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Term 2

Week beginning 7.12.15


In English we have been creating our defeating the monster stories.

We also have been drawing our front covers for our class book and 

next week we will write our blurbs. When everybody has finished their

stories will publish them and put them all in one big book.


In maths we have been solving a  maths problem: if you divide an odd number 

by an even number it will always have a remainder and we found it was true.

23 divided by 4=5r3


Written by Layla and Ruby


Week beginning 30.11.15


This week in English we have been planning a defeating a monster story.First we started with are problem then we did are resolution after that we did are build up finally we got to choose if we wanted to start with the ending or the opening.


In maths we investigated factors of numbers.The biggest factor between 20 and 30.


In PE we have been practising basket ball we have been playing a game where there were 3 defenders and the rest of the people had to try and get the ball past the defenders but they could only try and get the ball past the defenders you had to pass the ball 3 times.


In art we have been learning  about an artist called Pablo picasso and doing the broken mirror effect.


Written by Rahma and Lottie

Investigating factors

Week beginning 23.11.15


This week in RE we have used the netbooks to investigate similarities and differences between orthodox and reform Jews.


In English we have been planning and writing the end of our story Alien Landing! We decided why the aliens were stealing the water from Earth and how Tom and Jez, the two main characters, stopped and captured them. 


In Maths we have been investigating multiplication, using grid method to find our answers. We have also been investigating factors of numbers and have discovered that you can only use multiplication and, when investigating numbers between 20-30, numbers 30 and 24 had the highest number of factors. We also discovered numbers 29 and 23 were prime numbers.





Week beginning 16.11.15


In ICT we have been designing and making a interactive toy in Scratch. William, a digital leader, helped us programme our interactive toys.


In Maths we have been learning to do the grid method to help us solve multiplication problems quicker. We have had to use our partitioning, doubling and times table skills.


In English we have been learning a new text map call the Alien landing where 2 boys are about to go home to their cottage when glowing lights appear in the sky. We have also been learning about prefixes, which are letters that you add on to words to make a word different e.g. correct - incorrect.


In Music we have been making a Foley for a video. Foley is when you create sounds using things you would see everyday e.g. cracking egg open is made by ice cream cone being crushed. We need to improve our sounds, but it was so much fun!


Written by Isaac and Ben

Week beginning 09.11.15


This week in 4 Hazel we have been learning in English we  have been writing poems  such as haiku, narrative, shape and list.


In maths we have been making sums and putting them with decimals and also we have been writing our notice  bubbles how we feel about the decimals


In topic we have been learning about Alexander Graham Bell's life and we have been drawing pictures and writing about his life 


In RE we have been focusing on the Jewish religion and been drawing the food they  ate at the passover they ate lamb bone and food that looked like cement,horse radish and parsley.



Written by Kirra and Yaseen

                                                       week beginning (2 November)         


This week in maths we have been, learning about perimeters. We have been finding the perimeter and area of shapes, mainly rectangles. Now we are doing perimeters with decimal points.


In English we have been learning about poetry. We have been learning a poem called THE SOUND COLLECTOR by Roger McGough. Then we were put into groups and had a verse each to learn and we had to put actions to it.


When we came back from the holidays we had a new topic HOW WE SEE and HOW WE HEAR. We watched some videos of stomp, which is men using scrap to make music and sound. After we watched the videos we used some classroom equipment to make our own sounds.


During science we have been learning how shadows are formed. We had a lesson and made our own shadows. As well as doing our own shadows, we have been learning what changes a shadow.



In ICT we have been on the netbooks on a app called Scratch. We have been making Scratch the cat do times table, to test the netbooks. We have also been debugging.



                                                4 hazel

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