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Term 1

Home Learning - Term 1


This part of the website is about providing you with opportunities for some home learning.


We encourage all of the children to read every day. 5 Larch's challenge is to read the height of Miss Cameron. Once a book has been read please bring it into school so we can photocopy the spine. 


Out topic this term is mysterious materials. This website has lots of information, games and quizzes about materials. Please have a go!


During week 2, 5 Larch have been investigating which everyday material will keep a cup of water hot for the longest amount of time. As an extension you could do a similar experiment based on ice lollies and keeping them cold. Why don't you try this at home and bring in your findings. 




Every week I will put up 6 new spelling for the week. Please help your child learn these spellings.


Week 1









Week 2









Week 3









Week 4









Week 5









Week 6









What methods can you use to help you remember these spellings?


Relative clause revision: (Please copy and paste this web address into your web browser).


Can you draw two different shapes with the same perimeter?



Friday 20th October 2016


Dear readers,


As Miss Cameron wasn't in last Friday, we have two weeks of learning to tell you about!


In maths we have been learning about the grid method of multiplication and how to apply it.


In English we have learnt how to write a persuasive text and wrote a piece on the hot topic of fracking.


In science we did an experiment about soluble and insoluble materials and solutions.


In ukuleles we learnt about the reggae beat.


In football we played matches to practise our skills.


In gymnastics we learnt about 'canons' and moving 'in unison', and we performed our sequences to the class.


In RE we learnt about parables and we drew a picture to represent one of the parables.


Finally, we finished the book 'Stormbreaker' and thoroughly enjoyed it!


Have a fantastic half term!


5 Larch.

Friday 7th October 2016


This week in art we have been making thumb pots out of clay. Next week we are going to paint them.


In PE we have been playing mini football matches. We had to stay in our third so everyone got a chance to touch the ball.


In English we have been watching the Alex Rider film: Stormbreaker and comparing it to the book.


We went to @Bristol! Whilst we were there we went on the hamster wheel, inside a mummy's tummy, we had a workshop about changing materials and we explored all of the new exhibits. One of the class' favourites was the virtual reality lab. Also we enjoyed the robot, making a tray bake and stop motion movies.


In ukuleles we learnt a new chord: G6. In addition we learnt about the quaver note.


In maths we have done lots of problem solving and learnt the formal method of subtraction.


Thanks for reading!


5 Larch.

Maths problem solving and our secret mission!

Friday 30th September 2016


Dear readers,


Today we had a secret day where we had to complete lots of secret missions!


In English we have been writing an email to Alex Rider using modal verbs and relative clauses.


In maths we've been learning how to round and estimate answers.


In Spanish we learnt the names of different animals.


In gymnastics we have been practising our routines on the benches.


In RE we have been writing our own psalms.


In science we have been creating our own posters about the history of plastic, using the laptops to research.


In PE we played a football match and practised shooting, passing and dribbling.


In ukuleles we have been learning how to do the C7 chord (the jazzy C!) and the F major chord.


Have a good weekend!


5 Larch.

Friday 23rd September 2016 smiley


Dear readers,


In English we have been learning about relative clauses and modal verbs.


In maths we have been playing a game using a number line with our talk partners. The winner was the person who got to their target number first.


On Wednesday it was Art Day and we painted our tiles inspired by Maramekko.


In RE we have been focusing on the psalms in the Bible.


In gymnastics we worked on making symmetrical and asymmetrical balances and shapes as part of a sequence.


In science we made a table and wrote down different objects made from different materials. We described those materials then sorted them into two groups.


In Spanish we learnt actions for the second half of our Spanish song. Also we learnt instructions and the whole register in Spanish!


In PE we continued to practise our dribbling and learnt how to pass a ball.


In ukuleles we have been learning about minims, which has 2 beats, for reading music. We learnt A minor chord and practised the C major chord.


In 'juggle and grow' we continued learning how to juggle.


Have a great weekend!


5 Larch. frown

Art day! Creating our tiles inspired by Marimekko.

Friday 16th September 2016


Dear readers,


In History we've each been looking at a specific event in time, researching it and creating a factual poster.


In English we've been reading more of the Alex Rider book and designing our own gadgets for Alex and what he could use them for.


In maths this week we have been rounding to the nearest 10 and 100. Also in maths we have continued learning about place value.


In our science topic we carried out an experiment to see what material (thermal insulator) would keep a cup of tea warmest for longest.


In music we have started to learn the ukulele. We learnt to strum the C Major cord. We also learnt about the crochet note: they equal one beat. We learnt 'Good Children Eat Apples' to help us remember the names of the strings: G, C, E, A.


In PE we worked in groups doing different activities to practise our dribbling skills in football.


In Spanish we learnt the greetings by singing a song with actions.


In RE we were learning more about Christianity and the Old Testament of the Bible.


We enjoyed celebrating two birthdays this week (happy birthday Fatima and John!).


Have a great weekend!


5 Larch.







Welcome to Year 5 Larch! It's excellent to see our friends again. We all had an amazing holiday. We hope you had a great holiday too.


Friday 9th September 2016


This week in English we have been learning about Alex Rider and reading our new text: Stormbreaker. 


In Maths we have learning about the different columns and refreshing our knowledge of place value.


In Art with Mrs H we were making clay tiles which were based on the designers Marimekko. In P.E. we've being learning basic football turns.


In science we have been learning about thermal insulators and thermal conductors. Next week we will carry out an experiment testing different insulating materials, to see how to keep a cup of tea warmest for longest.


We also created leaflets on how to keep the heat for escaping your home.


In independent write we have been pretending that we were Alex and we wrote our own diary entries.


For our core value this term (thankfulness) we wrote what we are thankful for and stuck it on our values tree.


In R.E. we are learning about why the bible is special to Christians.


Have a lovely weekend.


From 5 Larch.