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Term 1

Week beginning 13.10.15


This week in 4 Hazel we went rowing on a Viking longboat trip  we had to paddle ourselves and did a race 1 of our groups came first and our other group came third.


In independent write we have been non chronological report we planed it yesterday and wrote it today.We wrote about a made up dragon.


In maths we were solving 2 step problems first you do addition then you do subtraction it was hard!

Written this week by Adelene and Leo



Week beginning 05.10.15


In netball we have been learning about the different passes, shoulder, bounce and chest pass. We are getting more accurate with our passes now! We have also been practising pivoting...when you put once foot down you can move the other foot around but you can't move the foot that landed first.


We have been creating a text map for a non-chronological report about the Jorvik Ridgeback.


On Wednesday morning we came into the classroom to find the whole classroom was trashed! We had to look for clues and evidence of what had happened and who destroyed our classroom. 


In art we have been looking at different pictures of Vikings by different artists. 


On Viking Day we came in dressed as Vikings!!!! We designed and made our own shields ready for Curriculum afternoon. Also we made traditional oat cakes using wholemeal flour, oatmeal, vegetable oil, table salt and water. When we tasted them, our faces showed how much we enjoyed them! (or not!)


Image result for artists paintings of vikingsImage result for viking shields

A dragon came to visit the classroom...

Viking day (eating traditional oat cakes)

Week beginning 28.09.15


This week in Math we have been solving column subtraction sums and proving if SuperLearner is right or wrong. We have also been learning and practising our 6 x tables, which we are now really good at!


Our cold write this week was a non-chronological report about different animals. 


We have also be learning a Viking chant, and in groups have made up our own which we hope to show during Curriculum afternoon. 


In art we have been finishing our self portraits and evaluating them using 2 stars and a wish.

Image result for viking 


Exploring subtraction

Week beginning 21.09.15


This week we have been learning about Roman numerals, challenging ourselves to complete investigations and find higher numbers using the letters I, V, X, L, C, D and M.


In RE we have been learning about Mezuzahs, from the Jewish religion, and have made our own to go by the front door because when they enter a special place it shows they are thankful and respectful to the special place.


In English we have been writing a description of Toothless, including his appearance and personality.


Our first week in Year 4 (w/b 07.09.15)




In English we have been learning about Hiccup from How to train your Dragon, and have been writing character description about his appearance and personality. 

In Science we have started to learn about LIGHT! and we have made posters to show different sources of light.

In Music we have been trying to roll a ball to the beat of a song - which we found quite difficult!!!

In Math we have working on our vocabulary and using it to describe numbers.