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Term 2

Week 5


We have been working hard on our dances, getting them ready for our Christmas play.


We have completed our learning about Salisbury this week, by creating posters of painted pictures of significant landmarks in Salisbury. We also compared Bristol and Salisbury to see what was the same and different about the two places.  Miss Waters, also came to tell us all about Salisbury, as it was the place where she grew up.


PE was fun. We were using rugby balls to throw and pass with.  


On Friday we had a Science day, learning all about plants.  We've compared the features of flowering plants and trees; looked at the difference between fruits and vegetables; learnt about how seasons affect a deciduous tree and finally planted our own seeds so that we can grow our own plants.  Don't forget to water them and give them lots of sunlight!


Thank you to Matthew, Enzo's dad for coming in to help Enzo share his learning at French school.



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Week 3


The highlight of our week was our trip to the park. Despite the rain we all ventured out to see what goes on in the park whilst we are in school.  We loved it! We saw lots of people using the park - cyclists; dog walkers; walkers; adults with children. It was great fun spotting them as we walked around.  We also visited some of the landmarks in the park: water maze; basketball court; tennis club; play park.  However the best highlight by far was our visit to Mrs Brown's cafe.  We loved our hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows.  The tasty drink certainly did the job of warming us up and giving us an extra boost to make it back to school.


We shared our experience of the park with Mrs Swift and Serum our visiting bear.  We also wrote thoughtful letters of thanks to Mrs Brown for opening her cafe just for us.


This week we celebrate Diwali - The Hindu festival of light.  We had a special visitor who came and spoke to us about the importance of Diwali to Hindu's and she showed us how to make decorative divas.


We were also treated to a story by Rafa's dad, which we thoroughly enjoyed.


In numeracy we have been learning to subtract using subtraction stories.


Christmas has reached SMRP early and we have started to learn the songs for our play.  All children should have taken home a letter stating what part they will play in the performance, as well as the words for the songs to practise at home.

Week 2


This week we have been adapting the story of But Martin to include our own characters. We enjoyed this because we could choose characters which we like such as pirates, witches, princess and super heroes. We will be working on writing our stories this this.


In numeracy we have been investigating our number bonds to 10. We've used resources in the class to help us begin to remember numbers which partner together to always make 10. Please help us practice this at home.


In Geography we have continued to learn about our world. This week we explored the four countries of the United Kingdom. We watched videos for each place, listened to the national anthems, looked at the features of the flags and learnt about some of the significant places in each country.  We have also been thinking about the different types of weather we have in this country and made our own weather charts to monitor the weather throughout the week.


In RE, we all brought in our special things and talked about them.


On Thursday (19th) we will be taking a trip around Victoria Park. We are still waiting on some permission slips, so please make sure these are handed in ASAP.


Week 1


Welcome back!

We've all had a wonderful time over the holidays and it took us a while to get back in to the swing of school again, but we have and we've had lots of fun learning lots of new things.


Our topic this term is 'Hello I'm New Here!' all about finding out about the place we live in as well as places locally, nationally and much further away.


Unexpectedly on Monday morning, we received a parcel from another school in Salisbury. Inside was a teddy bear called Sarum.  He has come for a visit to find out what life is like at our school.  One of our bears - Tangerine Dream, has gone of on his travels to Salisbury to discover things about a school there for us.  We were full of lots of questions to ask after receiving the parcel, so we sent an email full of questions. We look forward to their response.


We have also been learning a new story called 'But Martin'. Its a funny story because it includes some of our names!  Martin is an Alien who comes to visit our school, but he does things differently to us but that's okay because he is Martin! 


As our topic is all about being new, we thought it would be nice to create a class welcome book, for any new person (teacher, parent or child) who might visit us in our class, so that they can get to know us.  We wrote about the things that we like and it has become one of our favourite books to look at and read.


We have been working hard to learn about the seven continents on Earth. We've used the large playground map and learnt a song to help us. To the tune of Frere Jacques





North America,

South America,

Then there is Antarctica,

Don't forget Oceania,

Seven continents.

Seven continents.

We also thought about what animals we might find living on each continent.

To help us further understand our world, we would like to create a class map of all the countries our families are from. So if you could let us know then we can build a web of connections.


We started this week by learning about addition.  We have helped Discovery Dog and Thinking Tom through lots of fun investigation, all to do with adding two numbers together.  We are getting great at always remembering to write the largest number first, then count on.  You can help us with this at home.


Letters about a park visit went out this week. Please make sure consent slips are returned with payment for the hot chocolate by Friday 13th November. Parent helpers will be required for the trip to take place.


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