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Term 1

Monday 16th October-Thursday 20th October

  • This month is Black History Month so in art we painted portraits of Barack Obama.
  • In literacy we practised writing in paragraphs so we wrote facts about him, sorting the information into paragraphs.
  • In maths we have been learning about money and today we had to find the missing numbers.
  • We have also been adding up amounts of money, we had to buy things from the shop on Tuesday.
  • In RE we were thinking about forgiveness and discussed what we would do in different situations. 
  • In PE we practised our dribble and passing skills then finished off with some games.
  • In art we drew and painted the Iron Man then we learnt how to make the paint shiny.


Sorry there are no photos this week!

 Monday 10th October-Friday 14th October

  • On Wednesday we went to @Bristol for a school trip. We saw loads of amazing science. We had an electricity workshop and we made our own circuits using special playdough!
  • In maths we have been learning AM and PM and learning about digital clocks. We are learning to tell the time using a 24 hour clock. 
  • In literacy we have been planning a newspaper report about the challenge between the iron man and space bat angel dragon.
  • In PSHE we were talking about 'consequences' , we played some games and had to discuss different scenarios and what we would do. 
  • On Tuesday some of our parents came in and we made silhouette pictures of an iron man scene and we also made a moving iron man. 
  • In RE we looked at the characters from 'The Lost Son' and discussed their feelings and personalities, we compared the father to Jesus. 
  • In swimming some of us were learning how to do breaststroke arms. We finished off the session with a game of Water Simon Says!

Monday 3rd October-Friday 7th October

Monday 3rd October-Friday 7th October 


  • We have finally finished reading the Iron Man. The end was very surprising!
  • We used lots of different materials to make switches in science, we investigated to find out which ones worked.
  • We have been learning Makaton signs, this week we learnt to sign toilet, happy birthday, playtime and lunchtime. 
  • We have learning to tell the time and we went out to the playground to make large clocks out of chalk so help us learn the language.
  • In PE we have been learning to create space in football.
  • In literacy we wrote open questions to the Space Bat Angel Dragon and the Iron Man.
  • In class assembly we discussed children's rights in the world and linked this to World Teacher Day. 
  • In swimming we played a washing machine game!

 Monday 26th September-Friday 30th September

  • In science we did an investigation about the brightness of the bulb. Each table had to investigate something different such as number of batteries, number of bulbs and length of wire.
  • In maths we have subtracting and learning how to borrow through column subtraction. We have also been learning about inverse and how to check our own work. 
  • In literacy we wrote a letter to Hogarth's dad suggesting solutions for the farm as the iron man has destroyed lots of the farms and the machines.
  • In PE we were learning how to dribble and had to dribble to our partners. 
  • In jigsaw we have been talking about our dream and nightmare schools.
  • We got attendance Ted this week because we had very high attendance last week!
  • In swimming we have been learning how to do breast stroke legs.

Monday 26th September-Friday 30th September

Monday 20th September-Friday 24th September

  • This week in maths we have been learning about adding and subtracting using a formal written method.
  • This week in science we made circuits and learnt how electricity passes around a circuit.
  • In literacy we have been diaries pretending to be Hogarth from the Iron Man.
  • We had an Art Day where we made our own aeroplanes and decorated them using our designs and made a huge class one.
  • We have been learning more about how we learn and continued to learn our new skill, sewing. We have realised learning something new can be tricky and frustrating!
  • We met an author called Stan who did a crazy assembly!
  • We have been for our second swimming session and had a really good session.

Monday 20th September-Friday 24th September

Monday 12th September-Friday 16th September

  • In Science we have been learning about electricity. We learnt about the dangers and made our own safety posters.
  • Today we went swimming for the first time. We showed Miss Dudding what we could do. She is extremely proud of all of us!
  • In maths we have been adding and taking away tens to 3 digit numbers.
  • With Mrs Miller we had some circle time and explored using our voices.
  • In literacy we were creating our story maps of the Iron Man for the first chapter.
  • We have done lots of counting in 10s, we played a game where we passed the number around the circle. 
  • In RE we went around the classroom exploring different pictures of Jesus. We had to note down things we noticed and then we used this to create a poem. 
  • We have been so busy this week we haven't managed to take any photos! Sorry!

Monday 5th September- Friday 9th September

  • We found a rusty old head in the cellar at school. When we saw the head we made notes and asked questions in order to find out more.
  • We have been making news reports about what we discovered. Today we presented these using our microphones. 
  • In Science we have been learning about electricity, we were sorting things into those that used electricity and those that don't.
  • In PE we were learning how to dribble, we played a game called dribble tag!
  • In maths we have been learning about place value. We were learning about hundreds, tens and ones. We have been ordering numbers. We went on a number hunt outside to find 24 numbers then we came inside and ordered the numbers using our knowledge of place value. 
  • In art we were designing patterns for Art on the Hill, we made the templates and then painted them. 

Monday 5th September-Friday 9th September

Welcome to Year 3 and Key Stage 2!

We hope you had a fantastic summer; we cannot wait to get started with our amazing learning.  At the end of the day, 3:30pm, please pick your children up from the slope leading to the Key Stage 1 playground. As with last year, we need to see the adult they are going home with before we can let them go.


This year, Year 3 will be having a swimming session at St Mary Redcliffe Secondary School on a Friday morning. This will act as a part of their PE throughout the entire year. For this, they will need suitable swimming clothing (boys shorts cannot be longer than the knee) and a pair of goggles (if you wish). If your child has long hair they will need to wear a hair band. We will send out a separate letter regarding swimming with all the details and arrangements.


On Tuesday we will be out of class for half a day to do planning and assessment. During this time 3 Juniper and 3 Willow will be taught by Superstars and Mrs Miller.


Now they are in Key Stage 2, children need to bring their own healthy snack for break-times which should be fruit or veg.


If you are available to come into school and hear readers we would love to hear from you. If you have any concerns or questions then please do not hesitate to speak to us.

Thank you for all your support,

Learning at home

Year 3 Term 1- Learning at home ideas:

  • Please try to read every day. Remember talking about the book is just as important.
  • Make own maths game-adding and subtracting multiples 10s and 100.
  • Material hunting – what can you find? What do you notice? What is common? Why?
  • Design, make and evaluate your own iron man.
  • Catch up on what’s happening in the world on news round.
  • Have a go at some spelling games
  • Learn a new skill (e.g. tie shoe lace)
  • Challenge yourself to write a 100 word story. Share it with your friends! (E.g. Where did the Iron Man come from..?)
  • Create your own dictionary; add new words you come across in your reading or at school.
  • If they allow you, help your parents with some cooking, be accurate with those measurements!

Bright Sparks 


We will be reading The Iron Man in class. Children will be using the book as inspiration for a range of writing genres; such as stories, news-reports and diary entries.



In maths we will be practising children’s addition and subtraction methods, including mental recall of facts and applying to money. We will be revising our knowledge of place value. We will be using multiplication facts we know to solve other problems. Additionally, children will also be looking at telling and recording the time.



We will be learning about electricity and how circuits work. Children will be exploring components and creating their own circuits. 


We will create light and shadow effects using shading and hatching. We will also
explore different materials to achieve a picture.



Children will be researching Thomas Edison and present their findings.



Children will be learning how to swim, improving their stoke development and confidence in and around the water.

Children will also be developing football skills.



Children will be exploring renewable energy and the water cycle. 



In RE we will be learning about the life and teachings of Jesus. 



We will be using Word and Publisher to format and present children’s writing. We will also be exploring a range of websites linked to the topic. 



Design, make and evaluate a model of the Iron Man.



We will be working with Jigsaw Jino following  the Jigsaw scheme. The first topic is Being me in my World.



Children will be using rhythm and pitch to create a piece of music and develop their singing skills. 



Children will learn how to greet people and counting in Spanish.