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Term 2



Week 5


This week we have been planning our very own alien stories, we made up a character and a setting and then planned the beginning, middle and end. 

We have already written a very exciting opening!

In Numeracy we have been looking at adding one digit numbers, on Thursday and Friday we have been using bead strings to work out number bonds for 5,6,7 and 8!

On Monday we had an art workshop where we made decorations for a Christmas tree. We are looking forward to visiting our tree at Treefest next week. 

Making tree decorations

Week 3

This week we have sent Beegu on a journey. She is travelling to Salisbury to stay with Miss Swift's sister. We designed what she would need to take with her. We decided that Beegu would need food so on Thursday we made face pizzas! Then we looked at photos of our school and wrote about what we did here. We are sending them to the other school. We also wrote questions asking the other children all about their school. 

In numeracy we have been counting in 2's, we decided that we are better at counting in ones but we are going to practise because we found out that it is quicker. 

Our core value this term is Respect. Miss Barker set us a respect challenge...we had to be paper chained to our partner! If we showed respect and cared for our partner our chains would stay together! Please see our pictures below.


We made pizza!

Respect paper chains

Week 2


This week we got another letter from Beegu, asking us about a mysterious green area that she saw when she was in her spaceship. We all decided that it was our park! We talked about all the things we can do there. 

On Tuesday we went on a trip to explore our park, we took photos to send to Beegu, we had a yummy hot chocolate and we made leaf necklaces! We also thought of questions we wanted to ask Beegu.

In Numeracy we have been working on half. We found half of shapes and also half of numbers. 

We also did work on Diwali and thought about Poppy day.

Week 1


What an exciting week back we have had this week! On monday some mysterious gloop appeared in the playground, it felt; slimy, cold, sloppy and some ideas were that it was alien snot, ghost blood and a monster trail!

Then on Tuesday a package arrived. Inside was a yellow creature and a book called Beegu... we made predictions about the front cover. 

We have read the book as a class and Beegu is an alien who has lost her mum and dad and is looking for some friends. Today we created as a whole class what we think Beegu's home planet looks like.

In Numeracy this week we have been looking at shape. We went on a shape walk and also created shape pictures.

We have also been doing lots of P.E and learning about where we live and what types of houses are around Bristol. This afternoon we will be printing our houses using paint.

Please look at our pictures below.

Alien gloop

Beegu planet

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