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Term 2

WC 12.12.16


We've made it to the end of the year! I'm so proud of what the children have achieved this week... they performed a Christmas Play on Monday and managed to walk to the church and back on Tuesday and again on Thursday! Please see below for a photo of all the children in their nativity costumes and some photos of 'Tree Fest'. Whilst we were at the church we also took part in the story of Little Owl and the Star. Please see photos of the beautiful story mat which the children placed knitted characters on as they appeared in the story. In your child's book bag, please look out for extra reading books, a homework pack, Christmas cards from friends, a calendar, a play certificate and a tree decoration.

Mrs Cornelius and I have been overwhelmed by your support and kindness this term...what a lovely group of arents and carers you are. Have an amazing break with your wonderful children.

Looking forward to a fresh new term in 2017



WC 5.12.16


I am feeling really proud of Reception Ash and Hawthorn today after their amazing Christmas Play performance this morning. Looking forward to doing it all again on Monday morning for those of you who haven't yet seen it. The children have really enjoyed watching the dress rehearsals of the other plays from KS1 and KS2. Amongst the Christmas fun we have been making calendars, writing christmas cards and consolidating our maths learning from this term. In phonics we have been learning about the tricky two letter sounds 'th' and 'qu' and have played games to practise our segmenting and blending skills. Next week we are going to SMR church to see the trees and to take part in an interactive story called 'Little Owl and the Star' (an age appropriate version of the Christmas story). We would really appreciate 2 more people to help us walk over to the church if anyone is available. We also need some help walking to the church on Thursday morning for the whole school service. There is a sign-up sheet in class if you are available. Have a great weekend and see you on Monday for a very busy, but fun final week of term.

Mr H

WC 28.11.16


Last week we looked at some tricky 2-letter sounds (sh, ch, ng) and practised spotting and underlining them in words. We use the phrase '2 letters, 1 sound' to remind ourselves not to sound out the individual letters when reading words which contain these special sounds. Have a go at finding some objects which begin with 'ch' and 'sh' around your home, asking your child to identify the initial sound. E.g. "Does this shoe begin with the 'sh' or 'ch' sound?' In maths we practised counting the total of two separate groups of objects and introduced the fact that we can count on from the largest group in order to save time. We also explored the language of 'more', 'same' and 'fewer' when comparing two groups of objects. Children are expected to use 'fewer' rather than 'less' in this context as 'less' is associated with subtraction. We have also been looking at 1 less and 1 more, using a number line to help us when we get stuck. We have also been looking closely at teen numbers and their pronunciation e.g. nineteen rather than ninety. Make some flash cards of the numbers 10-20 at home to practise recognising them at speed. 13 and 15 are the trickiest as the second digit is pronounced differently to the others. To increase the level of challenge, adk your child for the number which is 1 or 2 less or more than the number you are showing. Make it easier by using single digit numbers. You could also have a go at saying numbers out loud for your child to write down. If numbers are reversed it is worth practising writing them the correct way round several times (after praising their efforts of course!

Apologies for the late entry

Mr H

WC 21.11.16


This week we have made a fantastic start on our Christmas production. Miss Karn and I were really impressed by how well the children remembered their positions around the stage from the day before. If you haven't found it yet there should be a slip inside your child's bookbag to let you know what they need to bring in as a costume. 

 This week we have been bowled over by your support, kind words and emails. It means such a lot to us and has kept us going so that we can continue to teach your children to the best of our abilities.

Have a lovely weekend and hope to see you at the fair tomorrow.


Mr H

Wc 14.11.16


Firstly I would like to apologise for the lack of an entry last week. Despite my trying to upload stuff, the computer wasn't cooperating last Friday. Hopefully you will get today's update and the photos from this week and last which I have posted below. The children looked amazing in their spotty clothes today for children in need, thanks for your support in raising money for a worthy cause!

This week we learnt the sounds j, v and w and practised our blending skills. We also read the story of Anna Hibiscus Song and wrote some labels for a picture form this story book. We looked at some videos about our partner school in Uganda, to extend the African theme and we also had a Thai visitor in our classroom who talked to us about the festival Loi Krathong, which shares many similarities with Diwali, which we studied the week before. You can see some of our rangoli designs in the pictures below. We also made our own Diwa lamps. In Numeracy we have been learning about symmetry, writing numbers accurately and finding the total of two groups by responding to the question 'How many...altogether'

It was great to be able to revisit our Forest School site again this week!

Enjoy the week end

All the best

Mr H :0)

WC 31.10.16


We have had a fun packed first week back at term. We started the week by opening a wrapped box of special items which we realised linked to our topic of special times and festivals. We also attended an assembly about the Mexican festival of 'Day of the Dead' and we decorated masks skull pictures as in order to enter a whole school competition. In Maths we have been matching numeral to quantity and learning to recognise tricky 'teen' numbers. In phonics we have been consolidating all our phase 2 sounds. In PE we played 2 new team called 'Dishes and Domes' and the other 'Crab Football'.

At Forest School we threaded our own leaf necklaces, had some hot chocolate and threw hoops onto the grass, investigating all the different types of plant we could find living within each hoop.

Thank you all for coming to parent / carers evening, it was lovely to share your children's progress with you.


Enjoy the weekend and the fireworks


Mr H