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Science Day

On Monday we had a Science Day. It was Awesome! First of all we went to Mr.Jones's class and we made paper aeroplanes. We tested them outside to see how far they could fly. As a result we learnt about forces and air resistance. After that we went to Mr. Sykes's class and made a potion out of corn flour and water. It started as a liquid but then turned into a solid. The next class we went to was Miss Price's class in which we made a boat out of rulers, gluesticks, tin foil, paper, string and straws. In the boat we had to put as many toy people as we could to see if it would float. Everyone's boat got at least 1 person in it and the most amount of people in a boat was 7. WOW! Last but not least we arrived at our own classroom. We did a series of experiments like trying to make a ping-pong ball float with a straw. Sticking kebab skewers through balloons without popping them and trying to make our own helicopters. It was the best Science day ever!!
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