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Highlights of the week

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6 Ash talk about the learning of the week.

Class comics of Coccolithophores vs Viruses

Week ending 06/05/16


This week in topic we have learned about coccolithophores and how them and viruses fight on an hourly basis every day which results in more oxygen production than all the rainforests in the world combined.


In Science, we tested out our elastic band cars to see how many winds it would take to reach the sweet spot.


In Literacy, we have been writing our escape stories about earthquakes and/or volcanoes. We aimed to include linked paragraphs with time jumps, parenthesis, dialogue to drive the plot forward and emotive atmosphere.


In Maths, we have been using pi to find the circumference of circles by multiplying pi and the diameter together. Also, we have been revising fractions and percentages. We included adding and subtracting mixed numbers with different denominators.


In PE, we did a mini training sports day with year 3. We did a balance race, sprint relay, skipping race and a tennis relay.


In RE, we looked at Fritz Haber and his impact on the world. We did this to contemplate an age old question - "What does it mean to be good or evil?" We didn't quite manage to solve it, but we would love to hear your thoughts on the subject. What do you think makes someone good, and what makes someone evil? no

w/e 22/04/2016


Hello! We're back with our updates!


This week in Maths we had to find out the combination for Stanley because Mr Parks had forgotten it! It was a three digit combination that had to include a 6. We managed to work it out.


In Literacy, we have been writing our grammar stories. Grammar stories you ask? Grammar stories were stories we wrote to show off our subordinate and coordinating conjunctions, passive and active sentences, modal verbs and expanded noun phrases.


In Topic and DT, we were making earthquake proof houses out of salt dough and cocktail sticks. The objective was to keep them in one piece whilst they were shook on a foundation of jelly! The best one lasted the full 10 seconds with the least sticks.


In RE, we have been learning about Buddism and things that make you happy. We heard about Prince Siddhartha, the first Buddah who saw an old lady, a sick man, a dead man and a poor priest with just a begging bowl. From this he changed his view on what made people happy. We also decided whether or not we would try the happiness helmet on. Not many of us would! No fake happiness needed here.


We have a mystery surprise for our Spring Show. It's a very well known piece of music that has travelled from very far away. Care to have a guess at what it might be? laugh

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