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Week Ending 16/10/15


In Computing, we have started to create pitches for our apps. We have considered the following:

  • The main features
  • Why our app is better than the competition
  • If we were to sell the app, how we would cost it
  • How to avoid breaching copyright
  • The 'WOW' factor of our app


In Literacy, we have been writing our Hot Write balanced argument about whether or not Carla Davis, from There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom, should come back to Red Hill school or not.


This week we have been listening to our long-term project presentations for the 'Out of This World' topic, there was a great variety of pieces exploring this topic. Well done to everyone.


In Maths, we have been multiplying and dividing with decimals. We've used the formal methods to do this and combined decimal divisors and dividends whilst exploring this.


In History, we have been drawing Louis Armstrong's life using a range of techniques, styles and resources. We were exploring how to represent important parts of his biography into a piece of art.


In PE, we have been playing a tag rugby game called 'Jail Break' where you had to steal the five rugby balls from the opposing team without being tagged. If you were, you were sent to jail and had to be tagged free by a member of your team. We developed strong offensive and defensive tactics in order to win.


In Science, we coloured in grapes to show how the different phases of the Moon look from our position on Earth. We learned that the Moon appears to change shape because we see different amounts of the lit half of the Moon as it orbits around us.


This week we had our Curriculum Afternoon where we showcased a science experiment that modelled the formation of the solar system, our 6 Ash Big Book of Planets, a maths help-desk to show our different calculation techniques, our diaries of Bradley Chalkers, and our balanced argument work. laugh

Week ending 9/10/15


Next week is going to be our Edison, we won't spoil the surprise too much, as we are showcasing our learning there, but we have been working on the following:


  • A diary of Bradley Chalkers from There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom.
  • Using formal written methods for the 4 operations.
  • Finding out current theories of how the solar system was formed, as well as older theories about the structure of the solar system with the geocentric and heliocentric models.
  • Designing the expected layout of our app choices.


We also continued learning how to play Tag Rugby, explored the music of Holst and learned about the 4th pillar of Islam, Sawm, and what fasting means to people of that faith.

Week ending 2/10/15


In Maths, we have been learning how to solve problems using long division. Also, we have been learning how to add and subtract negative numbers. Furthermore, we have been solving card problems to reach a target by interpreting the information from other cards.


In Science, we have been looking at why we have seasons. We found out that it is due to the tilt of the Earth's axis and that it orbits the Sun. 


In Literacy, we have been creating a character description about Bradley who is a character in There's A Boy In The Girl's Bathroom, our class story. Moreover, we have been writing a diary entry about Bradley's day at school. As they are Bradley's diary we got to decorate them in the style of the character.


In PE, we have been playing a game called King of the Ring. You play it by having a velcro belt with tags on, and you have to steal the tags off other people then put them on your belt. However, you only have 3 seconds to put them on your own belt or they don't count. The person with the most tags at the end wins.


In Computing, we have been researching different apps to find out how they could help us build our own and what specialities they have.


In RE, we have been writing down what we would do with an amount of money based on needs and wants, this led us to a discussion about Zakat, a pillar of the Islam faith.


In PHSE, we played a game of Treasure Thief, where someone was blindfolded and in charge of a noisy bag of treasure and would-be thieves had to silently steal it away. This was to help us talk about consequences to actions. Also, we drew up a spider diagram with a goal, the obstacles to it and how we could solve it.

angry (Bradley Chalker's emoji)

Week ending 25th September


This week in Literacy, we have been typing up our balanced arguments which we debated earlier in the week. The topics we debated were:

1 - Should dragons be brought back from extinction?

2 - Should children have reward time in schools?

3 - Should Obi-Wan Kenobi open a Jedi Academy in Bristol?


This week in Maths, we have been using BODMAS to calculate. This stands for Brackets, Order, Division, Mulitplication, Addition, Subtraction and tells us the order in which to do calculations. We have also been looking at positive and negative numbers and calculating them. Furthermore, we have been doing addition and subtraction formal column methods.


In PE, we had Bristol Rugby coaches and we played a version of dodgeball where we had two teams both on their knees and you had to bounce a ball through the other team without leaving the mats. We had a final winning team!


In Topic, we completed the 6 Ash Big Book of Planets. This will be up on display as soon as it is bound together.


In Computing, we continued our app design by investigating different problems and how an app could help solve them.


In Music we used a virtual keyboard to help us read musical notation and turn it into sound.


Finally, we had a fire alarm drill. It was the quickest time we've ever done it.


Eid Mubarak to all who celebrated Eid on Thursday.



Week ending 18/09/15


This week in Literacy, we have been learning to write a balanced argument about whether or not Darth Vadar should be our class teacher or not. We had to use signposts in our text to show the reader which part of the argument we are in. Signposts include: since, furthermore, additionally, on the other hand, in conclusion (can you spot the synonym?)


In Computing, we have been geotagging photos so that GPS devices can locate where they are in the world. We have also found out that over the year our goal is to create and publish our own app and then advertise it.


We also had a trip this week to Fonthill Primary School and met the author Gill Lewis (of Skyhawk and Gorilla Dawn fame).


In Maths, we have been learning how to read scales accurately and place value through games. We've also been learning to add, subtract and multiply negative numbers against themselves or positive numbers in a variety of contexts.


In Topic, we have been making mini-orreries of the Sun, Moon and the Earth to help us understand how the Earth orbits the Sun.


In PE, we have been learning to balance using all of our bodies as part of our gymnastics learning. We were trying to move around without using our feet.


In Music, we have learned the scale of C major using Do Re Mi, as well as some fabulous songs you should definitely ask us to sing to you.


In Art, we have been making self-portraits using pencil sketches.


In PHSE, we have been talking about how people in Africa make chocolate, their farming methods and ages, how this affects their communities and finally makes its way to us.