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Term 1

Term 1 Week 8


We have had a incredibly inspiring last week in 1 Willow, from experiencing beautiful old and new toys; being wowed and humoured by a very talented artist and finally sharing our learning with our parents and carers.


After another week of fun pratcising our rugby skills with Coach Josh, we had the pleasure of a Magical Toy workshop. The workshop complemented our learning about toys from both the past and present.

The hall was filled we beautiful toys such as dolls and teddy bears, which were all sleeping peacefully. The lady told us stories about the toys, we particularly liked to story of the teddy bears.  The story goes: One day President Roosevelt of America, decided he wanted to go hunting for a bear, so leaving his home with a loaded rifle he set about searching the woods. Suddenly he came across a bear, but this bear wasn't a great big beast of a bear, no, it was a small cute bear cub.  Seeing the bear cub, President Roosevelt dropped his rifle and walked home from the woods.  The president was also known as 'Teddy' and as such soft bears now carry his name. We all then acted out the story together.




We then learnt about dolls and how there are made types of dolls. We enjoyed being dolls, some of us were prancing Barbie dolls, twirling ballerinas or stiff Russian dolls.




To show our understanding of what we had learnt, we each worked in groups to order various toys on a timeline, from past to present, explaining our reasons to each other and agreeing on the final order.





On Wednesday the whole school had the priviledge of meeting an author, Mr M.P Robertson.  He came to our assembly and shared his amzing storiesd with us, along with some hilarious sound effects which had us all in stitches! In the afternoon, we were lucky to have Mr Robertson visit us in our class to share not only more of his stories, but also  his secret skills of drawing dragons.  We listen attentively and followed his instructions to create our own amazing dragons.






We finally ended our week and term with our Curriculum Afternoon. Having learnt and done so many fun things this term, it was difficult trying to choose what we would share. In the end, we decided to share some of our work in Literacy, based on our instruction writing for playing a game with the parachute, as well as our learning from our history topic on Toys.  Making an old Victorian cup and ball game with our friends and parents was great fun and we enjoyed the challange of trying to catch the most balls! We ended our afternoon with the School Anthem.  This is a song that was written by Mr Hewitt based on the Core Values for the school, as well as about us being part of the school community.  We hope you enjoyed your time with us, we certainly did.




The children have worked incredibly hard and have embraced being in Year 1 remarkably well and we are extremly proud of each and everyone of them. Here are some of their reflections of their time so far in Year 1:

Lucan - I like Year 1 becasue I like writing and making areoplanes.

Billy - I have enjoyed putting the dinosuars in to our class reward jar.

Betty - I like PE and playing high and low games.

Malak - In year 1, I enjoy doing Maths and writing.

Skye - I like reading with Miss Pooley, Ms McNab and Mrs Slinn.


Finally, we'd like to wish three of our classmates a wonderful birthday, both today and in the holidays.


Have a restful, enjoyable break and we will look forward to seeing you in the new term.

Term 1 Week 7

The week began with Mr Parkes finding an old suitcase in the cellar. We investigated it like detectives and found it was full of toys. Most of us agreed with Lucan who said "They are all made of wood and the bear is all worn out I think they are Mr Parkes' old toys."later he came to tell us we were correct and that the toys were his from the past.We all had a chance to play with them and discover how they worked.Then we thought about how they were different from out toys "These toys are made of wood and mine are made of metal and plastic" said Zed.

We also had a letter from Miss Kahn saying she had been watching us having great fun playing parachute games and she asked if we could write down the instructions for her so that she can teach her class. Well, we have been learning how to write instructions and so we were able to do this for her. She was delighted and they were so clear she will be able to teach her class next week!

We have been working on ordering numbers by playing games where we choose a number and place it in the correct place on number lines. Some people had the added challenge of working on blank number lines, we think someone was tricking us!

We really are the most intrepid class and are never put off by the damp weather so we began the week by playing rugby and developing our passing skills. We are especially good at the dummy pass. It was another busy and happy week for us.

Term 1 Week 6


Time is sure passing quickly in Year 1, week 6 already!


What fasinating things did you find out from your children this week? Did they tell you about the Super Soaking time they had? Or the incredible fun they had making mushrooms?!


Well, it has been another busy fun week in 1 Willow. The children are continuing to work really hard even until now, 6 weeks in and Ms McNab and Mrs Slinn are so pleased with their efforts.


We kick started our week by learning something new, about an amazing Black inventor - Lonnie G. Johnson.

Lonnie, invented the 'Super Soaker'. The children learnt about this great inventor and most importantly, got to try out the great super soaker, with a bit of target practise. It was only slightly enjoyable !!!!




The fun didn't stop there, as this week we have started to learn about instruction writing and how to play games with the parachute. Talk For Writing has helped us understand the importance of using time connectives such as, first; then; next; finally, when writing or telling our instructions. We learnt how to play the 'Mushroom' game with the parachute.




This was good fun, and even more fun was feeling like a little pixie or elf living inside the mushroom:



This week we have been busy practising our number writing and ordering. This is quite tricky, as sometimes we get our numbers the wrong way round, so we've practised and practised! Ordering numbers was fun because we used our large number line to help us jump up and down on, so we could understand were numbers come and in which order. We then made our own number lines.



We have continued to think about ourselves and how we've changed. We are getting better at understanding that things that have happened before now are in the 'past' and things happening now are in the 'present'. So to show how well we've understood these terms, we've created our own timelines of ourselves.



This week the school celebrated the festival of Eid, and the children came beautifully dressed. We learnt the importance of Eid to Muslims in assembly and there was a Eid party in the hall after school which many of the children went to and enjoyed.




We rounded of our week by reaching our class target of 25 Dinosaurs and gaining our class reward - a game of Duck, Duck Goose and Cat and Mouse.



So all in all, a fun packed busy week. Enjoy your weekend 1 Willow.


Term 1 Week 5


Willow class, have once again been busy learners and explorers, working all parts of our bodies.

This week, has seen us learn about our senses - how and what they are used for. It's been great fun, we've tasted, smelt, touched, looked and heard lots of fun things. To help us understand how our senses can work together, we made some delicious smoothies. We touched the squishy bananas, tasted the juicy strawberries, smelled the aromas of the fruits, looked carefully while we chopped the fruits in to pieces and listened to the whizzing noise of the blender. Finally, we tasted the silky smooth, pink smoothie, ummmmm, ummmmm, it was delicious! We are now wondering what other things our senses can do to help us with when we are outside or at home.





We've also played some fun listening games together, to help us tune in to our wonderful listening sense. Our challenge, was to take the bells from the centre of the circle without being heard!


This week we have also been great mathematical explorers, adding numbers, solving problems and explaining our discoveries. We started of the week, looking at dominoes and seeing what things we noticed - some have two numbers the same; if there is a five, the pattern of dots is the same; each domino adds up to a different total. We then worked we a partner, to discover the totals of different dominoes.

We then set about finding all the possible combinations to make 10, and along with the help of our 'trusty' friend, Discovery Dog, we created a system to help make sure we found them all. We folded a sheet of paper in half and placed 10 pegs on one side, this told us we had 10 + 0 = 10. We then moved one peg over at a time, writing the number sentence to match. Ms Payne and Ms swift were super impressed with our great discoveries! Maybe you could help us explore finding all the combinations for other numbers to 20?


Titch, is still a favourite character in our class and this week, we have been writing our stories, putting in our own ideas for what Titch might need - a new skateboard, or a bigger helmet. Our writing is developing really well and we are all getting better at remembering to use the 'Important 3' - Captial Letter, FullStop and Finger Spaces. We have even be trying to add some connectives to our writing - but, so, because.


Rugby is still so much fun! We've been developing our throwing and catching, working in pairs and following instructions.


After such a fabulous learning week, we are all ready for a relaxing weekend!





Term 1 Week 4


This week has been a busy week, we have learnt some new sounds in phonics - ee, igh, ow, or and have been learning to write the sounds, hear the sounds and read them within words.


In our numeracy with have been helping to investigate problems with Discovery Dog. One of the problems was: 'Does the tallest person have the longest arms?' We explored different ways we could solve the problem, either standing next to each other and looking, or using objects and paper to accurately measure a persons arms. The photos below show us working hard to find the answer.




Literacy this week, has continued on from last week. We have been become more familiar with the story and ordering and sequencing events. We have also started thinking about how we could change it to include some of our own ideas, like a new bike or skateboard!



For Science, we have been examining the similarities and differences in our faces. We each had half of our own faces, then we had to choose half of another person's face to make a whole new face! They looked great, we found out that we all have eyes, noses, mouths and ears, but things like eye, skin and hair colour were different.



We are still learning new skills with coach Josh on Mondays and Tuesday for PE and having great fun playing with the rugby balls.


In RE, we have started thinking about special events throughout the year, Christmas, Easter, New Year, birthday's and how we celebrate them. We have also decided as a class, how we will celebrate each of our birthdays.

Term 1, Week 3


Wow, what another busy, fabulous week we have had in 1 Willow!


We started of our week having fun with Coach Josh. He is teaching us about Rugby through some fun games.


In Literacy, we have started to learn the story of Titch, using actions and gestures through 'Talk for Writing'. This will help us learn key words, especially connectives (and; so) to help us join our ideas together.



During our phonics time, we have been revisiting our sounds, and looking and exploring: th, ng, ch, and sh. We practised saying them, learning actions and writing them within words.


Monday also saw the opening of our Shoe Shop. We have many special offers! In the role play we will be measuring and using money to sell and buy different size shoes.


This week has been jammed packed with numeracy! We've been measuring and comparing the length of lots of different objects in the classroom, even our shoes! We've been making sure we use the correct language to describe what we have discovered; 'Arthur's shoe is longer than Rufus' shoe', 'this shoe is the shortest one'.


We will try and put some more photos of our week up, when we find our missing camera!


Term 1 Week 2:


Our first full week in Willow Class has been absolutely Brilliant! We have been learning lots of things.


In Literacy we read the story of Titch. Titch had outgrown his clothes and his brothers and sisters gave him some of their old clothes, but they were to big, so Titch had to go and buy some new clothes. In class we thought about what sort of clothes we could buy Titch and we also thought about how Titch was feeling. We did this by dressing up in clothes that were much too big and we wrote messages to Titch to help cheer him up Our 'Titch'


We have started to make our own Titch by exploring colours by mixing colours together.


In our Numeracy we have been ordering the heights of people and trees, we also played a number game game with a dice, adding 1 more.


In Science, we have been learning about our bodies, what they look like and what the names of parts of our bodies are called.


We've also really enjoyed being back with our friends and playing together.