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Super Learners and Values Champions of the Week



Reception Poplar -

Reception Sycamore -  

1 Ash - Megan for trying so hard with her pirate maths.

1 Hawthorn - Audrey for using so many adjectives when describing her pirate.

2 Silver Birch - Mohammed for his focus and determination in his writing.

2 White Beam -

3 Elm - Joe for his clear and succinct speech to become school councillor.

3 Lime - Lola for an excellent dramatized reading from the Iron Man.

4 Juniper - Nadiya for her fantastic story board of the Creation story.

4 Willow - Olive for her poem she created as her school council speech.  She was voted in too!

5 Apple - Mohamed B for using his best handwriting to write a story whilst using suspense.

5 Cherry - Jennifer for working really hard in Maths.

6 Hazel - Layla for her fantastic work on using prepositional phases to open her sentences.

6 Larch - Isra for settling in well to her new class, contributing to class discussions.  It's a please to teach you.




Reception Poplar -

Reception Sycamore -  

1 Ash - 1 Ash because they were super creative pretending to be pirates during the workshop this week.

1 Hawthorn - Amel because she has been helping other children to have a positive start to year 1.

2 Silver Birch - Sajmanda because she has shown creativity in her Bristol landmarks topic work.

2 White Beam - 

3 Elm - Enzo because he created and eye-catching safety poster in Science this week.

3 Lime - Gabriel because he showed great creativity when producing his electrical safety poster.

4 Juniper - Dominic because he created a superb Roman Soldier peg, using his knowledge of the Romans.

4 Willow - Owen because of his thoughtful reflection on things he was thankful for.

5 Apple - Josie because she congratulated her peers when they did something well.  Thank you!

5 Cherry - Grace because she was thinking creatively in Science when presenting her work.

6 Hazel - David because he created a wonderful representation of the seventh day of the story of Genesis.

6 Larch - Oscar because of his creative poster of the planets, and all the interesting facts he knows about them.

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