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Term 2

Friday 9th December 2016


Dear readers,


Today we have completed our Term 2 tests and everybody worked really well!


In English we have been learning about words ending in -ing. We have started to learn about biographies and will be looking at Brunel if you fancy doing any research at home.


In drama we completed our dress rehearsal which went brilliantly. We are looking forward to performing it to you.


In topic we wrote a recount of our trip to the MShed and Bristol Packet boat ride (the boat was called Bagheera).


In science we've been weighing classroom objects using a Newton meter.


In PE we played basketball games, focusing on communication.


In RE we read 'The Greatest Gift, the story of the other wise man' by Susan Summers and compared it to the traditional story we knew of the three wise men.


In maths we have been comparing fractions, percentages and decimals.






















Friday 25th November 2016


Dear readers,


This week we have begun to practise our Christmas play.


In English we have been writing our innovated endings for Moby Dick, also we have planned our invented stories.


In maths we have been learning about adding and subtracting fractions with the same or different denominators. Some people have started looking at improper fractions.


In PE we have been improving our shooting and passing in basketball.


In gymnastics we have been creating sequences, with flight, on the apparatus.


In art we have been doing finger print paintings inspired by Richard Long, the artist from Bristol.


In RE we have been thinking about whether the Bible is still relevant today.


In Jigsaw we learnt about the effects of rumours and name calling as forms of bulling.


In ukuleles we have been playing to a song using the chords we know.


Have a lovely weekend.




5 Larch.


Parent homework! Please support your child if they have lines in the Christmas play :-)



Spellings - homophones:












River Mapping Project

Moby Dick T4W

Moby Dick T4W 1
Moby Dick T4W 2

Friday 11th November 2016


Dear readers,


This week we have had an exciting week! On Thursday we had a visitor in and we learnt a bollywood dance!


In maths we have been learning about multiples, factors, factor pairs, prime numbers, composite numbers and square numbers.


In English we have been learning a talk for writing story called Moby Dick! We have also been learning about metaphors (for example: 'the sun is a golden coin', 'the brown river is a chocolate waterfall'), similes (for example: 'as slow as a snail', 'like a cheetah') and personification (for example: 'the radiator sweated in the heat of the day').


In RE we have been writing prayers with this term's value in mind: RESPECT.


Today we went on a Malago river trip in the local area (not to be confused with our Bristol Packet boat ride on the 6th Dec!). We were observing and listening to wildlife; we took pictures and notes. We were also listening to birds tweeting.


In gymnastics we have been learning about flight and the different ways of leaving and returning to the floor.


In basketball we were learning how to shoot. In groups we had a competition where the first to ten won.


In ukuleles we learnt the E minor chord and strummed along to Guns and Roses - Sweet child of mine.


In art we practised drawing accurate self portraits.


In PSHE we talked about different people in different cultures and how these people can have conflict, but we should remember that everyone is unique and special, regardless of what category they fit in.


Thanks for reading!


5 larch



Spellings week 1 and 2









Creating our special maps

Friday 4th November 2016




This week we have made marigold flowers for the Day of the Dead Mexican festival. Some of us have entered a skull design competition where the winner gets a Day of the Dead prize.


In PE we have been dribbling in basketball with the Bristol Flyers! We were in teams and did lots of races to practise our dribbling - two handed dibbling is really hard but we will persevere because it is important to make sure both of our hands are as good as each other. In gymnastics we were looking at partner balances where we had to trust our partner with some challenging positions.


In English we have been looking at similes, metaphors and personification.


In maths we have been exploring methods for division (for example bus stop method) and we have started to learn about factors and multiples.


In RE we asked 3 questions to a Reverend Kat and discussed whether we thought she would be able to answer the questions.


In topic we started researching about our new topic 'Maritime Bristol' and created a poster of the facts we discovered. 


In ukuleles, we learnt a new chord: D major. In addition we practised changing form chord to chord smoothly.


As a special treat, this morning Luci and Helen came in and we were drawing birds eye maps - not to scale - of the places that are important to us.


Thanks for reading!


5 Larch.

Home Learning


This term our topic is 'Maritime Bristol'!


Please copy this link for instructions of the Bristol Maritime Trail if you fancy getting out and about and learning a bit more about our great city:


There is lots of under water information to find if you copy this link:


5 Larch have completed their challenge to read to the height of Miss Cameron (we celebrated by doing the conga around the school!). Now our challenge is to read to the height of a Bristol Flyer basketball player, who is 6'7'' tall, who just about fits in our classroom.


For more information on the Bristol Flyers - who we will be training with this term - copy this link:


For maths it is so important to know all the times tables off by heart and this term we will be focusing on the 8 times table. Please practise these at home.


Maths times tables games:


How quickly can you fill in the times table grid? Challenge yourself! Click on the document below to print your own.


In English we will be focusing on writing biographies for our non-fictional text. Research a significant maritime person in history.



Half term spellings








Times table grid (12x12)

Picture 1
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