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Term 2

Week 7


We've come to our final week of term.  We had such a lovely time performing our Christmas play to you all. I'm sure you'll all agree that the children did an amzaing job and the dances were lovely, as was Ms McNab's routine!


We've had a gentle week, creating Christmas cards and decorations out of clay.





We completed our week with a Carol service at St Mary Redcliffe Church, where the children got to perform one of their songs to the whole congregation. We then returned back to school to enjoy our Christmas party and were visited by a very special guest who brought us a gift.



Today the children were treated to a very humourous staff panto of Peter Pan.  You'll have to ask them to relive some of their favourite moments with you.



All that is left for us to say is Merry Christmas! Have a super break and we look forward to seeing you all again in the New Year.

Week 6


The magic of Christmas has most definitely arrived in to Willow class this week.


We begun our week with the beautiful Christmas story. Ms McNab kindly shared with the class her Nativity scene. Each piece was carefully wrapped for the children to open and we talked about each character and their part in the story.  Once all the characters were unwrapped they were displayed on our Reflection table for us all to admire. They will remain with us till the holidays so that we can each think about the wonderful things which happen at this time of the year and the joy it brings. The children have also been adding their own versions of the Christmas story on to the Reflection area.


Unwrapping the delicate pieces of the Nativity


Christmas rehearsals have come to an end and the children put on their first performance in front of the whole school. They were brilliant and impressed all with their beautiful singing and dancing.  You are most certainly in for a lovely treat!


We have been thinking about halving in Numeracy this week.  The children explored what the word 'half' meant to them, using a variety of objects. We continued to develop our understanding of half with the help of our peers, until we had found out that a whole can be cut in to 2 equal parts. What halves can be found around your home? Is there anything that can't be halved?




Today we did some 'Coding' on the netbooks.  We had the fantastic help of one of the schools Digital Leaders to support us when we became stuck.  We had great fun with Angry Birds, coding our bird to catch the naughty pig! Ask your child to show you how it is done. Visit - to find the program we were using.




Our week was topped of with an absolutely amazing Y3/4 performance.


Have a fabulous weekend and see you all for our last week.


Week 5:

Our week started of with us thinking of our Hopes and Dreams for the world.  We reflected upon what things we think could make our world a better place. We lit a candle, then we each placed a pebble around the globe to symbolise our 'Hope'. We also wrote our hopes on to a label to form a Tree of Hope.



In art we have been doing some printing. We drew a picture of our home on to a polystrene board. We then painted our boards, this brought out the markings. Next we placed a blank piece of paper on to the painted board and printed our houses.





We had a lovely surprise this week, as Tangerine Dream arrived back.  It was wonderful to see him and read about his adventures away.  The lovely school that had been looking after him were even kind enough to send us an amazing book, which we LOVE!





The Christmas play is not far away now and we are very excited about it. Please make sure you have your costumes in school this week.





Week 4


We've had a lovely week and we'd like to share our wonderful trip to Victoria Park with you.


A popular, but smelly spot!

We really enjoyed exploring our park, visiting all the wonderful places.  Here are lots of photos of our time in the park.


One of our favourite places - The Basketball Court

The children were really fond of the basket ball court, as so many of them love playing football there, riding their bikes and playing chase with their freinds and family.


Ranking very high was the play park.

Adventure Ted accompanied us on our trip and had a great time seeing all the children's favourite places to visit as well as playing with them on the equipment.




The visit was topped of nicely by a visit to Mrs Brown's cafe for a warming hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows - yum, yum!!





This week, the children were also treated to a visit from a Maths expert, who came to share some of his games with them.  The children were amazing, using problem solving skills, perseverance and resilience to complete the games.


Mr Goddard introducing a memory game to the children


Finding identical objects


Trying to drive the Ice-cream van out of the parking lot


Scoring points from number tiles


Christmas rehearsals have officially started with just two weeks till the big performances. We've started putting actions to our songs and we'll soon be practising our dances.


Learning the actions

Week 3:


We've had lots of highlights this week, one of which was the arrival of a new class member - Adventure Ted! Adventure Ted arrived on Wednesday from Nettlebed Primary School in Oxfordshire. He is here on a visit to explore our school and see what life is like in Year 1.


The arrival of Adventure Ted


So far he has had a great time, particularly during our trip out on Thursday to conduct a traffic survey.  We set off with clipboards at the ready to investigate what the traffic was like on Whitehouse Lane.  We had such fun spotting and marking all the different types of vehicles that went past us and were amazed by how many cars and vans we saw in such a short space of time (20mins).  We were unfortunate not to see a motorbike in that time, but we did see Ms Payne drive past!


Adventure Ted traffic spotting!



Tallying what we've seen.

We are still enjoying the But Martin story and have written it ourselves. We have also been developing the types of questions we ask and have used this to ask Martin lots of questions about himself.



This week was 'Anti Bullying' week and we have thought really hard about what bullying means.

'When someone threatens you to do something you don't want to' - Edward

'Calling people unkind names' - Joel

'Hurting someones feelings on purpose' - Ahmed

'Showing off and making feel unhappy about themselves' - Zed

We all agreed that we didn't want to be any of these things nor would we like them to happen to us.  So to show our support to stop bullying we all created a piece of bunting, which will be a visual sign to all that Willow Class don't like bullies!


Christmas is fast approaching and rehearsals have already begun. The children are fantastic at learning the songs as well as singing them beautifully. You are all most defiantly in for a lovely treat.


Alongside all of these wonderful things, we have also continued to develop our dribbling, passing and stopping skills in PE. We've been improving our adding skills by adding two numbers together and counting on from the largest number.


Such a super week!







Week 2:


Today was an awesome day! It was amazing to see the children dressed in their 'hero' costumes. We had great fun during registration, naming all the new members to the class - Two Oliver Power Rangers, Ice Queen Lola, Captain (Yousuf) America, Mario Lucan and many many more. The excitement of the costumes filtered through the day and completed a wonderful fun filled week of learning.



The start of the week kicked of, literally, in PE. This Term we are learning some football skills, starting with dribbling and ball control. Both these skills are difficult to master, but all the children did fantastic and had fun.


Practising our dribbling


This term our Core Value is 'Respect'.  We have been thinking a lot about the word Respect - what it means and how it looks.  We thought about all the people both inside and outside of school who we should be respectful to and how we can show respect - by saying please and thank you and listening when someone is talking. We have created a 'Respect Garden of Tulips' with actions and ideas for showing respect to refer to when we forget.


On Wednesday we designed and created some beautiful lanterns with the help of Acta.  The end results were stunning and all the lanterns will be part of the Latern Procession which will take place on Saturday 24th January.



We have finally come to the end of learning our Phase 3 sounds in phonics and we will soon be moving on to the next phase.  There are some very tricky sounds like: air; ear; ure; ur; er, which we are still finding difficult, so please spend some time finding words with these sounds to help us fully learn them.


In Literacy we have started to learn a new story - But Martin. This is a lovely story of a new visitor to our school.  We really like it, it's lots of fun and we loved creating some actions to help us learn it.  We now have our own copies of the story and actions to share with you, so you can learn them to!


We have continued to develop our understanding of 2D shapes.  We are great at identifying and naming squares, circles, triangle and rectangles, but are getting a bit confused between pentagons, hexagons and octagons, so we will keep practising.


Today we said goodbye to both the guinea pigs and Tangerine Dream.  We have been very fortunate to have had the guinea pigs in our class for the past week, but from Monday they will be taking up residence in another class.  We have taken great care of them, by feeding them and giving them fresh water everyday.  Before they left, we all got to hold them and give them a loving cuddle.


'Where can I hid?'


'yum, yum ....carrot'


Cuddle time


Tangerine Dream also left today.  He is one of our class teddies. We like to cuddle and read to him as well as Erol Squirrel. However, Tangerine Dream will be visiting another school in Oxfordshire as part of our topic - 'Hello I'm New Here'.  He is going to spend some time there finding out what their school is like, what the children like to do and the places they like to visit.  We will miss him, but we'll look forward to hearing and seeing photos of his time away.


Tangerine Dream enjoying story time

Reading with Erol Squirrel


Next week we will be conducting a traffic survey, we are still in need of helpers to help out on the day.  Please let us know if you could help.


Have a lovely weekend.





Picture 1

Week 1:

It was so lovely to welcome the children back, their faces full of smiles and wonderful stories of the holidays.


We have really enjoyed having lots of new learning opportunities this week, starting of with the children creating their own Non-fiction book about themselves.  This linked in perfectly with our topic this term - Hello, I'm New Here! The children designed their own front covers, described their homes, shared their favourite places to visit and finally created a map of their journey to school.  Sadly, the books weren't complete on the days of the parent meetings.



As well as it being Bonfire night this week, it was also the week of Diwali, a festival of lights, celebrated by Hindus.  The children got to learn about the story of the lights and their importance to Hindus.  They also made their own versions of 'diva' lamps, using an unsed cd, sequins and a tea light.  The results were stunning.





In RE we are continuing to learn the story of Moses, particularly the significant events that took place whilst he was a baby.  The children really enjoyed acting out the story, taking on the roles of the characters and thinking about the emotions and thoughts that they would have had.  It was a great way for the children to demonstrate their our ideas and opinions about the events.


'The King ordering his soldiers to kill every Hebrew baby boy'

'The soliders storming the village'

'A mother trying to protect her baby from an intruding solider'


In numeracy we have been looking at 2d shapes and their names.  We've been creative, using the shapes to make some lovely pictures.


Not only was it lovely to have the children back, it was also a pleasure to have the opportunity to meet and talk with you all during the parent meetings.


Have an enjoyable week, and we'll see you again on Monday.


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