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Term 1

Things you need to know letter

Ideas for learning at home

Week 7


Wow, we can't believe how quickly our first term has gone!


We'd like to share with you some of our thoughts about being in Year 1.

'When I started Year 1 I was shy, but now I am not shy because I have made some new friends'

'At the start I was sad, but now I feel happy because I like colouring and going to the sensory room'

'I was happy when I started year 1, but now I'm used to it I feel excited about what we are going to learn!'

'I felt nervous at the start, but now I'm confident and excited about the work we do because I really like it'

'I was worried when I started because it looked different to reception. Now i'm use to it and I know where things are, so I like it'

'Starting in Year 1 made me feel sad, nervous and worried, but I'm much happier because I have a few more friends then I did before'

'I did feel happy about starting in Year 1 and I still am happy. I like it because there are lovely books to read and more exciting things to learn'


Such wonderful statements from just a few of the children, which made us all feel proud of the journey we have been on together over the last seven weeks.  


We are all looking forward to a break, but excited about what next term has in store for us!

Week 4


This week, we have completed our Marimekko bags, ready for Art on the Hill tomorrow.  


In Literacy we completed our instructions for finding buried treasure.  We are getting much better at remembering to use finger spaces, full stops and capital letters.  You can help us by givings us short sentences to write, this will let us use our phonics to try to spell the words.


We've continued to learn a special dance in preparation for curriculum afternoon, as well as moving around safely outside, during outdoor PE. Being able to find space, plus being able to run around safely aware of others around us is quite hard, but we all mastered it.  hopefully these skills will help us more at playtime to help us stay safe.


One thing that we all feel really proud of this week is understanding how our learning makes us feel.  At times the learning feels so much fun, but on lots of occasions the learning can feel overwhelming, tricky and maybe impossible.  As a class we have discovered our Learning Pit. This is a place we all can drop in to at different parts of our day and during different points in our learning.  We explored the things we may say and feel when we are entering the pit, as well as the things we might say to help us climb out the other end.  You can see our pit in the slides below.  It would be great if you could tell us about times when you have been in the pit (we've all been there!) and what you did to get out. Or maybe you are still in there trying to overcome something.  We've learnt that it's okay to be in the pit and our new phrase is: I've not got it just YET!


Week 3


Week 3 already, wow where is the time going?  Well we have been real bust pirates this week, working really hard.


We started our week looking at our bodies and labelling all the fantastic features of it.  You'd be surprised at how many body parts and internal parts of our body we know. We worked together in groups to draw around a friend, then we put on the labels, for example bladder; muscles; kidneys.


Art day was an amazing day and we the help of the extra adults in class we were able to produce some wonderful pieces of art based on Marimekko's work.  Hopefully you'll all be able to come and enjoy the display during Art on the Hill.


We started our Talk for Writing this week, creating some instructions for finding buried treasure.  If you are trustworthy we may share our knowledge with you!!!


In PE we carried on the body theme of singing Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. As well as, doing the Okey Cokey.  We have found out the we are not quite there yet when it comes to getting changed.  Maybe you could help us, by teaching us to turn our clothes the correct way, checking our shoes are on the right feet and helping us to sequence the order in which we put our clothes on.  The more we can do this ourselves the more time and fun we can have during PE.


We have been super investigators in Maths, finding lots of ways to make 10.  We've explored and found all the different Friends of 10, both through practical activities and songs. We've enjoyed playing an online game called Save the Whale.  We could play it with you at home.


After such a busy week, we are ready for a nice rest so that we are shipshape ready for next weeks journey of learning!

Week 2


Our journey on board the SMR ship continued this week, with us learning how to make pirate hats, we successfully followed a set of instructions.  We've also made our own pirate treasure maps in preparation for next week, when we'll be setting out the clues to finding our treasure.


We've also been learning about Marimekko, a design created in Finland.  We explored patterns with paint and circles.  This will feed in to next weeks Art Day on Tuesday.  We'd really love your help to make this day really fun.


In Maths, we've being finding 1 more and 1 less than a number to 20.  We've been used to saying a number is smaller than or bigger than, but now we are starting to use the language of more than and less then.  please help us at home.


This week we went outside for PE (on a Thursday this Term). We practised being able to stop, listen and implement.  We did this with our talk partners through bouncing and throwing the ball to one another.


We now have two Makaton teachers, who attend the Makaton club on a Monday lunchtime, then come and teach us the signs to learn in class and at home.  So far we have learnt 'Thank you; please; good morning and Goodbye'. We've been trying to use these whenever we can so that all the children in our class feel valued.  We'd be happy to teach you to.



Week 1


Welcome Back!


What a wonderful week we have had.  We have jumped feet first in to our new topic all about Pirates.  We learnt songs, counted, dressed up and found treasure.  


Year 1 is different to Reception, but we have enjoyed the new challenges and the new types of learning.  We've impressed our teachers with our resilient, patient and risks taking.


We are all defiantly looking forward to our weekend!   

General information

Dear Parents and Carers,

A very warm welcome to year 1. We hope that you have had a safe, happy and restful summer and the children are refreshed and ready for some fantastic learning.

Our topic this term will be Pirates- Yo Ho Ho! Where we will be learning about some notorious pirates and their adventures.  As part of our work on timelines we would like to show photos of the children as babies, please could you send these in, named.

This term our PPA time will take place on Wednesday morning.

Children need to have their PE kits in school every day. A PE kit should consist of: a white t-shirt, dark shorts/tracksuit bottoms and trainers or daps with everything named.


Our PE days are:

1 Whitebeam’s outdoor PE is on Monday and their indoor PE is on Thursday. 1 Silver Birch’s outdoor PE is on Tuesday and their indoor PE is on Friday.


Many thanks,

Miss Barker,  Ms McNab and Mrs Slinn

How you can help at home


Please try to read with your child as often as possible. This could include: listening to them read; sharing a book together; or reading them a story. As well as stories, look for opportunities to read other texts, e.g. recipes, newspapers, instructions.


We encourage the children to read each book twice to build fluency. Please then sign the reading record book to let us know that your child is ready to change their books. We are looking for some volunteers to hear children read. If you are able to help please speak to your child’s class teacher.



It is our focus this term to ensure that numbers are formed correctly, please practise writing numbers to 10. To make this fun you could; use chalk outside, write in sand, write in shaving foam or  make numbers from playdough. The children need to be confident at counting forwards and backwards to 20. If you need a challenge practise counting back from 50!


Home Learning

At the beginning of each term a home learning  menu will be put on our class page on the website with suggested activities. The children are welcome to bring their work back into class to share with others.

We hope you enjoy working together.


Pirates- Yo Ho Ho!



We will be investigating ways we can find out about the past. We will create a timeline  to help us understand the past and present.


Our new Jigsaw topic is Being Me in My World.


We will be looking at weather and the seasons.

Design and Technology

We will design and make a treasure island.


We will learn to use a programmable toy.

We will help the children access and use the web safely.


 As part of Art on the Hill we will be designing and making work in the style of the Scandinavian designers Marimekko.



Our main focus this term will be forming our numbers to 20 correctly. We will be reading, writing and ordering numbers to 20.

We will also be looking at one more and one less and using postional and directional language.


Our focus this term is cursive handwriting, reading and writing tricky trouts and using finger spaces. We will learn to name the letters of the alphabet in order.


We are going to be looking at how we celebrate special events in our lives and how do different religions celebrate them.


This term we will be focusing on the human body. We will be exploring the five senses and labelling body parts.


We will be learning a variety of sea shanties to encourage the children to use their voice creatively.


We will be creating a pirate dance during indoor PE. For outdoor PE we will be doing team games.

We will learning to write simple instructions to find buried treasure.