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Term 2

Week 7


Christmas is almost here! We have had a fun filled week.  It started with a trip to St Mary Redcliffe Church.  This linked in to our RE topic of special places.  Here we had a tour of the church and learnt about the different parts of the church and what they are used for.  


On Tuesday we had our last performance to the parents.  It was great to see so many of you and we would like to say thank you for the wonderful costumes which were provided.  We hope you thoroughly enjoyed it as much as we did!


We have made lots of creative Christmas decorations using clay and paper.  We hope they have pride of place on all the lovely trees!


We returned to the church again, this time with the whole school to complete our Christmas celebrations.  We sang one of our songs to the audience which sounded angelic thanks to the wonderful acoustics and our lovely singing voices. In the afternoon of that day we had our Christmas party. We danced, played games and had LOTS to eat!


Today was a more quieter chilled day, spent with our friends playing, chatting and having fun.  


From all the staff in Silver Birch we'd like to wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We'd also liked to say a HUGE thank you for all the kind gifts.  Thank you also for all your kind comments and support.

Week 6


This week has all been about the Nativity.  We've made accessories to enhance our costumes, practised our dances and the songs.  We hope those of you who came today enjoyed it and we look forward to seeing the rest of you next week.Thank you for all your help to provide stunning outfits. 


There's a lot happening next week:

  • Monday afternoon we will be going to the church. Please make sure permission slips have been completed and handed in.
  • Tuesday morning will be our final performance.
  • Thursday morning we will be returning to the church with the whole school.  You are welcome to along to.  This is a lovely festive event.
  • Thursday afternoon we will be having our Christmas party. Letters were sent home today asking for food donations. Please no nuts or food containing nuts.  Children will be allowed to bring in party clothes to change in to. please make sure these are in named carrier bags.


You will have also received a letter regarding a visit to the theatre in the new year.  Please make sure payment and permission slips are sent to school ASAP.


Many thanks for all your hep and support.



Week 4

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Week 3


We've had to say our goodbyes this week.  First to Beegu, who has gone of to another school in Salisbury to see what life is like there. Just today we said our goodbyes to Lansana who is living us for a while to spend sometime in Senegal.  We wish both him and his family a wonderful, memorable time and we look forward to hearing from him soon.


So Beegu was going, we helped her pack a suitcase of things to take and we sent her on her way.  We hope to here back from her and the school to learn more about the similarities and differences between our two schools.


In celebration of Beegu's time with us, we made pizzas, all in the face of Beegu! They were yummy!


In Maths we have been learning to count in 2s up to 20. With grouped things in twos and solved problems involving counting in 2s.  Please continue to help us by counting in 2s with us at home.


Today we celebrated Children in Need.  We had a lot of spotty children in class, luckily not the ill kind!  Thank you for all the kind donations of money which we are sure will make a difference to a lot of children's lives both here and abroard.

Week 1


Welcome back!It's been lovely being back all together and we had a great start to our first week.


We had an unusual  start to our week. Firstly, Nursery sort out our help to identify some unusual slime which  had been found in their playground.  They weren't sure what it was and where it had come from.  They asked us if we could help them. So we went to examine it. We felt it, smelt it and looked carefully at it.  We had a vareity of ideas of what it could have been:monsters sick; space gloop; witches slime. It was glittery, slimy, watery and gluey.  


The very next day we received a mystery parcel through the post. Inside was an unusual creature. It was soft and yellow, with three eyes and two long droopy ears.  We later discovered that it's name was Beegu and it was an alien from another planet come to visit us.  


Beegu is going to stay with us this term to discover what life is like in Silver Birch, in our school and the places nearby.  


We really enjoyed being imaginative and thinking what Beegu's planet might be like.  These are the sort of things we thought we might see or come across there: large Venus Fly Trap plants; tornados; green lily pond covered ponds; protective space rabbits, guarders of Beegu's planet.  


We look forward to discovering what other exciting things we might learn about Beegu next week.


In Numeracy we have been looking and learning about the features of 2D shapes.  We've been on shape hunts around school and discovered that there are shapes used all around us.  Maybe we can do a shape hunt at home with you.


Wednesday we learnt about the Mexican festival - Day of the Dead.  We created wonderful lanterns which would have been used during the festival.


In RE we have been thinking about names and why each of our names is special to us.  We'd like to learn more about the reasons behind our names, so please share why you chose them on a slip of paper so that we can display and share them with our class.


In PE, we've been using quoits in a variety of ways: rolling, balancing, throwing and catching.


We have explain to the children about the changes in our Show and Tell.  From now on Show and Tell will focus on work that relates to the learning in class and work from this term's homework menu which you'll find at the top of this page.  Please help us to reduce the amount of show and tell, by making sure it relates to either of these two aspects.  We've also said that only following a child's birthday, can an toy/gift be brought to school to share. Thank you in advance




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