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Term 2

Week Beginning 08.12.14


This week we wrote our own story to go with the book Tuesday, which is a picture book with very few words. We planned out our stories before we wrote them.


On Friday afternoon we all got into our costumes and we performded our Christmas play to the school. It is called 'Primary School Christmas Musical'. Everyone enjoyed it and Miss Bendon couldn't stop laughing!


In maths this week we have been learning about area and we even had to try and solve a problem for Mr Parkes!


We partcipated in the hour of code, it was great fun!


We also carried out a sound investigation, we found out that sound is made by vibrations!


In music we have been making our own posters to sell a musical instrument.


In drama we have been acting our haunted house stories, we had to design our own stage and costumes for our plays.


We also made origami star christmas decorations.

Sound Investigation

Sound Investigation 1
Sound Investigation 2
Sound Investigation 3
Sound Investigation 4
Sound Investigation 5
Sound Investigation 6
Sound Investigation 7
Sound Investigation 8
Sound Investigation 9
Sound Investigation 10
Sound Investigation 11

Hour of code

Hour of code 1
Hour of code 2
Hour of code 3
Hour of code 4
Hour of code 5

Week Beginning 01.12.14


This week in Literacy we had to find clues and investigate the story Tuesday. We have to role play being a detective and then write an eye witness account. 


In Numeracy we have been finding the area and perimeter of shapes. To find the area we had to count the squares. 


For science we had to go into the science cupboard and measure the shadow of a tin using a torch. We found out that the shadow got smaller the further away from the light it got. 


In Art we were finishing our Picasso portraits and doing a side view portrait. 


We did lots of practicing for the play this week. In the last rehearsal we managed to get through the whole thing and we didn't even use scripts!



Role playing a police interrogation

Role playing a police interrogation 1
Role playing a police interrogation 2
Role playing a police interrogation 3
Role playing a police interrogation 4
Role playing a police interrogation 5
Role playing a police interrogation 6
Role playing a police interrogation 7
Role playing a police interrogation 8
Role playing a police interrogation 9
Role playing a police interrogation 10

Week Beginning 24th November


In Literacy this week we have been looking at the book 'Tuesday' and making predictions about it. Our predictions had to be supported by evidence. We got into role as a detective and we wrote a description about the crime scene and started to imagine what it felt like. 


On Tuesday we went on sound survey. We went around the local area exploring what sounds we could hear.


In Numeracy we have been using diennes to partition numbers and some of us were partitioning two and some three digit numbers. We had to do it in more than five ways. Some of us also used a systematic method!


On Friday in Drama we were making up our own ending for the haunted house story. 


We had our first rehearsal this week on, Thursday, and we did really well but we didn't quite get to finish it. 


In Art we were drawing faces like Picasso, it was fun! We used lots of different colours. Also we scored 36 in art!

Week beginning 17.11.14


This week had been anti-bullying week. The motto was 'Let's stop bullying for all!'. To show that our school is against bullying we all made anti bullying bunting that will be seen across the whole school. 


This week in Literacy we have been planning and writing our own instructions about how to make a friend. When writing instructions you need an introduction, what you need, what you do and a final warning section. 


In Maths we have been learning about coordinates and shapes. We split into two groups. One group had a special treat, a man, called Paul, came in and taught us some maths games. The other group  were investigating making numbers up to 10 using numicon. 


In Art we learnt how to draw faces. We used a set of instructions to help us. We looked at Picasso's portraits and hopefully we will get to make some that are similar. 

Week beginning 11.11.14


On Friday was Children in need and we dressed up as our hero's or super heros. We all brought in 50p to raise money for Children in need.  


This week in Literacy we have been learning a set of instructions about how to make a torch. We made our own text map and have learnt the text using actions. We also made our own torch using the set of instructions, this also fitted in nicely into our Science!


In maths we have been looking at 2D shapes and their angles. We have also looked at irregular shapes. Also in maths we wrote facts about quadrilaterals on post it notes and put them up on the wall. 


In ICT we got out the new touch screen computers and we completed three challenges by ourselves! 


In drama this week we were acting out what we thought might happen next in the story. In PE we have been developing our rugby skills. 

Making Torches

Making Torches 1
Making Torches 2
Making Torches 3
Making Torches 4
Making Torches 5
Making Torches 6
Making Torches 7
Making Torches 8
Making Torches 9
Making Torches 10
Making Torches 11
Making Torches 12
Making Torches 13
Making Torches 14
Making Torches 15
Making Torches 16
Making Torches 17
Making Torches 18
Making Torches 19
Making Torches 20
Making Torches 21

Laptop Challenges

Laptop Challenges 1
Laptop Challenges 2
Laptop Challenges 3
Laptop Challenges 4
Laptop Challenges 5

Week Beginning 03.11.14


This week we have been writing our own poetry. We read, learnt and performed 'The Sound Collector' by Roger McGough. We used sounds from around the house to create a rhyming poem.


In Numeracy we have been dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. We had to write a rule and try and explain what was happening!


Our new topic is Sound and Light and we were using junk to make our own sounds and compose music. 


We learnt Indian folk dancing because we were celebrating Diwali. Diwali is the Hindu festival of light. There were three different groups, one was the bumble bee, one was showing their henna and the last group were looking at the mirror. 

Indian Folk Dancing

Indian Folk Dancing 1
Indian Folk Dancing 2
Indian Folk Dancing 3
Indian Folk Dancing 4
Indian Folk Dancing 5
Indian Folk Dancing 6
Indian Folk Dancing 7
Indian Folk Dancing 8
Indian Folk Dancing 9
Indian Folk Dancing 10
Indian Folk Dancing 11
Indian Folk Dancing 12
Indian Folk Dancing 13
Indian Folk Dancing 14
Indian Folk Dancing 15
Indian Folk Dancing 16
Indian Folk Dancing 17

Sounds from Junk!

Sounds from Junk! 1
Sounds from Junk! 2
Sounds from Junk! 3
Sounds from Junk! 4
Sounds from Junk! 5
Sounds from Junk! 6
Sounds from Junk! 7
Sounds from Junk! 8
Sounds from Junk! 9
Sounds from Junk! 10
Sounds from Junk! 11
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