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Term 1




Week beginning 16.10.16

During 6 Dogwood we have been learning the last few weeks doing P.E sessions with the Bristol Flyers. We played basketball games, dribbling the ball. It was Fun having them but sad because they had to teach another year group.

In RE we talked about fasting and how it feels like fasting. All of us wrote how we feel if we fast like the Muslims.


With Mrs H, we drew aliens to represent our topic Space. We started off by planning how our alien’s appearance with a sketch pencils. After that, we drew it in our A3 paper and sketched it out. Ink was for the outside and the rest of the paint was for colour. Our alien’s looks amazing.

On Monday we were learning Maths and remind us how multiplying works and the rules.

In English, we wrote about landing on mars we had to do a page and a half or more.

In science we were answering the question would we have day and night without the moon? The answer was yes because the moon isn’t a light source and the moon doesn’t really do much. The question was exciting, to know the answer. It was interesting to learn it.


By Shernette and Cameron


Week beginning: 26.09.16


This week in art we have been sewing in preparation for art on the hill!

Last week we printed our own houses and this week we have been stitching windows and doors on them. It has been fun and we hope it will be a big hit at art day on the weekend!



For ICT this week we logged in to a coding game called Coding Quest.

 We have had an amazing time with Mr Law and got quite far into the game.

We had to code our way through the mazes and avoid traps and foes.


In English we were given our own diaries, as we are reading a book called ‘There’s a boy in the girls bathroom’ by Louis Sachar. It is a great and we are all enjoying it. English was great and amazing, we wrote in our diary entry from Bradley Chalkers point of view.


By Billy and Aisha

Week beginning 19th September


Art Day!!!!!!!!

On art day we designed and created a wallpaper, inspired by Marimekko, for the school wallpaper competition. Marimekko art is based on simple bold designs including dots and flowers. Some parents came in and helped us.

On Tuesday, in PE, Bristol Flyers came in to give a basketball lesson. We practised our passing and dribbling skills. The coaches who came and taught us play in the first team and are over 6ft tall. It was really fun!!!!!

On Thursday, in topic we made rockets out of loo roll, balloons and masking tape. We made the rockets as we were learning about the Space race and the first launch. We also watched a video of the first man on the moon – he was a brave man, who couldn’t walk properly on the moon! Nearly every rocket didn’t take off. We didn’t get them to take off – YET!!!!

On Thursday and Friday we planned and wrote a balanced argument about whether or not Darth Vader should become a teacher at St Mary Redcliffe Primary School. Along side this we learnt about modal verbs, which are words that are placed before a verb to describe whether someone is able to do something, how likely something is, advice, permission and what someone usually does.


By 6Dogwood

Week beginning 12th September


We’ve got through the second week of Year 6!

And our favourite bit was when Bristol Flyers came in and taught us Basketball! We can’t wait for the next lesson on Tuesday. They taught how to do a chest pass and a bounce pass. We played some games including a whole class game of catch!

In maths this week we wrote a code not including any Letters or Numbers to solve a thinking Tom problem. We used symbols and colours to coordinate are code of numbers. We also had to write our name in codes or drawings.

 Now to bring you to our next lesson, Literacy our task in this was to write our own wishing story. We wrote about a boy who wants his Family back and in a different story we wrote about a girl who wants to be a Famous Vlogger.

Next in science we had these special UV Beads which changes colour to different tones in the sunlight/UV light. What happens was in the full sunlight they went up to 7 or 8 UV light but under different materials they only went up to a maximum of 4 UV light. If you don’t know what a UV light is it’s a certain light that we can’t see.

On Wednesday was the school football team try outs and we had a whole batch of new footballers.

On Thursday we went outside onto the new wooden benching area and played some fun games including: Elephant Football.

By Rufus and Paris

Week 1 (05.09.16-09.09.16)


Yahhhh!! schools back. Okay not all students said those exact words, but that hasn't stopped us from doing some brilliant learning.


Science is back with a bang literally it was 'out of this world!'. As our topic is space we've been doing lots of sciency things. The first thing we did, predicting what the effect would be if we put a gummy bear(s) in water for 24hr. Why would a year 6 class be putting gummy bear(s) in water we hear you ask. Its all because of a thing called osmosis. Osmosis is how astronauts get water in outer space. They wee into a special bag inside a bag, the bag is called a membrane. The membrane is a material with lots and lots (and lots) of tiny wholes. It filters all the bad things in the wee away from the water molecules. So the astronauts have clean water.smiley


Literacy was quite active this week. Well we were doing active and passive sentences. A active sentence is when the subject is committing the verb. And a passive sentence is when the subject is having the verb done to it. eg. The shoe was chewed by the zombies...sad


We enjoy being in this wonderful PLACE for maths. Well... we mean place value. We had to use our place value skills order numbers up to a million and EVEN a BILLION and decimals!!! To help us with this we played a fun place value


USA vs USSR its the space race of the century well last century. In topic we've been learning about the space race between the USA and the USSR. 1955 both countries announced they would be the first country to launch a satellite into orbit. 1957 the USSR launch the first satellite into orbit. USSR 1 USA 0. Also in 1957 USSR became the first country to launch a animal into space , with Jack Russell     


By Fred and Solomon         

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