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Term 1

Week 6  w/b 10/10/16


'On Wednesday we went to @Bristol. We got wristbands so when we made animations we could see afterwards when we went onto the website.'  Louis


' @Bristol we made fake blood!' Christvie

'...we used hand-gel for the plasma and some red powder to give it the red colour'  Eve


'...some of the class made the top part of the house in the building site area. In the house we also made a carpet and put tiles on the roof'  Lily


'There was magnetic sand, Ggiven and I made a bridge with it,'  Loui-Blue


'We had a workshop, we made squidgy circuits with really salty play dough.'  Nojus


'In maths we have be learning about digital time and analogue time. We were matching digital and analogue times'  Ggiven


'In spelling we were thinking of words with the 'a' sound: a-e, ay, ai, ei, ey.'  Zakaria



Week 5  w/b 3.10.16


'We been learning to tell the time in maths this week. We were given the time and we had to draw the hands on the clock face'  -  Ggiven


'Yesterday we were making circuits'  Noor


'...we were making switches for the circuits'  Lily


'In Science, we used different things to make switches. Non-metal things didn't work and metal things did'  Loui-Blue


'This week we were completing our pupil survey to say what we think about our school'  Luka


'I think our school is a good school because it is really fair'   Maeve 


'Our school is kind and friendly and amazing. The teachers teach us how to do things really well'  Dominic


'Its the best school I have ever been in!'  Ggiven



Making switches for our circuits

Junipair Flight 47235 ready for take off!

Week 4   w/b 26th September


'This week we have been using circuits to see if the lamp will light up,'   Maeve


'...we put three lamps and five double-batteries together. It became twice as bright!'  Dominic


'In Year 3 we have been learning more about Iron Man in Literacy. We wrote diary entry as Hogarth.'   Zakaria


'We have been learning to sew'  Sheikidris

'...we put the needle through the felt using a running stitch.'   Luka


'Yesterday we learnt the last verse of our new Makaton song in assembly'   Joby


'In Art we were finishing painting our aeroplane'  Noor


'...we have also been finishing our wallpaper designs for the competition'   Christvie


'We used the glittery pens too!'  Loui-Blue


'In our swimming lesson we were learning to breaststroke with our legs.'   Isobel



Whole School Art Day - Marimekko designs for our class aeroplane

Term 1 - Week 3  w/b 19.9.2016


'We have had a really fun week this week. It was Art Day on Wednesday and we made a big plane - and everyone got really dirty!'   Loius


'On Art Day we created 3D planes out of cardboard, they were based Marimekko'   Dominic


'We made a big 3D class and painted it'   Eve


'On Thursday, we tried to make light bulbs work and light up. We used wires and batteries to make circuits'  Loui-Blue


'We were some busy workers on Wednesday. We coloured, painted, decorated, drew and cut!'  Joby


'In our swimming lesson we were putting our face in the water and blowing bubbles'  Noor


'We were swimming across the pool on our first day. We were floating on our backs today and also the mushroom float.'   Dominic

'...we also practised our star floats and learning to swim on our backs'  Isobel



On Tuesday we role-played a scene from the Iron Man, when Hogarth first sees the metal giant. We then created our own poems by using our senses.

This is our class poem that we wrote together:


The sea hushes the empty beach as the sun falls

Aaark!  Aaaark!  Circling seagulls squawk in the dark sky

The grass sways on the black shadow of the cliff top

The sea is telling me that someone is watching me

Dizzy and lonely

An owl hoots in the forest

My eyes are playing tricks on me

Worrying green lights like big head lamps

Sick with fear

Boom! Boom! Boom! The Iron Man is coming towards me down the cliff

Art Day is coming and Mr Germain has been busy!

Art Day is coming and Mr Germain has been busy! 1
Art Day is coming and Mr Germain has been busy! 2



Welcome to the 3 Juniper class page. You will find here useful information and documents throughout the next year.


It is also the place to find out about all the exciting things 3 Juniper have been learning each week at school.


Come back soon!

Year 3 Term 1 Things You Need To Know letter

Welcome to Year 3 and Key Stage 2!

We hope you had a fantastic summer; we cannot wait to get started with our amazing learning.  At the end of the day, 3:30pm, please pick your children up from the slope leading to the Key Stage 1 playground. As with last year, we need to see the adult they are going home with before we can let them go.


This year, Year 3 will be having a swimming session at St Mary Redcliffe Secondary School on a Friday morning. This will act as a part of their PE throughout the entire year. For this, they will need suitable swimming clothing (boys shorts cannot be longer than the knee) and a pair of goggles (if you wish). If your child has long hair they will need to wear a hair band. We will send out a separate letter regarding swimming with all the details and arrangements.


On Tuesday we will be out of class for half a day to do planning and assessment. During this time 3 Juniper and 3 Willow will be taught by Superstars and Mrs Miller.


Now they are in Key Stage 2, children need to bring their own healthy snack for break-times which should be fruit or veg.


If you are available to come into school and hear readers we would love to hear from you. If you have any concerns or questions then please do not hesitate to speak to us.

Thank you for all your support,

Bright Sparks 


We will be reading The Iron Man in class. Children will be using the book as inspiration for a range of writing genres; such as stories, news-reports and diary entries.



In maths we will be practising children’s addition and subtraction methods, including mental recall of facts and applying to money. We will be revising our knowledge of place value. We will be using multiplication facts we know to solve other problems. Additionally, children will also be looking at telling and recording the time.



We will be learning about electricity and how circuits work. Children will be exploring components and creating their own circuits. 


We will create light and shadow effects using shading and hatching. We will also
explore different materials to achieve a picture.



Children will be researching Thomas Edison and present their findings.



Children will be learning how to swim, improving their stoke development and confidence in and around the water.

Children will also be developing football skills.



Children will be exploring renewable energy and the water cycle. 



In RE we will be learning about the life and teachings of Jesus. 



We will be using Word and Publisher to format and present children’s writing. We will also be exploring a range of websites linked to the topic. 



Design, make and evaluate a model of the Iron Man.



We will be working with Jigsaw Jino following  the Jigsaw scheme. The first topic is Being me in my World.



Children will be using rhythm and pitch to create a piece of music and develop their singing skills. 



Children will learn how to greet people and counting in Spanish. 

Year 3 Term 1- Learning at home ideas:

  • Please try to read every day. Remember talking about the book is just as important.
  • Make own maths game-adding and subtracting multiples 10s and 100.
  • Material hunting – what can you find? What do you notice? What is common? Why?
  • Design, make and evaluate your own iron man.
  • Catch up on what’s happening in the world on news round.
  • Have a go at some spelling games
  • Learn a new skill (e.g. tie shoe lace)
  • Challenge yourself to write a 100 word story. Share it with your friends! (E.g. Where did the Iron Man come from..?)
  • Create your own dictionary; add new words you come across in your reading or at school.
  • If they allow you, help your parents with some cooking, be accurate with those measurements!
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