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Term 2

Week beginning 14th November 2016


In literacy we're currently learning a text called 'Moby Dick'. This is an old tale that was written in 1851. The story is about a ship called the Pequod which was savagely attacked by a gigantic whale. Our focus is to write a story that includes speech and a range of sentences types using commas. 


In maths we have recently learnt about multiples, factors, primes numbers, composite numbers and prime factors. Last week we also learnt about negative numbers in temperature. We investigated why -2oC is a warmer temperature than -13oC. Today we've started to learn about Roman numerals. Our target is to read any number up to 1000 (M) and convert any year into Roman numerals. 


In spelling, we've just finished a small unit on using the suffix '-ible' and '-able'. Today we've started learning about 'homophones', words that are spelled differently but sound the same. Example - which and witch, herd and heard. 


In topic and history we've started to learn about the historical and current uses of the Bristol Harbourside. We've also started to investigate the slave trade and why Bristol was used as a port during this time. 

Home Learning


This term our topic is 'Maritime Bristol'!


Please copy this link for instructions of the Bristol Maritime Trail if you fancy getting out and about and learning a bit more about our great city:


There is lots of under water information to find if you copy this link:


5 Hazel have completed their challenge to read to the height of Mr Fry. Now our challenge is to read to the height of a professional wrestler, who is 6'1'' tall.


For maths it is so important to know all the times tables off by heart and this term we will be focusing on the 8 times table. Please practise these at home.


Maths times tables games:


How quickly can you fill in the times table grid? Challenge yourself! Click on the document below to print your own.


In English we will be focusing on writing biographies for our non-fictional text. Research a significant maritime person in history.