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Week ending 8/7/16


This week in Mini-Enterprise we have been putting the finishing touches to our products. The sale will be happening on Monday 11th July, so if you want to come along - do! Maybe come along regardless, with some money!


In PE, we played dodge ball because the weather was against us. Josh managed to get Miss Ali out three times (so did Tom!) Team Diva won.


Nearly all of us had our induction day this week and so we are now all prepared for secondary school - just 10 more days of primary school left!


If we didn't have an induction at a secondary school this week, we had a transition to nursery thus completing a circle of life at school. Apparently we looked like giants.


In Art, we finished stitching our motivational messages and some of us went on to drawing on A2 piece of card with anything we wanted; this will be painted in a later art session.


Earlier this week, we found out our country for International Week - it is Jamaica - we have already started our dance for the curriculum afternoon with some Dance Hall moves. We also tried Jerk seasoning on popcorn which is strongly recommended by almost all of 6 Ash.


Finally, we have been rehearsing our Year 6 play, our first performance to parents will be a week on Tuesday! We're going to be ready to blow you away. laugh

Week ending 01/07/16


This week we have been practising our Year 6 play - The Pirates of the Curry Bean. So far rehearsals are going well, a few of still need to learn our lines, but it is all coming together into a St-Mary-Redcliffe-Primary-worthy production. We're not going to give too much of it away here; if you want to know more, you'll have to watch it!


Our Mini-Enterprise is shaping up well too, some very interesting products are coming off the assembly line - we even have items that adults might like - make sure you bring your money to our sale on Monday 11th July.


Our speaking competition entrants have been put forward after a lot of deliberation. We are proud to announce our class winners are Farida and Billy. Congratulations to both of them, but also for everyone who took part. Next, the school finals!


Monday was Science Day! We had 4 science lessons, each with a different teacher in Years 5 and 6. These different lessons involved paper aeroplanes and aerodynamics, marshmallow physics and catapult trajectories, house building and shelter protection, and the use of force to solve tricky problems (popping watermelons, hopping card and beating elephants at tug-of-war).


In PE, we practised rallying in tennis - this is where you hit the ball to the other person, keeping it being passed back and forth for as long as possible. Also, we practised our serves, lots of us managed to ace our opponent!


In Art, we are stitching motivational phrases onto Binka or cotton. Some phrases included: "Life is a gift, so take it!", "Live life and love it!" and "Live life to the extreme!".



Week ending 17/06/16


This week in Literacy, we have been planning and starting to write our own Choose Your Adventure Stories (also known Fighting Fantasy). You start with an introduction that sets of the base of the story in 2nd person as the reader makes the choices that directs the story path. To know your character's skills you have to roll a die to make your skill, stamina and luck statistics. In the example (City of Thieves) our character has the maximum number of skill points which we have used very impressively to butcher our way through the adventure so far. devil


Our afternoons have been full of Mini-Enterprising. Our companies have started making our products and there is a range of items, including: stress balls, peg dolls, piggy (and cow) banks, vases and bracelets. Get your spending money ready!


In PE, we were practising our serves for tennis. It was quite difficult as we were using our hands instead of rackets, the main focus was on the stance we had to hold for serves and receiving them.


In Art, we were making mind maps of "Together We Can" so we can make motivational samplers for which we will need stitching skills.


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