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Term 2

Term 2 Learning Fun!

Last week of term - Week beginning 12/12/16


What an incredibly busy Term 2 we have had. We have continued to enjoy our topic The Invaders, kicking-off the term with our Viking boat trip and a Jorvik Dragon Invasion to our classroom! We have also created Viking Shields and a huge Viking Long Boat, that will light up, ready for our Lantern festival in January. Check out our awesome photographs! 


This term, we have had a lot of visitors check our books and come and see our learning. We are proud of our books and Miss Yeap says they are a pleasure to mark! Maths has continued to challenge us, especially when we have to use and apply previous learning! For example, finding tenths, dividing by ten and relating this to measures of lengths and money! In writing, we are producing a lot more every day and some of the areas we have focused on our punctuation, fronted adverbials and prefixes. We have also covered a range of genres including diary writing, balanced arguments and stories. 


During the last few weeks, we have been busy rehearsing and performing our Christmas play. Some of us have had so many lines to learn! Myrtle in particular has had 97 lines and 2 solo singing parts! The teachers are so proud of us. 


4Cherry and Miss Yeap wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Ideas for Home Learning in Term 2


  • Our topic this term is Invaders with a focus on The Vikings. What can you find out about them?

  • By the end of year four children are expected to know all their times tables up to 12 x 12. You can practice tables in fun ways at home. You can chant them, give quick fire questions in any order or there are games you can play on the internet, for example Bubble Multiples:

  • In year four you need to be able to spell lots of different homophones. Do you know how to spell these homophones and their different meanings? Can you think of any more

    • peace and piece
    • main and mane
    • fare and fair
    • rain and reign
    • there, their and they’re
    • cereal and serial
    • whether and weather
    • sale and sail
  • Telling the time is so important, you can use clocks everywhere you go to tell the time. Try using both analogue and digital clocks.

  • You can also use the top marks website to play English and Mathsgames: