waiting lists for clubs and if payment is not made before the start of the club we will offer the space to another child. You can play online if you wish at or visit the school website and click on the School Gateway link.


Packed Lunches/Sweets in school: Due to some children in school having severe nut allergies we cannot accept any food items containing nuts. This includes sweets and cakes brought in for snacks, in lunch-boxes and for birthdays. May we also please remind you not to include sweets or chocolate of any kind in lunchboxes to encourage healthy eating in the children.


Parent/Carer Meeting re: Academy Status: There will be a meeting for parents and carers on Tuesday 9 May for an update on the Academy status. Please come to the school hall at either 3.00pm (there will be a crèche available for this meeting) or 6.00pm. The meeting will last approximately half an hour.


Nursery Places: We have places available for a September 2017 start in our Nursery. Places are available on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday morning or a Wednesday afternoon, Thursday, Friday. If you or anyone you know would be interested in a place, please come to the office and fill out an application form. Your child must have been born between 01/03/2013 and 31/08/2014.


PTFA News:

All parents, carers and teachers are welcome to join the Monday afternoon gardening team which is helping to improve and maintain the green spaces around the school. If you are interested please email the PTFA at for more details.


Plant Sale: Start making space in your garden for some plants the students have been growing. A great selection has been grown and the plants are looking fantastic. The plant sale will take place after school on Thursday 18 May.

Please look out for ice cream sales, which will be happening on sunny Fridays at school pick up from the top kitchen hatch.


Thank you – Mary, Wendy, Claire, Rob, Jackie, Lynne, Adriana – PTFA Committee


Community News: Advance Notice: Moose Club will be closed on 4 May as their building will be used as a polling station. They ask that you please make alternative arrangements.


Windmill Hill Beavers: Windmill Hill Beavers are holding an open evening on Friday 12 May at 4.50- 5.50 at Windmill Hill Community Hall. This is open to children aged 6-8 years who might interested in joining Beavers, they have the RNLI visiting and will play some games. To get an idea of numbers it would be great if parents/carers could email to say they are attending to


Dates for your Diary:


Mon 1 May – BANK HOLIDAY – school closed

Tues 9 May – Academy Status Meeting 3.00-3.3pm or 6.00-6.30pm – School Hall

Thurs 18 May – PTFA Plant Sale

Fri 26 May – END OF TERM 5

Mon 5 June – START OF TERM 6

Sat 1 July - Summer Fair-School Playground


Have a good weekend, remember it’s Bank Holiday Monday on the 1 May. We will see your children before 8.55am on Tuesday 2 May. Gates open at 8.45am.


Lucy Swift

Interim headteacher

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