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Term 2

Week beginning 16th November


In literacy we have been learning about what happens when Tom and Jez saw the alien. Tom and Jez are two boys who are the main characters in the story we have been learning and we have been making actions for the story.


In maths we have learning about multiplying 2 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers using the grid method.


In ICT we have started a new topic - making toys that have computers in them. Our ideas have been race cars, security kittens and remote controlled flying vehicles.


In music we have using objects and body percussion to match the sounds in a muted film clip. We will be creating sound effects for our own film. This is called foely.


Yesterday we found out the name of Miss Shreeves' baby, she is called Annabel.

Week beginning 9th November


In PE we have been learning how to dribble in Basketball. We have been thinking about which position you should be in if someone is trying to attack. 


In maths we have been learning about how to order decimals. We have also been learning our seven times tables. We learnt a new game where you had two halves of a circle and you rolled the dice two times to make a decimal number which you rounded to the nearest whole number. 


In Literacy we have been writing our own poems, shape, lists, narrative and haikus all about sound. 


In History we have been learning about Alexander Graham Bell and he invented the telephone.


This Friday it is Children in Need and most of us are dressed up as our heroes. We are Harry Potter, Danger Mouse, Super Learners, Karate Kid, Cat Woman and many more. 

Week beginning 2nd November


Something really exciting has happened in 4 Larch! Miss Shreeves has a baby and the baby is a girl, but we don't know the name yet. Her baby girl decided to come out a bit early so we wrote messages to say thank you for being our teacher. Miss Grainger is our new teacher.


In Literacy we have been making our own poems about the Sound Collector and we made them rhyme. And we were writing as if we were the sound collector in first person.

Here is one of Frank's verses.


The chatting of the children

The squeaking of the door

The ticking of the clock

The creaking of the floor


This week in maths we have been learning perimeter. Perimeter is the length around an object. You can only measure objects with straight lines. We are also learning our 7 times table.


Our new topic this term is how do we see and how do we hear and we have been writing on post-it notes what we want to find out. Science was so exciting! We started learning about vibrating. We learnt that sound is created by vibrations and if there is no vibrations there is no sound. 


In Art we were drawing pictures of the vegetable squash. In PE we have been playing Basketball, learning about chest passes in groups of four. In our class the record for most passes is 67 in two minutes. 


In music we have been learning a new song called Firework because it was bonfire night and we been making rubbish into music.