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Home Learning

  • Look at books and stories together - use the text and sometimes add your own words
  • Find out all the different parts of a book and what they are for:  front and back cover, title, picture, letter, word (a group of letters which can be read)  
  • Be a Print Detective!   Look for all the different types of print around us - a menu in a cafe, a shopping list, signs in the supermarket or other shops, road signs and shop signs.  Take some photos and send them in to me to look at.
  • Play in the park - find a hill and a flat place - which do you prefer and why?
  • Have a look for patterns:  spots, stripes, checks, zig zags, waves.  Can you make your own?  Here's one to try: sock sock vest, sock sock vest!   or ... spoon fork, spoon fork, spoon fork.  Remember a pattern is something that is repeated several times.  What patterns do you wear.  
  • Visit a watery place - what do you like or not like?  
  • Can you create a watery world at home?  What will be in it?