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Term 2

This week was all about Divali the Hindu Festival of Light.  We have been learning about Ravana the 10-headed monster who took Princess Sita away.  We had to join Hanuman the Monkey King to make a bridge to rescue her.  We made clay divas to help light the way home.

We also explored running through space, chasing, pouring water, making Rangoli patterns with glue and rice and drawing lots of patterns.  Come and see our beautiful Toran which decorates the door entrance to Nursery with lots of waves, curves and spirals. 

We even tried Bollywood dancing with Farrah Zaf's mum - thank you!  Mrs Moral and Mrs Knights certainly had a good dance and some of us supported with lots of percussion and rhythm.


Next week the children want to have a birthday party for the dinosaurs so we will be exploring our favourite celebration and planning a real party!


Have a good weekend - remember to start your Reception place school application if you haven't already.  Please ask us for help if needed.  Mrs Knights will check that you have all completed an application in December and January! 


Mrs Knights and Mrs Moral 

Term 2 already and soon ...... sshhh .... Christmas will be here again!

We have lots of lovely themes and activities planned over the next weeks, and started off with Fireworks.  We have created a fireworks shop outside to build and sell differently shaped fireworks - please use shape words like square, circle, oval, triangle for flat shapes and cube, cuboid, sphere and pyramid (if it is a pyramid ie 5 faces!). 

We had a fabulous campfire time on Friday morning with real marshmallows though sadly not a real fire this time then we had loads of fun creating firework ribbons and a team challenge to fill the blue barrel with leaves , roll it around and empty it again.  We were nearly buried in soggy leaves. We have been hearing firework sound descriptions and decorated biscuits using icing to create firework movements. 

Next week we are investigating the Hindu festival of Divali. 


It's lovely to see you all again after the holiday and I really enjoyed our chats at the Parents' Evenings.


Happy weekend all, Mrs Knights and Mrs Moral.