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Term 1

Week 7


What a wonderful fun week we have had.  We have thoroughly enjoyed measuring lots of different things, including our shoes!  We've been practising the language of measure (long, longer, longest, short, shorter, shortest) and applying it to what we have done.  We did this really well when we went outside to measure how far we could jump and compared this with our friends.  


Our curriculum afternoon was hectic but fun.  We loved making our skeleton bodies with you and most definitely enjoyed performing our Dem Bones and Senses song. We hope you enjoyed it to.

Dem Bones Curriculum Afternoon

Week 6


We have been amazing Super Learners this week! 


We began our week exploring a new area of maths - Measuring.  Using our beloved story Titch, we explored things which are at different heights and thought about the order in which they would go: shortest to tallest.  We had great fun creating our own measuring tapes and measuring our friends in the class and using mathematical vocabulary to explain our choices of order - "Beya is the tallest in our group, so she'll go at the end.' Ask us to measure you, you'll be impressed with our accuracy!


In Literacy we have been writing up our adapted stories and we are getting better at remembering all the things which make a great sentence:

saying the sentence first;

capital letter at the start;

finger spaces;

sounding out the whole word; 

full stop at the end;

checking it makes sense

You can help us to practice at home, we could write little messages together!


We ended our week being scientists.  We spent our day discovering all about our bodies and the incredible five senses.  We've put our senses to work and thought in depth about what makes each one so important.  We've drawn our bodies and named and labelled all the parts that we know.  We've even learnt a funny new song about a part of our body. We'll be performing it to you next week during our Curriculum afternoon.


We are always seeking parents and carers to help with reading, so if you are able to offer as little as half an hour a week then please come and speak with Mrs Slinn or Ms McNab.

Science Day

Science Day 1
Science Day 2
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Science Day 35
Science Day 36

Week 5


We have had a very busy week of learning!


This week in RE, we thought about our names - why they were chosen and what they may mean.  We were thinking about this because names are very important to different people in different religions.  We used a doll to think about what name we might give to it and why.  It made us realise that all names whether the same, different or unknown to us were very important to the person who has it. 


We are still enjoying our titch story. This week, we have started to 'innovate' the story, by changing some of the things that happen in the story.  We each then went on to change our own story maps, to include our own ideas.


In Numeracy we have been consolidating our understanding of number and have been investigating and explaining our findings.  We have explored why some numbers are larger than others and what makes some numbers similar.


Outdoor PE was great fun, we've been polishing up on our ball skills - dribbling with each foot; passing and controlling the ball.  As the mornings are taking longer to warm up, it may be wise to put a pair of long black sports trousers in your child's PE bag for them to wear on a Friday morning.  We will always aim to do PE outdoors whilst the weather stays dry.


We have been overwhelmed and highly impressed with the quality of the homework we have received in the first week!  Please keep it up, it's great for the other children to see the variety of ways the homework can be done.

Week 4

Week 4 1
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Week 3


We started our week with our new Talk For Writing story - You'll Soon Grow Into It Titch.  We thought about how Titch might have felt when he was given his siblings clothes which were much to big for him.  Some of the children had fun being Titch wearing oversized clothes. We hope you are enjoying learning the story together using the story maps which were sent home.


For most of this week we have been understanding 2-digit numbers and how to create them using a variety of resources. We were discovering how many 10s and 1s each number had. We used bundles of 10 straws and single straws to make various numbers, we also used Numicon and Base 10. See photos below and ask us to talk about what we did. This is an important skill as knowing what forms a number will help us later when we are ordering numbers and adding and subtracting.  You can continue to help us by counting we us forward and back in 10s, as well as exploring different numbers, for example: 34 is 30 and 4.  It also has 3 lots of 10s and 4 ones.  We have been working hard to count in 10s then on in 1s, so 10, 20, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34. We will be continue this learning next week.


In PE we have been learning about ball control using our hands. We have travelled a ball around our bodies, thrown and caught a ball whilst trying to clap, as well as working hard to retrieve a moving ball.  We learnt that to be successful we needed to always keep our eyes on the ball! Could you show us some other ways we could control the ball with our hands?


We have started to think about Programming and Algorithms, as this term we will be learning to use programming software on the Netbooks.  So we thought about programming being a set of simple, clear instructions.  We worked together to programme a child in the class to move successfully around the classroom using codes: forward; backward; left turn; right turn. Please continue to help us learn our left and right. You can also play some fun programming games on the computer by visiting the website - and select Angry Birds. 


Have fun learning together, and please come and share with us your achievements. 



Week 3 photos

Week 3 photos 1
Week 3 photos 2
Week 3 photos 3
Week 3 photos 4
Week 3 photos 5
Week 3 photos 6
Week 3 photos 7
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Week 3 photos 10
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Week 3 photos 19

Photos from week 2

Photos from week 2 1
Photos from week 2 2
Photos from week 2 3
Photos from week 2 4
Photos from week 2 5
Photos from week 2 6
Photos from week 2 7
Photos from week 2 8
Photos from week 2 9
Photos from week 2 10
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Photos from week 1

Photos from week 1 1
Photos from week 1 2
Photos from week 1 3
Photos from week 1 4
Photos from week 1 5
Photos from week 1 6
Photos from week 1 7
Photos from week 1 8
Photos from week 1 9
Photos from week 1 10
Photos from week 1 11
Photos from week 1 12

Week 2


Well, we have had an incredibly fun week of learning.  We started our week with a surprise! An old suitcase was discovered and inside were lots of wonderful old toys.  We spent lots of time looking at them and describing them, as well as thinking about how they were to be played.  We then had great fun learning new games such as Victorian skittles and hoopla. Mr Parkes was kind enough to share his childhood bear with us. Not only was he very precious, but extremly delicate. Playing with the old toys was great and we soon discovered that we have played similar games today with modern toys. We went on to make some of our own toys. We made paper kites and a ball and cup.  We went outside to play with them which we loved.


This week we have been doing lots of counting. We started by showing off our counting skills from any number.  For some of us writing the numbers the correct way was quite tricky.  The numbers 3, 5, 6, 7, and 9 seem to want to face the wrong way, but we are learning to always check our work and spot our mistakes.  Please keep helping us to practise writing our numbers at home. Today we have been counting in 10s. We have been investigating the numbers in 10, spotting things that we have noticed:

All the numbers end in a 0

100 has two zeros

The first number is like counting in 1s

Please help us to become more familiar with counting in 10s both forwards and backwards.


We listened to a wonderful story about a boy called Billy who wanted a bucket for his birthday. When he got his bucket he discovered that amazing and wonderful creatures were living inside.  We were so inspired by Billy's story, that we thought about what sort of bucket we would have and what things would be inside. We wrote to Billy to tell him all about our buckets.


Thank you for all the Julia Donaldson story books, we have read lots and are thoroughly enjoying them.


This week we earnt our class treat - to play outside with the parachute.  We had a great time playing lots of new parachute games together.  We are now doing our best to keep to the class rules so that we can earn another treat!


Apologises for no photos, I'm still awaiting an up to date list of children who have permission for their photos to be on the website.



Welcome back!  

We have had a wonderful time returning to school. We were all smart and ready to learn on the first day!


Over these last two days we have been learning a number of things. We started our term by sharing our holiday news and writing class postcards. We also created Gruffalo sculptures using play doh and different materials. We will be listening to and reading stories by our author Julia Donaldson, for the first few weeks of this term, so if you have any of her other stories which we could share, please bring them in. 


Today we went on a treasure hunt in the playground. We searched high and low for treasure words (real words) but also collected trash (nonsense words) along the way. We were fantastic readers and collected lots of treasure and trash. We worked outside for the whole morning, as after playtime we showed of our number writing and decorated the playground with lots of colourful numbers using chalk. 


Ms Payne was incredibly impressed with the way we travel so beautifully around school that she gave us an extra playtime! We were able to use the equipment in the top playground whilst the children were in their classrooms learning!


We completed our week by creating a set of class rules together. We looked at the bee colony and discovered all the different types of job roles different bees have.  We learnt that without all the bees working together the colony wouldn't be able to survive. We all agreed that to be part of the colony was important and very special. So we created our class rules together and pledged to do our best to follow them. Our rules are:


Always try our BEST

Always look after our classroom

To care and share with our friends

Listen to others

Always tell an adult before leaving the room


Things You Need to know letters will be going out next week, but in the meantime please make sure your child has their PE kit in school. PE will be on a Wednesday and Friday. 


Photos from our first two days will hopefully follow next week. 

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