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Week ending 22/01/16


This week in Maths, one of the maths groups have been solving algebraic equations involving finding missing angles which combined our geometry and algebraic knowledge. Another maths group have been assessed in their knowledge of fractions as well as revising all previous fraction knowledge.


In Literacy, we have been writing a complaint letter to Mr D Green for his comments about all children.


In RE, we have been looking at some of the different aspects of the Hindu God and the symbols that relate to them. For example, Ganesha who often had a little mouse on the petals of the lotus flower he sat upon.


In Topic, we have been learning about John Cabot and the Age of Discovery. He discovered Canada, landing at Newfoundland although he thought it was Asia; he was trying to find a route to Asia on 1497. He also found Greenland, but his crew mutinied due to the freezing conditions there. Mikey has requested that the lyrics to song we sang be put on line (find it below) so you can have your child sing it to you. 


In Science, we have been learning about adaption and how dinosaurs changed over the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. 


In Music, we learned about protest songs and looked at five them whilst questioning whether protest songs had the power to change the world.


In Computing, we looked at a software package called Animoto which allows us to create short videos of presentation material to music. angry

The John Cabot Song by Mr Law

Week ending 15/01/16


This week in Music we did Morris Dancing and we made up our own routine in groups for the track Sweet Jenny Jones. We based this off a local group, Rag Morris.


In Literacy, we have been making comics for our class story, The Other Side of Truth, from the scene where Sade's mum is shot. Also, we wrote a newspaper report on why Sade and Femi were arrested at Heathrow Airport.


This week in Science, we were learning about Evolution and how people's genes are passed down the family tree. We did this by studying the images of the Royal family (historical and current). We also predicted what Prince George might look like by cutting out parts of different royal family member's faces and creating very lifelike collages!


In Maths, we have been investigating the link between decimals, fractions and percentages. We multiplied and divided them during our investigating. Also, we've been putting decimal numbers in order from smallest to largest. We have also been learning about ratio and proportion, using the recipes for Toad in the Hole. Finally, we've been exploring algebraic equations in order to find what values a and b could be from the given information.


In History, we were learning about Box Tunnel and how Brunel made it. His maths was so good, the tunnel was only 5cm apart when the two ends met during construction. He made the entrances double the size of the train to avoid the customers being overly worried about the train entering the tunnel.


In DT, we have started building some prototypes of possible bridge structures for our Great Bridgish Weight-Off project. Already we have a wide variety of designs! frown


Week ending 08/01/16


This week, on Monday, we danced in PE to the tune Miss Yeap used in her Spring Show performance last year.


In Topic, we did a timeline of Brunel starting from his birth, April 9th, 1806 to when he died in 1859. We learned a song Mr. Law made up about Brunel.


In Music, we sang lots of sea shanties that sailors sang for a range of reasons that included the sailors working in time together to complete tasks and to keep morale up on dangerous voyages, such as those done by whalers. We sang The Dead Horse, Leave Her Johnny Leave Her and The Derby Ram.


In Literacy, we have been writing a diary entry from Sade, the main character in our new class story, The Other Side of Truth. Also, we wrote a journey story about migration to fit in with our story where the characters have had to leave their own country, Nigeria.


In RE, we were learning about Hinduism and how they have one God with many aspects. We did an activity where one person was a builder (like Brahma), one was a deconstructor (like Shiva) and one person guided the others (like Vishnu).


In Maths, we have been learning to enlarge shapes by multiplying them by their scale factors, such as 2, 3 or 4. We also touched on fraction scale factors which resulted in the shapes reducing in size. We have also been simplifying and ordering fractions with different denominators. 


In Science, we have been learning about evolution and how deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) works in creating new life, how it can mutate, and how different species DNA is too different to combine to make new cells.


In DT, we have begun looking at bridges and have been set a project - The Great Bridgish Weight-off - where we are competing to build the strongest bridge.


In PHSE, we were identifying our strengths and what things we might want to get better at over the coming year. heart

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