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Term 2

Learning at home ideas


  • Practise x3, x4, x8 times tables. Make up your own song to help you remember.

  • Research a natural disaster that interests you. Make a fact file with the information.

  • Write your own warning story, make sure you use paragraphs and inverted commas when someone is speaking.

  • Watch news round, write a newspaper article about a piece of news.

  • Practise finding double and half of numbers, perhaps make your own game!

  • Create your own dictionary; add new words you come across in your reading or at school.

  • Go for a rock hunt around your local area, how many different types can you find?

Monday 5th December-Friday 9th December

Monday 5th December-Friday 9th December

  • This afternoon we are going to make a marshmallow structure that can withstand an earthquake. 
  • In maths today we were giving directions through a maze using angles and direction.
  • In art we made our new name labels for our art folders.
  • We performed our Christmas Play in front of the whole school.
  • This week in literacy we did a spelling test. Also in literacy this week we have been  writing our non-chronological reports about volcanoes.
  • Sadly, we couldn't go to swimming today because the lifeguard was poorly.
  • We watched the rest of the school do their dress rehearsals. 
  • In assembly this week we watched performances by the children who have music lessons at school. We were all very impressed. 

Monday 28th November-Friday 2nd December 


  • This week in maths we have been learning about shapes and angles. We have learnt about acute, right angles and obtuse angles. Today we made our own games where you had to describe the angles in the shape. We read out our clue then the table had to guess the shape.
  • On Monday in maths we made 3D shapes. Lots of us made an octahedron!
  • In literacy we have been planning non-chronological reports on volcanoes. 
  • We have been practising our Christmas play this week. 
  • At swimming Miss Dudding was assessing us, some of us swam a width and some of us a length.

Monday 28th November-Friday 2nd December

Monday 21st November-Friday 25th November

  • We have been learning about fractions in maths. 
  • We have been adding fractions. 
  • In literacy we wrote our own warning story based on natural disaster. We also wrote a diary account as though we had been in a tsunami. 
  • On Wednesday we had an earthquake and volcano workshop where we were explorers!
  • We have started practising our Christmas play!
  • In swimming we practised breaststroke and some of jumped into the deep end!

Monday 7thNovember -Friday 18th November

Monday 14th November-Friday 18th November 

  • This week in maths we have started learning about fractions. We have been learning to find 1/10.
  • Today we are wearing spotty clothes because we are raising money for children in need. 
  • This week in literacy we created our own versions of The Mountain Fire and wrote the beginning of this story. We were working on creating descriptive setting. 
  • Today in swimming some of us went in the deep end at the swimming pool.
  • In PSHE this week we were learning about bullying. We watched a video to show examples of bullying and made our own posters for anti bullying which have been entered into a competition. 
  • In spelling we practised more homophones. We played a game where you had to draw a homophone and our partner had to guess the word and spell the correct homophone. 
  • In PE we continued to make different shapes using our bodies. 
  • In RE were thinking about the word miracle and what it meant to us. 

Monday 31st October-Friday 4th November

  • On Monday we made our own volcanoes out of chicken wire and paper. In the afternoon we went outside and made a mixture which we then made erupt out of our volcanoes!
  • On Wednesday it was Day of the Dead and we decorated skulls. 
  • In PE we were doing different actions in gymnastics.
  • In literacy we wrote our own warning stories.
  • In maths we are learning our 3x tables. We have been using arrays to help us work out answers. 
  • In PSHE we were thinking about how diverse we are and discussing what 'family' means. We had to guess all of Miss Dudding's family! We made our own definition for a family. 
  • Our topic this term is Natural Disasters and we are very excited to learn lots this term!


Dear Parents and Carers,


This term our indoor PE slot will be on a Tuesday morning or Wednesday afternoons. We will continue to swim every Friday Morning.


On Tuesday mornings we will be out of class to do planning and assessment. During this time both Year 3 classes will be covered by Mrs H for Art and Mrs Miller for PE and Music.


Children should bring a book bag to school, so that they can take home letters and reading books. Please ask at the office if you need a book bag.


We are very pleased to announce our topic this term is ‘Natural Disasters’ This is a topic based around our Geography skills, where we will explore the physical and human effects of natural disasters. Watch out, we might even make our own volcano!


We would like to take this opportunity to say well done to the children so far, they have been incredibly enthusiastic and are really challenging themselves in Year 3.


Thank you for all your support,         



Miss Dudding and Mr Germain



We will be using Talk For Writing to learn about recounts and writing our own on natural disasters. We will also be writing information texts on plants.


Science: We will be looking at the life cycle of a plant, how water is transported up the stem, where different plants grow and the structure of a plant. We will use thermometers to measure the temperature at which plants grow best.



This term we will looking at Fauve landscapes. We will create bright and wild paintings




We will use the composition and create a city and weather soundscape.



During this term the children will be learning about fractions, shape and measurement. We will also be developing our multiplication and division skills.



In our indoor sessions we will be developing sequences in gymnastics.


In Swimming we will be developing our strokes and gaining confidence in the water.



Locating UK cities and interpreting map keys.

Field work will play a part in our learning. We will understanding the physical processes of volcanoes and earthquakes and the impact these have on people.



We will looking at celebrating differences. Thinking about accepting differences and solving conflicts when they occur.



We are continuing to focus on our question:


What can we learn from the life/teaching of Jesus?


How you can help at home:



Please ensure that your child is reading for 20 minutes every day. Remember to ask them questions about the text e.g.

  • Who is your favourite character and why?

  • What words were chosen to show that the characters are happy/ sad?

  • What description has been included that shows the time and place that the story has been set?

  • Would this story work in another period of time?

Can you compare the story to another you have read or seen on television?

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