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Term 1

We have completed one whole term of Nursery - well done everyone!

Just think how much we can already do ..... try to put coats on, wash our own hands, eat lunch together, get up and get dressed and explore lovely Nursery inside and outside!

We have noticed that the children are starting to chat to each other more this week and it's very exciting to hear some voices which have been quiet so far!

We thought a bit about our senses - hands for holding and ears for listening.  How good at listening are we??  A sense we need to develop!  We explored some different textures and smooth and soft seemed to be the favourites.  

We went on a listening walk around school this afternoon but were more interested in looking at our exciting play space upstairs .....  


We wish you safe and happy holidays - try out your own creativity over the next week.  

Week ending 14th October saw us enjoying ourselves in different ways again - at the water, sand, playdough, painting, on the floor and at tables!  We have been learning a bit about Madam C J Walker for Black History Month.  She was orphaned at age 7 and overcame other adversities in her life to develop a range of hair care products for African-American women which kept their scalp and hair growth healthy.  She established a training college and franchised her business for other women to lift themselves out of poverty.  

We set up a hair salon to explore and washed and dried hair!  We practised snipping paper and linguine to different lengths.

We had a lovely Curriculum Afternoon with so many of you visiting and seeing what Nursery is like with your child.  We hope you enjoyed your Nursery session!  You are best year group at tidying up so far ..... 

The end of week 5 - 8th October 2016 and happy 8th birthday to my niece and my mum (who isn't 8!)  We have started to make friendships and be really chatty with each other this week.  We continued to celebrate Autumn by making yarn trees by wrapping wool around, under and over a cardboard shape; we discovered a collection of horses which are different and similar and we have realised that we love throwing different types of ball through higher and lower hoops while outside.  We also loved visiting our car wash!  

We heard and took part in the story of The Enormous Turnip and learned that it is hard work to pull something heavy - see the photos for great team work.  


Next Wednesday 13th October is Curriculum Afternoon - remember to come and explore Nursery in the Autumn with your child.


Mrs Knights and Miss Waters

16.9.16  We have had a brilliant first week together exploring what's in Nursery.  So far we love the trains and tracks, water, sand and playdough and painting.  The dolls have had lots of journeys in the buggy, and I've drunk quite a lot of cups of tea and I have even had pizza and corn cob and rice for breakfast - all elegantly served by various children!  

We love being outside on the bikes and the rocking horse too.  


Please remember to bring in spare clothes in a bag to keep on your child's peg.  


Next week:  Wednesday 1 - 2.20, Thursday and Friday 9 - 1 pm.  Packed lunch or school dinners.  


Have a wonderful weekend and well done everyone.  


Mrs Knights and Miss Waters



Here we are in week 3 23rd September.  We are so proud of your children who have now achieved 2 lunch times and done really well with their eating - pizza on Thursday and fishfingers on Friday!   They have managed the long long walk down the corridor and sat at the tables carefully and even cleared up after themselves.  Amazing!

We have had a lovely learning time exploring our favourite sand, water, home corner and outside. We are starting to make friends and play together (even though we don't know everyone's name yet). 

week 4:  Wed 1-3.20, Thurs 9-1.00 and Friday 9-3.20 for those who are ready.  We will be very tired by the end of Friday!


Have a lovely weekend - try and get outside in the sunshine and look at all the beautiful Autumn colours.  What are you thankful for?


Mrs Knights and Miss Waters

Week 4 and the end of September - we are half way through the first term of the year - well done everyone.  This week we have focussed on the food we have eaten for packed lunch or school dinners and decided what we liked.  Fishy Friday is very popular!

It's our first long day today and we are quite tired - but we still managed to make and eat toast, explore the sand, cook some delicious food using playdough, build towers, run around and have a go at writing our names!  


Have a relaxing weekend; next week is Wednesday 1 - 3.20 and Thursday and Friday 9 - 3.20 if you are ready for this.  


Mrs Knights and Miss Waters