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Super Learners and Values Champions of the Week



Reception Poplar -

Reception Sycamore -  

1 Ash - Megan for trying so hard with reading. I'm so proud of you.

1 Hawthorn - Ophelia for exceptional writing of the papaya who spoke story

2 Silver Birch - Abdulrahman  for his adding and subtracting of 2 digit numbers

2 White Beam - Ketura Carr for making fantastic progress with her reading!

3 Elm - Freya for her amazing written and verbal retelling of our talk for writing story

3 Lime - Oscar for wonderful word choice and a variety of vocabulary 

4 Juniper - Dilan for fantastic ideas in English

4 Willow - Tia for her dedication to her writing this week

5 Apple - Erda writing an exceptional diary entry whilst using commas to add parenthesis

5 Cherry - Alex for really trying to improve her writing by using the success criteria

6 Hazel - Daisy for her commitment to developing her writing stamina to showcase more examples of her            wonderful creative writing

6 Larch - Tilly for her amazing work with fractions this week, supporting others using her understanding 




Reception Poplar -

Reception Sycamore -  

1 Ash - Rosa because she has been an amazing friend staying in to keep Scarlet company.  Thank you

1 Hawthorn - Amelie because she is always considerate towards all her friends and classmates

2 Silver Birch - Keelie because she share very thoughtful ideas during Anti-bullying day

2 White Beam - Mubarez because he is always able and willing to support a friend

3 Elm - Freddie because he can be trusted to make other smile

3 Lime - Savannah because she always displays a thankful attitude for the things we do in our school

4 Juniper - Loui-Blue becuase I can always trust Loui-Blue to brighten my day with his wonderful conversation. Thank you Loui-Blue!

4 Willow - Mia because she is very trustworthy, responsibly helping with jobs around the classroom

5 Apple - Lola because I can trust Lola to always make the right choices with her learning

5 Cherry - Shahad because she is a really supporting friend and her peers can trust her for help

6 Hazel - Rayyan because he has responded very well to a new initiative which is showing how trustworthy he is

6 Larch - Evie because she can always be trusted to give every task 100%, even if she is unsure, supporting others

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