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Term 1

Friday 7th October 2016


This week we have been learning about persuasive texts. To do this we imagined that the government were going to ban children from using SMART technology. It developed quite a debate around the class. 


In maths we developed our problem solving skills by attempting a number of difficult investigations involving money. Additionally, we've started to use the formal methods for addition and subtraction. 


On Tuesday, we enjoyed our first educational visit to @Bristol. It was an excellent trip as the children learned lots about reversible and irreversible changes. 


Finally, in PE, we developed our gymnastic routines using pieces of apparatus. We also worked to play football as a team. The green team managed 5 passes in a row! Extreme Tica Taca football, watch our Barcelona (or in my case, Aston Villa). 

Week 4 Spellings








Friday 30th September 2016


"During PE we learnt how to defend and attack as a team." (John) 


"Today Mr Fry was pretending to be a spy called Agent Sprinkles and he made us work as a team to solve a murder mystery." (Ben)


"This week in maths we have been learning to round numbers to estimate amounts of money." (Emma)


"Yesterday we wrote an email to Alex Rider whilst using our understanding of modal verbs." (Jeshna)


Friday 23rd September 2016


"Today we have been learning to add whole numbers when playing a game." (Ahmed)


"Today in literacy we have been publishing our secret letters." (Trixel)


"This week in PE we have been learning how to dribble around cones. We also learnt symmetrical and asymmetrical sequences in gymnastics." (McKenzie)


"On Wednesday we painted our tiles using acrylic paint. This was a part of art day!" (Saja)

Week 3 Spellings








Friday 16th September 2016


"This week we completed a maths quiz to test our understanding on place value. It was quite a challenge!" (Pablo)


"In literacy, we have continued to read our text (Stormbreaker)." (Kirra)


"In music we have started to learn the Ukulele. This week James taught us how to play the C Major chord." (Isaac)


"In science we used different thermal insulators to test which material could keep a cup of water warm the longest. This was to help Miss Price keep her cup of tea hot. She now has to use bubble wrap to coat her mug!" (Macey)

A decent start 5 Hazel!

A decent start 5 Hazel!  1

Spellings - Week 1 and 2


During guided reading sessions and literacy we have been focusing on the following spellings. 


Week 1









Week 2










Friday 9th September 2016


"This week in maths we have been learning about decimal and whole numbers." (Hayden)


"In science we have been learning about mysterious materials. We have also planned an experiment to investigate thermal insulators." (Rahma)


"In PE we have started to learn about soccer (sorry, football Ms Payne)". (Edward)


"In literacy we have started our new class text called 'STORMBREAKER' by Anthony Horowitz". (Adelene)

Conscience Alley - What will Alex Rider do?

Conscience Alley - What will Alex Rider do? 1
Conscience Alley - What will Alex Rider do? 2

Welcome back everyone! Thank you for visiting 5 Hazel's class page. Each week we will write a selection of things that we have been learning about. So please stay tuned for future learning blogs! 



Home Learning - Term 1


This part of the website is about providing you with opportunities for some home learning. We encourage all of the children to read every day. 5 Hazel's challenge is to read the height of Mr Fry. Once a book has been read please bring it into school so we can photocopy the spine. 


This website has lots of information, games and quizzes about materials. Please have a go!


During week 2, 5 Hazel will be investigating which everyday material will keep a cup of water hot for the longest amount of time. As a class we discussed that we could do a similar experiment based on ice lollies and keeping them cold. Why don't you try this at home and bring in your findings. 



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