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Term 1

Little Red Hen and Bread Week!  We made our own bread and listened to the story of how the seeds grow into wheat, are ground into flour then kneaded with water into dough and cooked into bread! 

We tasted croissants and flatbreads which the Little Red hen delivered to us.  Arthur said they were bumpy like hills and a bit like pitta bread.  


We have practised counting wheat stalks and our scything skills (pretend scythe!) Then we visited the little Red Hen's kitchen to cook the bread we made with the flour she left us.  It was a real adventure.  We hope you enjoy the bread - we have lots of ideas of how to eat it; with peanut butter, hummus, butter and jam although not all on the same slice.


Next week will be Pizza Week!


Please remember: 


curriculum afternoon on Wednesday 24th October, all about sharing books and stories together

Parents' Evenings on 7th and 8th November - come and sign up in the Nursery for your slot, plenty to choose from

Reception Prospective Parents Open Day Tuesday 23rd October in the afternoon 


Have a relaxing weekend everyone.

Carrot Week!  We love everything orange and Stella noticed that Mrs K was wearing orange all week. 

We are learning that the carrot has a long taproot which grows underground and the green feathery top stays above and can grow to be as tall as us in Nursery!

We found out that carrots can be red, purple and yellow too and the seeds are in the carrot flower and get blown away to grow into new carrots.  

Our story was 'The Giant Carrot' and we had a go at making carrot soup - although we didn't think it tasted very good!  (Mrs Knights and Mrs Moral liked it though).

We discovered drumming skills and loved being outside on this stormy Friday - if you have puddle-busters, please wear them on a rainy day!


We wish you a happy weekend and see you next week for Bread Week.

This week was the start of October and we are feeling a little chillier when inside, although it's great to be warm outside!  We have been learning about ripe red apples.  We pretended to shake trees and catch apples in a basket, we have printed and made apple collages and we are learning the words skin, flesh, core and pips.  We noticed that if you cut the apple across the centre, you find a star shape inside.  

We are making friends and playing together really well - especially if cars or dinosaurs are around.


Remember to come to Art on the Hill at school if you can.


See you next week for Carrot Week!


Mrs Knights and Mrs Moral

We are so pleased with the way the children are managing their days and even our youngest are almost ready for staying for 2 whole days. We are enjoying being outside - climbing, jumping and landing safely and setting ourselves the challenge of walking up ramps!


We have been looking at what our faces look like this week and created edible faces from wraps, red pepper, tomatoes, cucumber and carrots. We have had photos taken of our hair - can you spot who we are on the display?


Please remember to come to the open days on 18th and 23rd October to visit the school before you send in your applications for Reception places.  



Have a safe and sunny weekend, see you next Wednesday with your book bags.


We have had a busy first few weeks and are settling in nicely!  We have tried lots of different activities indoors and outside and even took part in Art Day by making flower collages.

We have experienced our first lunches in the big Hall with Arifa and think the food is "yummy and delicious!"

Today we have really loved being outside in the wind and dancing in the leaves. 

We say happy birthday to our first 4 year-old - enjoy your party and thank you for the lovely cakes!

Spot the grown ups ready for painting some of our old bikes ....


We wish you a happy and relaxing weekend,  Mrs Knights and Mrs Moral