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Term 2

Week beginning 8th December


This week we have been using the skills we have learnt to play a mini-tournement of Handball. It was tricky to remember everything we have learnt but we had fun!


On Tuesday we had a Science morning where we investigated how we hear and how sounds are made. Vibrations are made which send messages through our ears to our brain, which then changes them into sounds we know.


This week, across the world, children of all ages are taking part in an 'Hour of coding'. Luke and Rhiena, Digital Leaders, introduced us to different games which will help us develop our coding skills.


This afternoon we are going to perform our Christmas production to the rest of the school - we are very nervous!

Playing Handball

Playing Handball 1
Playing Handball 2
Playing Handball 3
Playing Handball 4
Playing Handball 5
Playing Handball 6
Playing Handball 7
Playing Handball 8
Playing Handball 9
Playing Handball 10
Playing Handball 11
Playing Handball 12

Investigating sound

Investigating sound 1
Investigating sound 2
Investigating sound 3
Investigating sound 4
Investigating sound 5
Investigating sound 6
Investigating sound 7

Week beginning 1st December


Last week it was our turn to look after Squeekers and Stevie, who we all liked - except Miss Price!


In Maths we have been measuring the perimeter of different rectangles. We have also been measuring the area and perimeter of different shapes, where not every square is complete.


In Science we were measuring how the length of shadows change when the source of light moves. We found out that when you move the object away from the light source, the shadow gets smaller.


In English we have been a man in a pair of pjamas, writing an eye-witness account of the night frogs flew through the sky on their lily-pads, over a city, on a Tuesday!


Next week we have our dress rehearsal so we have been practicing hard on our lines, singing and dancing.

Week beginning 24th November


In English we have been investigating pictures from a book called Tuesday. We have been predicting what the story is about using the front cover to support our ideas. We have also been describing one of the pages of the book, asking questions to find out more information. We imagined we were the detective in the picture and were sat at our desks until a phone call came in and we were called to investigate a new crime!


In Maths, we have been partitioning 2 and 3 digit numbers in different ways, recording all the different combinations in a systematic way.


On Tuesday we went on a walk around the local area and took a sound survey. We stopped at 5 different places and recorded all the different sounds we could hear. We then also have to give it a mark out of 10, for the loudest. The loudest place was the round-a-bout by Asda.

Sound Survey

Sound Survey 1
Sound Survey 2
Sound Survey 3
Sound Survey 4

Week beginning: 17.11.14


What a brilliant National Anti-Bullying Week! We made Anti-Bullying bunting which will go around the classroom.

We also used our knowledge of instructions, to write instructions about 'How to be a good friend.' We also talked about bullying and made posters to show what to do if you do get bullied.


During our English lessons, we have been learning about prefixes dis- and mis-. We know prefixes changes the meaning of words. Dis- and mis- both mean 'not' and change the words.


In Math we have learning about coorindates of shapes and how to use a protractor to measure angles.


In PE we have learnt different moves and passes in rugby, called dummy pass, overhead pass, rock pass and pop pass.


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Boolywood Dancing

Boolywood Dancing 1
Boolywood Dancing 2
Boolywood Dancing 3
Boolywood Dancing 4
Boolywood Dancing 5
Boolywood Dancing 6
Boolywood Dancing 7


STOMP SMR Style! 1
STOMP SMR Style! 2
STOMP SMR Style! 3
STOMP SMR Style! 4
STOMP SMR Style! 5
STOMP SMR Style! 6
STOMP SMR Style! 7

WOW!!!!! What a great start to the new term!!!!!


We have been looking at pictures of STOMP,who use trash to make music (instruments), Miss Price collected some rubbish so we could use them as instruments!!!


In maths we have been dividing and multiplying by 10 and 100!!!


In English we have been working on a poem called The Sound Collector by Roger McGough and using it to help us make are own!!!


In P.E. we have started Rugby where we are learning how to handle and pass the ball!!!




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