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Term 2

Learning, Week Beginning 21/11/16


In Computing, we started making our own Quest game where we had to kill an ogre, however, some of us were inspired by Undertale and are going to try to make a pacifist version of the game, where we can befriend the ogre instead.


In Literacy, we have been writing our own newspaper article on saving a teacher who had a heart attack (there was a strangely popular opinion that coffee was the primary cause...), and also got to write our own story based on a film trailer for Boss Baby.


In Maths, we have been multiplying and dividing fractions, we also made a start on finding fractions of amounts. Next week we will be moving onto decimals if you want to get a bit of a head-start...


In Art, we have been making Mind Maps in line with the recent Anti-Bullying Week. Some of us added 3D aspects

to our maps.


In Science, we visited the Galapagos Islands in the style of Charles Darwin to see how the tortoises and finches there had adapted to their environments through natural selection. We then created our ice-age surviving dinosaurs out of salt-dough.


We have also begun rehearsals for our Christmas Production, get yourselves ready for a mind-blowing performance!


Learning, Week Beginning 14/11/16 - Don't forget to give generously to Children in Need this Friday!


In Maths, we have been adding and subtracting fractions. Our fractions had mixed denominators and sometimes were mixed numbers or improper fractions. When adding and subtracting fractions we have to remember to simplify fractions and find the common denominator if the denominators of the fractions being calculated are different.


In Literacy, we have been using quotes in newspapers to summarise the information contained in our detailed paragraphs. We also changed a newspaper report about a girl drowning into a report about a boy having a tragic accident with fireworks. We have looked further into direct and reported speech so we can show the comments of people in our articles in different ways. Finally, we began our work on dictation to revise the grammar, spelling and punctuation skills covered so far.


In Computing, we have been creating a text adventure game where a person had to eat a bowl of ice cream only if they were carrying a spoon. This was done through coding with if-then-else statements.


In Science, we have been comparing ourselves to our families to determine which characteristics we have inherited from our parents. We had to guess who Mr Law's parents were by features alone. Apparently, he looks the most like the son of two of his friends. Finally, we had two pure-bred dogs and had to find out which crossbred puppy belonged to our dogs.


In Music, we have been making our sea shanties changing The Dead Horse from a song about ending a long voyage to being about school. Some interesting rhymes were created.


In Topic, we were looking at the motte and bailey castles because we have been looking at how Bristol has changed from 950AD to 2016AD. We also debated which time period was preferable, we used our skills at balance arguments to decide which time period we preferred.


In RE, we wrote our own prayers in preparation for our class prayers for assembly as well as develop our Anti-Bullying logos as part of companionship. 

Learning, Week Beginning 7/11/16


In Maths this week, we have been learning how to do long division with thousands and tens, as well as decimals in the dividend and the divisor. We also looked at solving multi-step word problems that involved all the operations and their formal methods.


In Literacy this week, we have been learning about subordinating and coordinating conjunctions. This is where the conjunction gives either equal weight to both clauses (coordinating) or more emphasis to one clause over the other (subordinating). An easy mnemonic to remember the coordinating conjunctions is FANBOYS.


In Computing this week, we started learning the software we will use to make our own game. This is a text adventure creations tool called Quest. It includes Javascript programming which builds on our work in Code Combat.


In Art this week, we have been doing self-portraits of ourselves. We compared them to our previous years' self-portraits. We found out that we are much prettier than when we did them last year.


In RE this week, we created some Rangoli patterns as part of the Diwali celebrations.

Learning, Week Beginning 31/10/16


This week in Spanish we did Dias de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) which meant we made our own papel picado which is a technique to create detailed paper decorations (quite similar to making snowflakes from folded paper). We also began our competition entries for the skull decoration competition.


In Literacy, we have been reading some newspaper reports and writing the first paragraph using a summary of the events in the article. We used the questions Who, What, When, Where to help us identify the key information.


In Topic, we have been making leaflets with the aim to convince people to move to Bristol by highlighting the key attractions of the city. These bright and colourful leaflets are on display for visitors to the classroom.


In Science, we have been learning about fossils and how they are formed considering the mold, cast, trace or true form types of fossilisation. We also explored what the fossils could tell us about life in prehistoric times.


In Maths, we have been simplifying fractions and ordering them by finding common denominators. We have used our number knowledge from times tables to help us find multiples and factors to assist with this skill.


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