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Term 1

Learning 10th-14th October, 2016

Thursday 13th October, 2016


Another busy learning week for 4 Cherry! 


In maths, we have learned a new multiplication game called Fishy Fishy Fingers where in pairs, one of us holds out our chosen number of digits on one hand, while the other does this with up to two hands. We then have to be the first in the pair to multiply our two numbers quickly to earn a point! See our photos to show the great fun we had.


In English, we have been learning how to debate and write a balanced argument! We were split into two large groups and had to back up our argument for or against whether Stoick should ban Hiccup from the Isle of Berk, inspired by the story, "How to Train Your Dragon". We have since been writing our balanced views, using our plans to help us. 


We have also had Katie, Laurie's mum, in to help us learn the days of the week in Spanish. She taught us a new song and we played a game to consolidate our questioning of "What day is it?" and answering with "Today is ......" in Spanish. We even learned "yesterday" and "tomorrow" as well! We are very lucky and grateful that Katie has given up her time to come in and teach us! Check out our photos! 



Thursday 6th October, 2016


It has been another busy learning week. We have been analysing and learning how to write a diary in the voice of Hiccup, deepening our understanding of subtraction in maths, developing our football skills and practising our Viking Chant and Viking warrior song in music. 



Our English Carousel!

Thursday 29th September, 2016


We have decided to update our page every Thursday from now on as it can get difficult to fit in on Fridays!


Te'ya says, "We have been adding up to 4-digit numbers using the standard method this week!" 


"We have been investigating onomatopoeia, metaphors, similes, personification and alliteration in English this week. Yesterday, we had a carousel of activities which included playing a quiz on the computer, simile bingo and match the metaphor! See our photos this week" - Laurie, Grace, Josh, Alex and Lola.


Jess recalls that we drew a picture of a Celt during topic and added the facts that we learned  outside of our picture.


"In Science this week, we went for a learning walk around the school to see how many things we could find that reflected light," Liam told us. He added that there were only 2 people that noticed that Lyla, Archie, Maja and Liam's glasses reflect light, too! They were Jess and Xander!


In music, Eve recalls that the children have been working in groups to create a Viking Chant in keeping with the pulse of the Viking drum! 







Art Day

Friday 23rd September, 2016


What another fun and busy learning week 4Cherry have had! 


Khalid is so pleased that he is now a free reader! Congratulations to Khalid!


Art Day was so much fun! A huge thank you to the parents who came to help - 4 Cherry, Mrs H and Miss Yeap really appreciated it! Photos of our day to follow! 


We have enjoyed developing our football skills in PE! It's been lovely to see ALL the children showing growth mindset, particularly if football is a game they find challenging. In indoor PE, Miss Yeap was so pleased with Josh and Eve showing so much determination and growth mindset when overcoming the learning pit - achieving successful forward rolls! 


In maths, we have played place value and rounding games to improve our understanding of number. Some children went on to prove Thinking Tom was wrong when he said that 601 was the lowest number that rounded to 600! 


We're even more engrossed in our class book, "How To Train Your Dragon" this week. Toothless needs ALOT of training if Hiccup is ever going to become a true Viking Hero! Our writing to describe Toothless is on display in our corridor, so do come along and read our work! 



Friday 16th September, 2016


What another wonderful learning week we have had! 


George says, "We have been learning our 3x and 6x tables by playing a matching numbers game where we had to beat our times and the others' in the class!"


"We have been showing our Growth Mindset when Miss Yeap gave us some thread, a needle and some fabric and we had to just sew - without any instructions or help!" Jennifer and the class were very excited about the prospect of just going for it! However, they were worried at first about taking a risk! They have been making sure that they apply their Growth Mindset in all the other lessons too! 


Laurie has enjoyed writing his description about Toothless the Dragon for our corridor display. Everyone's work has been written to the best of their ability and Miss Yeap is pleased with our efforts. Ben has also mentioned that we have been creating our own advertising posters for the book! 


"In Topic, we acted out the story of Romulus and Remus!" said Jess and Lola! 





Things You Need To Know - Letter to Parents

Thursday 8th September, 2016


A wonderful and warm welcome to 4Cherry's class page! Miss Yeap has been so delighted to have such a hardworking and thoughtful class who are definitely showing Growth Mindset already! 


We have had such an amazing start to Year 4! 


"We have had lots of challenges in maths, including ordering 4 digit numbers," Archie has said, enthusiastically!


"We have started a very exciting book called, 'How to Train Your Dragon' which we love!" Khalid told the class.


Alex has said she has enjoyed creating balances and warming up to pop music in PE.


"With Mrs. H in art, we were using sticks, paintbrushes and dip pens to create different lines for our collages for Art on the Hill," Jess told us. 


Ben told us that he enjoyed completing his mystery independent writing. 


Sabira mentioned, "In PSHE we have talked about being in our world and played a game of Class Bingo where we had to find people who liked the same things as us."


Miss Yeap has been impressed with our learning of imperative verbs and ordering instructions. 


Liam says. "All of our teachers are really friendly!"





Term 1 Week 1: Place Value. Showing a number using a range of resources